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Deep Tissue Massage Course in London

Deep Tissue Massage Course includes the application of accurate approaches along with pressures to make changes to specific cells layers of the body. It is a versatile sort of treatment offering a technique of supplying a much more reliable kind of therapy.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

While some massage therapies can be soothing, as well as additionally depend on mild touches to work out a consumer’s tension or anxiety, there are numerous other massages that have a bit a whole lot even more grit to them. The Deep Tissue massage therapy, which is truly similar in design to the Swedish massage, uses some of the specific very same methods as its much gentler family member; Deep Tissue massage therapies, nonetheless, are produced to focus on the much deeper layers of muscular tissue cells along with fascia, the security layer that surrounds muscles and also joints.

Cathy Wong explains in her brief post “Deep Tissue Massage Course: Everything You Need to Know” on that while Deep Tissue massage treatments can be a little worried, they have been comprehended to decrease stress and anxiety hormones in addition to heart price while releasing oxytocin in addition to serotonin, which make it possible for the customer to experience an increase in state of mind and additionally relaxation. Deep Tissue massage therapy therapies are often taken advantage of to minimize persistent aches and additionally pain, stiff necks, top back, as well as also minimized discomfort in the back in addition to muscle mass strength. Professionals deal with such problems by utilizing Deep Tissue massages to break up mark tissue as well as also muscle mass knots and working out bonds that could be preventing flow as well as additionally limiting activity.

Do Deep Tissue Massages Hurt?

At particular times throughout the massage, you might truly feel some discomfort or possibly some pain as the massage therapy therapist solutions locations where there are accessories or mark cells.
Discomfort isn’t necessarily wonderful, as well as it’s not a sign that the massage will certainly function. Your body could tighten in reaction to discomfort, making it harder for the specialist to reach much deeper muscle mass.
You should certainly constantly notify your massage therapy therapist if you actually feel discomfort throughout the massage therapy. If the shallow muscular tissues are tense, the therapist can adjust the method or further preparation the cells.

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Who is it best for?

Deep tissue massage is renowned amongst individuals that are recovering from muscular tissue injuries as a result of sporting tasks or a collision.
Individuals that have architectural issues of the spinal column as well as also muscles might furthermore benefit from deep tissue massage. This sort of massage treatment can often aid release relentless muscular tissue mass stress and anxiety as well as promote ideal muscle mass attribute.


Deep tissue massage therapies have advantages for both your physical and also mental wellness and also wellness. Any type of kind of massage treatment will have many benefits for the receiver, making them an extremely simple approach to relax as well as likewise treat your medical troubles.


Deep tissue massage is a fantastic stress and anxiety reliever. Whether you are experiencing tension in the house or at the office, getting a massage treatment is a great ways to kick back as well as disconnect for a prolonged amount of time.
A massage treatment can help decreased cortisol degrees as well as likewise enhance degrees of oxytocin, which is a hormone agent that relaxes the body as well as produces calming outcomes.
It can similarly assist with physical signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as restricted muscular tissues as well as shoulders as well as anxiety irritations. A deep tissue massage can resolve these problems as well as aid your body loosen up.


There are a selection of conditions that deep tissue massage therapy can deal with. Relentless discomfort in the lowered back, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and also stiff necks can all be treated with massage therapy.
Muscle mass tension that usually comes with chronic pain can likewise be lowered with deep tissue massage treatment, as it can chill out the limited cells collections creating discomfort.
Research study has reported that deep tissue massage therapy is extra efficient for comforting chronic discomfort than drug or various other medical treatments, as well as also is normally added affordable.


Deep tissue massage treatment reduces anxiety and also stress and anxiety, which influences hypertension. Massage therapy has favorable impact on systolic, diastolic, along with arterial blood pressure. The massage therapy can also increase production of serotonin, which advertises good feelings as well as likewise happiness.


In areas where people have scar cells, they typically report chronic discomfort and also rigidity.
Obtaining regular deep tissue massages can aid break up this scar tissue by boosting lymphatic blood circulation and also drainage to improve adaptability and range of movement in the location of the mark cells.
Many individuals who are recuperating from surgery are usually urged to obtain deep tissue massages to lessen mark tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage Course


Deep tissue massage therapy can be utilized to deal with many different signs of arthritis, like pain, rigidity, limited variety of movement in joints, and also rest problems.
Moderate stress can decrease arthritis discomfort and convenience stress, making it simpler for those with joint inflammation to walk around. It can likewise assist with rest concerns by easing discomfort that might keep joint inflammation patients awake in the evening.


