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Cupping treatment, which is rather popular with professional athletes, is thought to have numerous health advantages, consisting of detoxing. This raises questions amongst cannabis cigarette smokers about its THC cleaning residential or commercial properties. Does cupping treatment aid you detox for a drug test?

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping treatment is an old type of alternative medication that assists eliminate toxic substances from organs and tissues in the body. The treatment includes positioning unique cups on the client’s skin to produce suction.

The Difference in between Dry Cupping & Wet Cupping

This treatment is performed by heating unique cups over a fire & after that using them upside down to the skin. In some cases it includes burning combustible products such as herbs or paper. When the cup cools, it develops a vacuum that raises the skin approximately fill the cup somewhat.

The distinction in between dry and damp cupping is that the damp cupping includes piercing the skin prior to positioning the cup to draw blood out of the suction location.

What Are the Benefits?

Cupping treatment has a number of advantages. They are as follows:

Enhanced blood flow

Suction from the cup increases blood circulation to the location where it lies. This promotes cell repair work, alleviates muscle stress, and minimizes cellulite.

Release of contaminants

Cupping motivates your tissues to launch contaminants. Typically, the body has the ability to get rid of undesirable compounds by itself, however the contemporary way of life strains us with contaminants. Cupping boosts your system’s capability to cleanse by focused blood circulation, which enables collected contaminants to be eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Stress and anxiety management

Cupping can likewise help in reducing stress and anxiety. When the cup slide’s over your skin, the nerve system begins working, slows the heart rate, & offers deep relaxation for the entire body.

Enhanced food digestion

The parasympathetic nerve system likewise helps gastrointestinal system, and increases activity in the intestinal tracts. Abdominal area cupping promotes peristalsis, clears colon obstructions, and eliminates indigestion.

Decrease of scars and stretch marks

Increased blood circulation brings back lymphatic blood circulation and eliminates edema, which results in a decrease of body scars. Cupping treatment can affect the look of stretch marks. Even if the location where the cups are positioned is far from the stretch marks, it can still have a result.

Decrease of spider veins & varicose veins

Cupping treatment assists the veins work by bringing oxygen & new blood to the troublesome locations.

How Cupping Therapy Affects Detox from Weed

Cleansing assists clean your body of all the pollutants that provide in the system, consisting of THC metabolites. Contaminants are eliminated through various organs treatment accelerate cannabis detox procedure by focusing the blood circulation, which eliminates all undesirable compounds. The lymphatic system guarantees the passage of toxic substances as it is accountable for eliminating waste from your system.

Does Cupping Help Pass a Drug Test?

Neither damp nor dry cupping are a surefire method to pass a drug test. While they can assist the cannabis detox procedure, they might not suffice to decrease THC levels listed below the 50 ng/mL, which is a cut-off limit needed in basic urine test, specifically if you require tidy sample on brief notification. It is more secure to utilize other techniques to detox for a drug test.

> Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

What Is the very best Way to Detox for a Drug Test?

Cannabis detox packages are the only method to pass a drug test for sure. These consist of a detox beverage, cleaning tablets, and a house test package to assist you clean your body in a matter of hour’s & check your urine prior to you send it to the laboratory to make certain the outcome is unfavorable. It is a dependable approach, even for regulars cannabis users.

Are you a beginner and looking to train as a Professional Cupping Therapist?

Why research cupping therapy with us? Whether you intend to end up being a competent cupping specialist regarded as an expert in the market, or simply to provide this treatment to your friends and family, D2D Therapies in Caldy Walk, London has actually established high requirements of safety, ideal method and a strenuous approach to screening and also training our students.

What is Hijama Cupping Treatment?

Cupping Treatment (Hijama) is a mode of treatment in which cups are put throughout numerous reflex points throughout the body such as the back, abdominal area as well as legs in order to develop a localized congestion with negative pressure which is mechanised making use of a pump. This stage enables blood to be drawn in the direction of the surface of the skin, which in turn stimulates tissues and also the inner organs to match. This step is considered as ‘Dry Cupping’ and also can be made use of as a separated method for massage therapy functions as it has a relaxing effect.

Following this step, wounding sustains on the surface of the skin– this leads to the mirroring of prescription antibiotics as leukocyte are activated as a result of the triggering of the body immune system. The following action is referred to as ‘Wet Cupping’ as well as is a minuet scale operation which calls for surface cuts to be made on the cupped zones. The mugs are after that placed back and an additional vacuum is produced in order to draw out the hazardous blood from the body. The blood coagulates within the cup with some fluid unwanted as well as is then gotten rid of.

Though there are substantial benefits in both approaches of cupping, there are much better remedial aspects located in Wet Cupping The focus ought to not be on just how much blood has actually been drawn out as each individual will vary depending upon various way of lives; instead the focus of Hijama is the amount of contaminants which have been secreted.

It needs to be comprehended that Hijama is not without risks and is consequently not a task that everybody can take on. The Hajjam (Hijama Specialist) should examine each client to guarantee that they are healthy to go through Hijama as well as needs to have the capability to tailor certain practices to help with various cosmetics of people as well as their present health and wellness conditions.

Defining Cupping

In any conversation concerning ‘Cupping’ – it is very important to initially identify which kind of Cupping we are referring to, as they are really various in both technique and impact. There are mainly 2 types of Cupping – Blood Cupping and Dry Cupping. Blood Cupping (likewise referred to as Wet cupping) is defined by the elimination of blood from the body. (Hijama remains in this group). Dry cupping is the sort of Cupping that includes NO elimination of blood. This is the kind that has actually become visibly prominent among Olympic athletes recently as it leaves round marks on the skin.

Hijama Cupping History.

Blood Cupping has actually been used for thousands of years. Although it is commonly associated with traditional Chinese Medicine, the whole world when recognized this of therapy as well as used it. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and also Chinese utilized Cupping therapy. The oldest documented clinical textbook, Ebers Papyrus, written in around 1550 BCE in Egypt, points out Cupping (Curtis, 2005). In the UK, the technique of Cupping therapy also dates back a very long time, as it was discussed in among the leading clinical journals called ‘The Lancet’, established in 1823. The word Lancet refers to the medical tool that can scratch the skin to perform blood cupping. Blood Cupping is the most often made use of, earliest and typically one of the most effective approach.

Exactly How Blood Cupping works

A surgical tool is made use of to scratch/ pierce the skin and a cup is related to gather blood. The air inside the mug is removed in some way, to form a vacuum cleaner. The vaccum has the effect of extracting the blood and gathering it in the mug. Over the centuries, the technique of forming the vacuum has actually differed greatly. As have actually the materials made use of for the mug.

Exactly How Dry Cupping works

Cups are placed on various factors of the body with a vacuum cleaner created within. The mugs just stay there for a while up until the skin inflates because of the vacuum cleaner. No blood is removed. Different products can be used for the cup such as glass, plastic, bamboo or silicone. It is declared that the swelling of the skin can increase bloodflow and decrease swelling and stress and so on (It is very important to keep in mind that this is NOT what Hijama is.).


‘Hijama’ in Arabic is stemmed from words ‘hajm’ which suggests sucking. And also it refers to the method of Blood Cupping just. The majority of Muslim Cupping therapists are trained for the Sunnah Cupping points on the body. This is the area on the back, in between the shoulder blades, slightly in the direction of the neck. There are several other Cupping factors also to target various conditions. Nonetheless for a person who just wants Hijama done to comply with the Sunnah, the ‘Sunnah points’ are where the therapist will use the mugs.

Moving Cupping/ Massage Therapy Cupping.

A form of completely dry cupping. This is a technique of massage therapy and is done by applying oil to the skin as well as moving the cup, by a weak suction, on the location to be treated.

Herbal Cupping.

An ideal natural tincture is put into the mug and after that suction is used.

Hot Cupping.

Dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) leaves, often called by its Oriental name, Moxa, is a great warming herb. A needle is used, warmed by dried out mugwort and then the cup is used over the needle.

Water Cupping.

This is the least practiced technique. It involves loading a 3rd of the cup with warm water. Whilst holding the cup near to the client with one hand, it is offered the indicate be cupped and afterwards melting cotton wool is put into the cup, after that promptly as well as simultaneously the cup is transformed onto the skin. When carried out appropriately, no water splilling occurs.