If you have actually hurt muscle mass, a deep tissue massage therapy can help extend twisted or tight muscular tissues as well as can likewise help with the activity of toxins from your muscular tissues.
Deep tissue massage treatment is used often to deal with sports-related injuries. Several athletes are incorporating deep tissue massage therapy into their recuperation protocols, as they can aid delay the onset of muscle pain, aid with muscle tiredness, and protect against injuries.


Deep tissue massage therapy can assist ladies regulate their pain throughout labor. Also prior to labor, prenatal massages are a fantastic means for women to loosen up as well as alleviate limited muscles due to pregnancy. The boosts in cortisol additionally aid women minimize anxiety, leg, and stress and anxiety and neck and back pain.
Some research has also suggested that ladies that obtained normal massage therapies prior to and also during labor had less pain than those who did not receive normal massages and located that their labors were much shorter than ladies that did not regularly obtain massage therapies.

Advanced and also Deep Tissue Accredited Diploma Massage Course

1 day expert diploma course consisting of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Palpation, Neuromuscular Techniques and also hands free security methods all for the full body; a should for any kind of massage therapy specialist looking to grasp their skills and also increase their prospective client base.
According to major centers the most prominent and also demanded treatment is Advanced and also Deep Tissue Massage – this program is incredibly popular with massage therapists looking to add to their understanding.
This day approved diploma course for existing specialists only with a degree 3 completely body massage therapy.

No study are called for – no composed exams, certificate given on the day on conclusion of an effective useful assessment with your tutor.

You are able to come back to repeat the course once again totally free of charge if you really feel one day is not enough training. Due to tiny classes this is readily available but uncommon if required.

Swedish massage therapy and also deep tissue massage therapy are two preferred kinds of massage.

Swedish massage utilizes long strokes as well as light-to-firm pressure to provide gentle leisure. Deep tissue massage therapy is an extra powerful strategy that launches stress deep in the muscle mass and connective tissues.
As Swedish massage is the basis for numerous deep tissue techniques, the two therapies share several similarities. There are also some key distinctions that might help a person make a decision which method will be best for them.
Continue reading to learn about the different massage therapy treatments as well as their intended usages. We additionally offer ideas on exactly how to get ready for a massage session.

Why is this course so preferred?

Lots of students can not manage a long sporting activities massage therapy course and also pick this program instead. It shows you many popular methods that you can make use of with your clients as well as make you stand apart from various other therapists.

How does it compare to Swedish massage therapy?

Deep tissue massage as well as Swedish massage therapy are two different sorts of massage therapy. Both use some of the same strokes, yet they have different usages and also vary substantially when it involves the amount of pressure used.
Right here are the vital differences in between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage therapy:
> Intended usage. Deep tissue massage is mainly utilized to deal with persistent pain and also muscle mass and also sports-related injuries. Swedish massage is mostly made use of to promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension triggered by everyday tasks, such as sitting at a computer system.
> Pressure. Swedish massage is a gentler type of massage that utilizes much less tension than deep tissue massage therapy. Both kinds include use the fingers and hands to massage and manipulate your tissues, but the joints as well as forearms may additionally be used to use enhanced stress throughout a deep tissue massage.
> Area of emphasis. Deep tissue massage therapy targets the inner layers of your muscle mass. It’s made use of to treat muscle mass and also tendon injuries, pain, and rigidity in your significant muscle mass teams and joints. Swedish massage therapy targets the surface layers of muscular tissue and focuses on the parts of your body that tend to hold the most tension, such as your neck, shoulders, and also back.


Whether you are a professional athlete, experiencing arthritis, or are expecting, there are advantages to deep tissue massage therapy that can help you.
Discover more about the advantages of massage and also other techniques to reduce discomfort and swelling on our blog as well as call us: D2D Therapies, +44 7455 045306, (10-29 Caldy Walk, London N1 2FX, UK) today to schedule your very first visit and also get on the road to wellness.

How much does the course cost?

₤ 450.

How long does the course last?

one day intensive.


This is a 1-day completely certified training course. The course starts at 10.30 am as well as completes at around 4.30 pm. You will certainly study concept in the morning and also useful in the afternoon. Your design will be required from 1.15 pm till 4.30 pm.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy : Everything you should know

If you face muscle soreness or experience stress, deep tissue massage might solve your problem. For thousands of years, massage therapy has been treating those kinds of issues in the human body.
Massage is widely known as relaxation and stress relief. Besides, it also treats fatigue, arthritis, bursitis, high blood pressure and depression. Deep tissue massage (DTM) therapy is an advance massage technique, which can actively treat those issues.