D2D Therapies : Hijama cupping Therapy in uk.

The D2D Therapies is a training body committed to creating recognition for the right technique of Hijama (Cupping Treatment). Our vital emphasis is to guarantee our students recognize Hijama from both the Islamic perspective in addition to in connection with the contemporary physical facets.

The Advanced 1 Day Intensive gives an amazing, dynamic and interactive discovering experience that is customized pupil to pupil. The program is suitable for skilled experts and even beginners in addition to British nationals and also global students. Whatever your history, we can guarantee this is an essential stepping stone for those looking for to enter the globe of complementary health and wellness.

Upon program conclusion, our trainees will be totally geared up in the knowledge along with practicality to move on as a certified and accredited practitioner. They will also have the ability to create therapy strategies based on specific needs and various conditions. At D2D Therapies we take satisfaction in being a support framework for all graduates of the course moving on– we will certainly constantly be a phonecall or email away in answering any inquiries or queries one may have in relation to Hijama. We likewise guarantee to sustain our trainees with discounts in wholesale equipment in addition to branding and web administration if called for. Pupils are also offered with a Hijama Manual as well as a complimentary Start-Up Package.

Our programs are accredited by the Complimentary Medical Organization as well as is acknowledged globally for our students to carry anywhere they go.

Course FAQ’s.

Can I truly discover Hijama in one day?

Yes Hijama is basic, it has actually been practised by lots of cultures through the centuries. So we are not showing something extremely made complex. However there are particular health and wellness, safety and security as well as medical standards which need to be observed by legislation and also practioners need to understand.

Can I practice quickly?

Yes upon completion of the training course you need to be positive enough to practise quickly. And we remain to sustain you later on.

What can i perform with this training course?

Once you have actually completed this course, you will certainly receive a certificate and also will certainly be able to practice Hijama Treatment on your family and friends.

If you want coming to be a Qualified Hijama Expert, this program is a stepping rock to assist you obtain confidence as well as give you the devices to practice your newly acquired skill.

After completing this course you can move on to the Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy and method professionally and also begin your own Hijama Technique.

Exactly how should I get ready for the training course?

The training course begins at 9.30 am up until 6pm. Please get a good nights rest as the day is complete on with concept and also sensible where you will certainly be needing both your brain as well as body! If you are ok to have Hijama done on you – please wear comfortable apparel that offers simple access to your back. All equipment is provided.

What if I have a concern after the course?

You are more than welcome to call us for ongoing assistance.

Do you have any kind of testimonials?

Yes we have many people who have finished the Hijama Center cupping program that have taken place to set up their very own methods. You may contact them to ask about their experiences on our course. Please take a look at our specialists page to see a list.

Enrolling now for 2021

Price: £450 (British Pounds) per person
Location: 10-29 Caldy Walk, London N1 2FX, UK
WhatsApp message or call: +44 7455 045306
Email: d2dtherapies@gmail.com
Please ensure you send the following details in your email of enquiry: Full name, Age, Male/Female, Address, Mobile number and Email address

Course Enrolement Deposit

To enrol your place for your chosen course please pay a deposit of £30 to secure your place this fee is non-refundable. You can make this payment to the following:

­­­­You Can Pay the Fees Via Paypal To : d2dtherapies@gmail.com or our business account
Account Name : D2D Therapies
Account Number : 32732501
Sort Code : 23 05 80
Please use your full name as the reference.

For all enquiries regarding our on-line course please email us at: d2dtherapies@gmail.com or WhatsApp message: +44 7455 045306 (Online training course- available globally).

Hijama Home Service In London

Hijama home service therapy is the oldest method of removing toxins from the body, which is allowed in Islam too. However, Hijama is known in different names such as cupping, horn treatment etc. In Hijama practice, the therapist uses special cups and puts them on the skin and suck the body’s toxins. Besides, it makes the blood flow in the cupping area and eventually enhances the overall blood flow. When the cups are placed and create the suction, it draws the impurities and toxins from nearby tissues and surface of the organs.

Furthermore, it has lots of health benefits too. You can take Hijama therapy from an experienced therapist. However, you can visit nearby Hijama centre, or if you are in London, you can make an appointment with us for Hijama home service.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, D2D Therapies started providing home service. Let’s see the details of our home service.

Hijama Home Service in London at D2D Therapies

D2D Therapies provide an experienced therapist for providing Hijama at our centre and home. For the home service, you can call at 07455045306 to book your appointment whenever you want. After you confirmed the appointment, one of the therapists will come to your door at your desired time.

Benefits you will get from our home service

> Our therapists are fully certified with years of experience.

> We maintain hygiene.

> We provide a free consultation if needed. Consultation is done before and after therapy. 

Provide the guideline to stay healthy after therapy.

How much does Hijama Home Service Cost?

The cost of Hijama depends on the therapist or the organizations you are taking therapy. However, D2D Therapies charges on an hourly basis which is £60 for 60 min, £90 for 90 minutes and £120 for 120 minutes.

Payment Process

We offer a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer and PayPal. Sometimes, we also provide the cash options which you can pay after the therapy. 

Types of Hijama Home Service we offer

Right now, we provide three types of cupping, dry cupping, wet cupping, and dry massage cupping.

Can I do cupping at home?

Yes, you can do the cupping at home. However, you must need help from experts. If you have any family member or friends, who are experienced in doing Hijama, they can perform Hijama at your home. But, if you don’t have anyone like that, you can take Hijama home service from different Hijama centres. For example, if you are located in London, you can order your Hijama home service from D2D Therapies by calling at 07455045306.

Is Hijama Cupping Safe?

According to the experts, Hijama cupping us safe as long as you take the service from certified experts. However, it doesn’t have any significant side effect either except circular discolourations on the skin due to the suction. Rarely some patients may face some skin infections, so it is better to expose your past medical history to the therapist.

What is a Hijama in Islam?

Hijama is sunnah in Islam. Therefore, any Muslim can take Hijama therapy, without any doubt. Additionally, Hijama is a solution to some chronic diseases, and it is recommended to any adult person. 

Is Hijama Allowed in Islam?

Hijama (cupping) is recommended by Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam). Although there are different types of cupping, performing wet cupping is the only sunnah and allowed in Islam. 

Is Hijama Good for Weight Loss?

Although Hijama cannot lose the weight by itself, instead it can accelerate the weight loss process. Eating less, change diets or even going to the gym are the most common and effective advice for weight loss. However, the faster your body metabolism works, the faster you can lose weight. That where Hijama is beneficial. Hijama cupping before and after the weight loss planning boost your metabolism. As a result, you can lose your weight fast. Additionally, Hijama after weight loss can help to strengthen your metabolism and keep the weight stable.

Is Hijama Scientifically Proven?

Hijama is not scientifically well known and proven. But there have been many types of research going on, which primarily supports that it has some proven health benefits. However, some detailed reports will publish soon to support health benefits.  

Can I do Hijama in Periods?

Experts do not suggest to do Hijama if you are on your periods. Instead, they advise performing Hijama on your regular days. Still, you can perform Hijama cupping therapy if you feel unwell, but, you will have to avoid heaviest flow days. 

Is Hijama legal in the UK?

In the UK, anyone can perform Hijama cupping therapy. However, there are no central regulations yet, but there are some organization who privately regulates the Hijama in UK such as Westminster Indemnity, IPHM and IPTI. These are a well-known organization that provides recognition to the Hijama centres. However, the UK may call for regulations soon or near future.

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How many Sessions of Hijama do I Need?

It depends on your body. Besides, it also varies from person to person as everyone has different case and treatment should be different too. For example, chronic disease may need sessions frequently in a few months. However, usually, Hijama is good for once in 4-6 months or once in a year. A healthy person can take Hijama therapy too. 

How Long does Hijama take?

Hijama sessions don’t take a long time. Usually, sessions may take 5-10 minutes, but you have to get prepare early as you will have to maintain some rules before and after the therapy, which your therapist will make you aware.