What is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

Deep tissue is a unique massage technique which is usually used for musculoskeletal issues. It may include sports injuries and strains. Sustainable pressure with slow and deep strokes is applied to the target areas. It helps relaxing inner layers of the muscles as well as connective tissues. Besides, the massage process breaks the scar tissues that occur from an injury.
Eventually, this therapy increases the blood flow and reduces inflammation.

History of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is believed to be invented in the early 1800s. However, in general, the massage had begun more than 5000 years ago. Initially, in the East and West civilizations, the use of touch was considered as a natural system of healing for pain and injuries. Among all the massage techniques, deep tissue was regarded as holistic treatment. Although, in the late 1800s, deep tissue massage got new development in Canada. Since then, more and more techniques have developed until now.

Types :

There are different types of deep tissue massage, which are suited for various purposes. Following are the most common types.

  • Sports massage: This type of massage is applied to recover from all kinds of sports injuries. Superficial strokes are used for sports massage. Sports Massage for Injury Care “Kindle Edition”
  • Trigger point massage: Sometimes, we may feel tensions on exposed body parts such as back, feet and legs. A deep tissue massage therapy can get rid of tensions from these body parts, which helps to promote better circulation. Trigger point massage is applied to one targeted area for 30 seconds with a sustainable pressure. The Trigger Point Therapy “Kindle Edition”
  • Rolfing: It is used to rejoice the connective tissues, that help to release tension, better posture, remove muscle pains and makes the muscle strength to prevent injury. Rolfing: Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being “Kindle Edition”
  • Neuromuscular therapy: It is given only on a specific area of the body at a time, and it is intense. Neuromuscular Therapy Manual, “Kindle Edition”

All of those, techniques involves specific strokes and hand positions. And the only expert certified person can do the massage.

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for physical health as well as mental health. However, the following 7 are the most useful for the body and mind.

  • Stress relief 

Among all the benefits of deep tissue massage, stress relief is the top priority. If you are stressed because of work pressure or personal reason, a massage can make you relax. Although, a massage can increase the oxytocin level while lower the cortisol level, which ultimately gives a soothing.

  • Reduce the blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure with elevated heart rate, deep tissue massage can results you a positive impact. Additionally, it also increases serotonin production, which brings happiness to mind.

  • Reduce pain

Chronic pain in the lower back is a common issue for all working personnel. Although, stiff necks, plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia are also common issues, which can be treated with good massage therapy.
According to research, deep massage can relieve chronic pain effectively than the medication.

  • Arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a common problem for aged people, which lead to sleep issues for some senior citizens. A massage with moderate pressure can reduce the pain occurs due to arthritis, and it makes it easier for patients to move around.

  • Makes movement easier by breaking up scars tissue

Healthy tissue may turn to scars due to accidents, injury etc. They often lead to stiffness and chronic pain. A few deep tissue massage session helps to break the scar tissue and improve the lymphatic circulation. Besides, it can help a recovering surgery patient to minimize scar tissue.

  • Labour and delivery

During labour pain, a deep tissue massage can reduce pain. As massage can increase the cortisol, it can minimize depression and anxiety along with leg and back pain.

  • Rehabilitations of injured muscles

A deep tissue massage is popular to the athletes, who can face injuries on the field. It can help to stretch knotted or tight muscles, which can release toxins from the body. Many physicians incorporate massage therapy to an injured athlete.

How often should you get a deep tissue massage?

Taking a deep tissue therapy varies from person to person. However, there is no theory on the frequency, as it depends on the symptoms and conditions.
For an average person, a monthly session is good enough to keep the muscles fit. For professional athletes, it depends on the level of activity. They can take a weekly or bi-weekly meeting; however, consulting a therapist can advise the proper frequency.

What should I do after taking a deep tissue massage?

For the newbie, the deep tissue massage could be painful for the first time. The first thing you have to do after a successful massage is, keep yourself relax. Also, keep in mind that the temporary soreness due to massage is going to heal your injured tissues.
As you already know, massage can help to stimulate the blood circulation. Although, the important nutrients and oxygen circulates through the muscle as well as assist in cleaning the toxins. So, drinking plenty of water makes this process easier and faster.
The pain is temporary, but if you feel extreme pain, you can put some ice on your affected area. It will reduce soreness.

Effective techniques of deep tissue massage

A massage therapist needs to have a particular set of methods along with tools to perform a successful massage. When it comes to deep tissue massage therapy, a higher intense group of techniques is a must need. Following are some effective techniques for different deep tissue massage.

  • Cross-fibre friction

Muscle fibres can be effected through tear, sprains and breaks. As a result, scar tissues form. Cross-fiber is applied to the direction of the muscle through rubbing. The goal of this kind of technique is to start the healing procedure of the damaged tissue.