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Hijama Home Service: Conclusion

If you don’t feel comfortable to take the therapy at Hijama centre, you may ask for the Hijama home service, as both will provide you with the ultimate solution. 

If you are not sure who could be the best option for your therapy, you may contact us before planning. We will help you to provide the best suggestions.

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So, call us at 07455045306 to book an appointment for your desired service. Or email us at d2dtherapies@gmail.com for details. 

Things You Should Know About Hijama Cupping Therapy

Interest in Hijama cupping therapy has spiked recently among the people worldwide.
Why should not? As celebrities and athletes are going for it! However, it was started 5000 years ago. And it is believed that Muslims were the pioneer of it. On the other hand, it is disappearing from Muslim medicinal practice.
Anyway, let’s get back to the present situation. Cupping got the world’s view when Michael Phelps took the therapy in summer Olympics 2016. After that, it has become the talk of the town, and many celebrities and athletes tried afterwards.
So, whether you are a first-timer or taken the therapy many times, you should know some facts/ things about Hijama. We have listed below.

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a Sunnah

It is sunnah in the Muslim religion. Sunnah is something that was practised by Prophet Muhammad. Cupping therapy was recommended by the Prophet himself. There is an ancient history about cupping in Muslims that took place during the time of Prophet Muhammad. And, it supports the fact of sunnah.

Hijama is the best of Medicines

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) declared Hijama cupping therapy as a best of all medicines. However, there is no proven scientific paper on that. But, people are getting benefit from it. Some benefits you will get from hijama are, it relieves from chronic fatigue syndrome, faster pain relief, gives healthy skin, faster healing, relief from insomnia etc.

Practising by other Cultures too

As we have mentioned earlier, Hijama had introduced 5000 years ago. However, the first documentation on the medical text was found in Egypt in 1550 BC. Furthermore, cupping therapy was discovered later in China too.
Hijama therapy is practised in Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Roman Empire, South Asia, the Islamic Empire, and the USA. It gained attention in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. Currently, it is very popular in Russia, China and Finland. However, it is also getting popularity in the UK too.

Hijama vs Cupping

The procedure is actually called cupping therapy. A vacuumed cup is placed on the body, which creates a negative pressure and pulls the muscle of that place and draws blood on that cupped area. This process is known as dry cupping.
After that therapist remove the cup and make small shallow incisions in that area before placed the cup again. Through this way, toxic blood, access fluids and acids are extracted. It is known as wet cupping or blood cupping.
Basically, there is no significant difference between Cupping and Hijama. Hijama also works the same way; just it is the name in Muslim communities. Hijama is an Arabic word which means “to suck”. So the name justifies the procedure.

Bring the Body in a Normal State

In Arabic explanation of Hijama word, it also means to return the body in a normal state. The goal of cupping is to create balance in the body by removing acidity and toxic elements from the body. Besides, it also fixes if there is any issue in the body and brings the normal state. However, some deadly diseases like cancer cannot be cured by Hijama cupping therapy.
Cupping therapy is a holistic method that removes stagnant and toxic blood from the body. It ultimately replenishes the body itself.

Well Documented Medical Benefits

Hijama Cupping is a type of preventative and curative therapy. It has some medical benefits too. These are-
>> Relief the pain
>> Detoxifies the body
>> Boost the immune system
>> Fertility
>> Digestive issues
>> Solve urinary problems
>> Respiratory problems
According to the Prophet Muhammad, Hijama in empty stomach is best. It improves memory and increases the intellect.

Boost Emotional Stability

Cupping therapy is holistic and works on body, mind and soul. Though it sucks the blood, and some may refer to it as a small surgical procedure. However, it has instant physical benefits. Besides, it works on restoring emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
Additionally, cupping therapy also works for depression and dispels anxiety. According to ibn Al Qaiyum, Prophet Muhammad had taken Hijama therapy on his head to remove the black magic that had cast upon him.

Ideal Time to Do Hijama Cupping Therapy

According to the therapist, It is better to perform the cupping therapy 2-4 times a year as it is the preventative and curative remedy. So, when your body produces some toxic elements, it should be get sucked. And usually, the body takes several months to produce toxins after the therapy. Which makes 2-4 times an ideal number of therapy.

Cupping Therapy is Safe

Besides the professional certified Hijama therapist acupuncturists also perform Hijama on the patients. It may come to your mind that, is it safe as they are using the same cup to all! Although the therapist might use the same cup, they sanitize it with alcohol swabs or swipes a burning piece of cotton before placing on the patient’s body.
However, it is not safe to take the therapy from a person who does not have the certifications. It is always safe to the cupping therapy from an acupuncturist or a certified therapist.

Marks are not Permanent

Usually, marks are left on the body after a cupping therapy session, and those will not stay forever. However, those should be gone in a few days or even within a week.


Methods of Hijama Cupping

Usually, people tend to refer just one cupping method, which is fire cupping. But the truth is, there are some other methods to such dry cupping, wet cupping, air cupping and moving cupping. Various types of cups are used to perform cupping therapy, for example, glass, metal, bamboo, silicon.

Action Items

Now you know almost everything Hijama. So, what to do next? You can take a Hijama cupping session or does the certification course for yourself. You can do the cupping course at D2D Therapies and become a professional to build your career. You can also do the course for learning purpose. We offer-

>> 1 Day Hijama Cupping Course
>> The course is available for on-campus or freelance home tuition.
>> Business to business insurance. IPTI provides our business to business insurance.

Frequently Asked Question on Hijama Cupping

Hijama is an easy therapy, but a lot of people have a misconception about it. That is why we have researched and listed some common question everyone always asks. Let’s have a look.

Does Cupping Hurt?

As your skin will get pinched, you can assume it will hurt. However, the level of pain tolerance varies from person to person. From our experience, we can say that the pain during cupping is tolerable, and it barely hurts. We always ask our patients if it hurts them. All the time we get a reasonable answer. Some patients say it just a tickle while others may compare to the flick occurred by an elastic rubber band.

Is there any side effect of Hijama Cupping therapy?

If you want to ask about internal side effects, the answer is NO. But if you ask for any visible side effects, the answer is yes, but slightly. Let me explain. After a Hijama session, you will see visible circular bruises on your skin when the cups we place. You may even see discolourations. But it won’t last long. The bruises usually stay for 4-5 days and in some cases, more than a week rarely.
Although, there can be some minor post-therapy side effects such as light headache. Other than that, there are no significant issues. However, it advised that some people should avoid cupping such as pregnant women, people with inflamed skin, someone with a high fever and children.

How Many Sessions are needed?

There is no fixed answer for this if you have some conditions that can be cured by Hijama. However, most of the people repeat the session in every 3-4 months. A physically fit person also should take cupping session to get rid of from the toxins from the body.
What should you do before Hijama?
To get the best result from cupping, you should take it in empty stomach. At least fast 2-3 hours before cupping. Taking a shower is important before the therapy. Besides, you will have to drink plenty of water, so that, your blood circulates easily. When you go to the therapist, always wear loose and comfortable fitting clothes as you will have to take it off. Make the list of medications you are taking and let the therapist know about them.

What should you do after Cupping Session?

To bring your energy level back, it is always suggested to eat some dates or honey and water after your Hijama cupping therapy session. Avoid any strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours. Hijama therapy usually makes people relax, and you may fall asleep. However, you have to stay alert during the cupping and at least 3-4 hours following the treatment. Besides, you have to avoid any kind of sexual activity for 24 hours. Drink a lot of water after the session. It will help to detox your body quickly.
Additionally, you should also avoid meat afterword for the next 24 hours. Oiling around the cupping place will give you relief. Finally, take a warm shower and avoid soaps or shower gel on the cupping area for 24 hours. It will avoid any concurring irritations.

How long is a Hijama Cupping Session?

A cupping session does not take a long time. It may take only 10-15 minutes. However, if you want to add acupuncture with cupping, the session might get longer.
We hope these questions might get you all the answers. Now you are ready to take your e hijama therapy without any confusion.

A Right Practitioner can make the Difference

Getting the right practitioner is the main part of the cupping therapy. You can look for the local guide to find the best one. Furthermore, we are living in the internet era. Search Google for the cupping centre near you and read their reviews and select a few of the top ones. Try one first, and if you find it satisfactory stick to the centre. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with your therapist to try another centre next time.