  • Myofascial release

It is done through slow strokes to impact the body’s fascial layer, which is located in between the visible skin layer and muscle. A sustained and gradual pressure opens up the fascia, which is very useful to reduce the pain.

  • Muscle stripping

It is applied along the length of a muscle and moved through the muscle fibre direction. It is also known as longitudinal friction, and its primary goal is to elongate muscle fibres.

  • Pin and stretch

It involves pinning a portion of a muscle at the same time moving the rest of the muscle from the pinned area. Pin and stretch are intended to stretch the muscle that is attached to the pinned point.

Who can Perform Deep Tissue Massage?

All cannot perform deep tissue massage; hence, you will need to find a certified professional. However, anyone can learn techniques for performing the massage, but those are not authentic. Only an approved and recognized therapist can perform this massage. Now, the question is to know if the person is certified. Whenever you go to a massage therapist, you will see the certificate is visible to you in the workplace. If you don’t see any of the papers, you may ask for it to verify before taking a massage.
Anyone can do the course and get a certificate on massaging. Let’s get details about the deep tissue massage courses.

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Any adult person can take the course and start a career as a therapist. For the beginners 1-day deep tissue massage course is perfect to start. Besides, there are also some advance courses available to enrich your future. At D2D Therapies Ltd, we provide one day certified course, which is accredited by IPTI, Westminster Indemnity, and IPHM.
This one day course will cost £450, which will guide the student the practical massage as well as theoretical. The course will teach-

> Preparation of the body before performing the massage
> Theory of the deep tissue massage
> Surface anatomy of our body
> Practical deep tissue massage
> How to perform the massage on different clients
> Effective posture
> How to keep your hands safe during the massage
> All the massage techniques
> Soft massage techniques
> Treating knots and sore points

Entry requirement

As we have said earlier, it a beginner’s friendly course, anyone can enter the course. However, for the advance courses, this entry-level course is a prerequisite.
Our course can be done on campus at our place as well as at your home through freelance home tuition. Although we have limited seats for a session and our courses run on the weekend. So that everyone can join, however, to reserve your spot you have to pay £30, which will be adjusted with £450 when you start the course.

Are Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage Same?

Many people get confused with the Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Initially, it looks the same. But there is the difference in techniques, intend and pressure.
On Swedish massage, a series of light and long strokes are used to release the surface tension. On the other hand, deep tissue massage may include similar kinds of stokes, but forcefully.
Usually, the Swedish therapy involves light to firm pressure while deep tissue therapy applies harder pressure.
Relaxation is the main goal for a Swedish massage, while deep tissue is intended to recover someone from pain or injury. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager – “Buy Now”

Can deep tissue massage cause damage?

Till now, we have discussed all the good stuff about deep tissue massage. However, it has some side effects too. Though, cause of damage depends on the patient’s history. Following are some of the common side effects everyone should know.

> Muscle Ache: Right after the massage, you may feel muscle ache. However, it is temporary and may last for a few days. Those aches are not a side effect, but it lasts long, you should talk to your therapist.
> Prolonged Pain: If you feel pain in your massaged area for more than 2-4 days, you should consult the therapist or a doctor.
> Headache: This is very rare. Some clients may feel a minor headache for the first time as their body usually didn’t take the massage before. Staying relax during the DTM can prevent a headache.
> Skin Redness: It is the most common but stayed for a short period. You should not get worried even if you have an allergy. Redness is a good sign, which shows the perfect stimulation of the muscle.

Are deep tissue massages painful?

DTM is painful for the beginners, but, it becomes normal after you attend a few sessions. As soon as your body gets familiar with the pressured massage therapy, you will not feel the pain. You will find it relaxing.


Deep tissue massage therapy is not applicable to everyone. It is not safe for people with blood clots, and they should consult their doctor if they want to take the massage. Although, if you just had surgery or radiation, you should avoid massage. Osteoporosis patients should also avoid pressured tissue massage.
We already know that it is applied to heal the muscle; however; DTM should not perform on bruises and infected skins.
DTM is beneficial during labour pain and delivery, but pregnant women should not take massage therapy. It would be best to consult their doctor whether they can take deep tissue massage. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager – “Buy Now”


Deep tissue massage therapy is just not a regular massage. It is a healing process for sore muscle, which is done with deep pressure. Though the goal and techniques seem to a Swedish massage, both of them are different.
Before a DTM, you should know your body conditions and consult with the therapist in details about your intention to get the massage.
I hope this article on DTM will educate you on everything you need to know about deep tissue massage.

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