Does Cupping Work?

It is a commonly asked question by the people who are getting an interest in it. Though it is not scientifically proven yet, the user says it works. We always take the feedback from our patients after a week or two. We ask them how they feel if there were any issues afterword. Almost all patients give a positive answer. They feel relax and relieved from their issues. However, some patient felt dull because of their health conditions.
So, we can say that cupping works. You can have a great result too.


Are there any Scientific Explanations?

Some scientific research is still going on, and some has given their findings. So far, there has been some research that has some positive findings of Hijama. Those findings support pain relief and some skin issues. However, you should also keep in mind that those researches are not a high quality either.
Furthermore, it doesn’t have any proven major side effects either. So, as long as you are getting benefits, why not use it? But, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before taking the session.


After reading this piece of article, you should not have any confusion about Hijama cupping therapy. As you know that high-profile athletes and celebrities are taking the cupping therapy, which is already on the news. This builds trust about the cupping therapy, and you should not be worried about the side effects as there are none.
So, if you make you mind after reading this article, just follow all the stuff we have talked about. Still, if you are confused and if you want to know the benefits in details with the process, we have another article for you. Where, we have discussed the potential benefits and cupping types.

Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

Hijama is one of the oldest medical treatment, which might be getting trendy now because of its medicinal benefits. It has become a recognized therapy in London. Thousands of people in the UK are taking the cupping therapy from experts to treat a wide range of conditions. To become an expert, you need to get certification from an organization. In this article, you will get to know the best places to take a Hijama cupping course in London.

What is Hijama Cupping Therapy?

Hijama therapy is also known as wet cupping, which is a minor surgical procedure. It is used to remove harmful toxic elements from your body to improve the blood circulation. Muslims widely practise it. However, recent days non-Muslims also taking the cupping therapy.

History of Hijama Treatment

Hijama is an Arabic word. It is an ancient and holistic practice to treat various diseases. However, the exact origin of Hijama therapy is unknown, and it is a matter of controversy. Cupping therapy is documented in Chinese and ancient Egyptian medical practices.
It is assumed that cupping had started over 5000 years ago, which has developed over time. It is believed that animal horns were used to suck out the blood and drain the toxins. Then, over the years the horn was evolved into bamboo cups and eventually replaced by glass.

How does Hijama works?

Hijama follows some process. Firstly, the practitioner places the cup through acupuncture, according to the pain points on the body. Then, cups are applied through the suction of a hose or even glass. However, glass cups are applied in a traditional way, which uses an open flame. The flame heats the inner part of the cup. After that, flames are removed quickly, and glass stuck on the skin. Then, let the cup sit on the skin for the five to ten minutes, sometimes 10-15 minutes.


Cupping Therapy at a Glance

Usually, the cupping treatment involves a negative pressure on warming and suction being applied through a cup. It creates a vacuum to draw up toxins from the surface of the skins, which increases the blood flow. The cups are usually placed on neck, shoulders, back or the body part where pain occurs. There are different types of cupping available with various types of cups.

Types of cupping
2 types of basic cuppings are available Dry cupping and Wet cupping. However, there are some other types too, Moving Cupping and Air Cupping.

Dry cupping 
It doesn’t suck out the blood, while wet one is done with the bloodletting. In dry cupping process, the practitioner soaks a cotton ball in alcohol and lights it up. After that, it is placed inside the cup to remove available oxygen. Next, the cup is applied to the body. Since the oxygen was removed, the cup sits on the skin and attached.

Wet Cupping 
This type of cupping sucks out a small amount of blood through a puncture. The punctured skin let the toxins to leave the body.

Moving Cupping 
Another type of cupping is available, which is named as moving cupping. Unlike the basic cuppings, this one can be moved while placed on the body.

Air Cupping
It is considered as alternatives to fire cupping. In this process, a handheld suction is used to take out all the air from the cups, which creates the vacuum without heating. Air cupping is a new practice. Chinese researchers suggest that this cupping technology is innovative and more comfortable for the patients.

Cup Types
Traditionally animal horns were used as a cup, which has been changed over the years. Some widely used cup types are-

> Glass
> Metal
> Bamboo
> Silicon
> Earthenware

Benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of cupping therapy do not measure the amount of blood drawn the amount of excreted toxins rather. Following are the top benefits of cupping therapy-

Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We are living in a technology-based fast-paced world where we get a little time for rest or physical exercise. Even in free time, we keep diving mentally on devices such as phones, laptops etc. Use of those devices can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Cupping therapy provides an effective treatment for this kind of situation, and it has proven.

Faster Pain Relief

Hijama can relieve general pains on lower back or arthritis etc. Some other types of pain can be treated too, such as migraine, headache, muscle pain, dental pain etc. To treat arthritis, cups are placed on joints, which ultimately increase the blood circulation, mobility etc.

Healthy Skin

Cupping can improve blood flow in the skin which eventually increases the oxygen supply as well as nutrients required for healthy skin. Additionally, it reduces acne problem and other skin related diseases, for instance, eczema, cellulite etc.
Hijama helps to expand the blood vessels, which circulate the blood flow in the skin. It also removes any presence of toxic substances on the skin.

Relieves Digestive Problems

Usually, the digestive problem occurs due to chronic disease, stress, or immune system response. Cupping can release all of those problems, and it eventually gets you relief from digestive problems.

Urinary Disease Treatment

Urinary disease due to Kidney stones, abscess and urine retention, can be treated through cupping therapy. Applying cups on the lumbar region can treats urine retention.

Treatment of Lung Disease

In some cases, cupping is effective for the treatment of lung diseases such as asthma, pleurisy, chronic cough and bronchial congestion.

Faster Healing

We already know that hijama increases the blood flow to a specific part of the body that needs healing. As a result, blood flow leads to faster healing.

A Way for Relaxation

Cupping is also considered as a type of massage which provides relaxation. The increased blood flow produces more energy in the body, which is a good way of relaxation.


Research has found that, in some specific cases, insomnia can be treated by Hijama. However, further research is still going on about that fact.


Who Can Perform Cupping Therapy?

Usually, traditional Chinese medical practitioners perform Hijama cupping therapy. However, the practitioner must have a license to practice. Health care professionals from any discipline may provide cupping therapy after getting the certification.
So, it is advised to go to a certified Hijama practitioner for safe and effective cupping. It would be great if the practitioner has some extra training on massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture. Those will add value and reliability to the practitioner.

Why learn Hijama?

There are not many well know Hijama practitioners in London. So, becoming a cupping therapist will give you new career as well as give you the opportunity to help people. Following are some reasons to become a certified Hijama practitioner.

> Hijama can fight against the negative side effects of allopathic treatments.
> Learning cupping will make the treatment available to more people.
> It can treat some untreatable diseases.
> Hijama practitioner can have a spiritually, rewarding career.
> Fulfill the growing demand of cupping treatment.

Who can take the Hijama Cupping Course?

Unlike the USA and Canada, London has no rules and regulations to govern the Hijama practice. Anyone with the certificate can perform cupping. So, anyone can take Hijama cupping course in London and become a practitioner. However, having a healthcare background will give you an extra benefit. For example, people with a healthcare background can be trusted easily.

Prerequisites to learn cupping therapy
Any adult with a high school degree can take the cupping therapy course. However, taking the course will not allow you to practice immediately. Certification is a must to set yourself up as a cupping practitioner.

Types of Hijama Cupping Course in London

There are many types of courses available on cupping in London. Let’s dig those courses one by one.

Online Certification Course
Some licenses training institute provides course online. Online courses provide audio and video lectures. Theoretical sessions are prerecorded while practical lessons are given live on video.
Now the ultimate real question is, how do you get the practical knowledge if you are getting the training online? The learners have to perform Hijama on their body, and they have to record it while performing. Later, the teacher will evaluate it.

Diploma Course
Cupping therapy diploma course will teach you some advance stuff. Some organizations offer beginners level course with a diploma. However, if you already have a beginner’s certification, you can take the diploma course only. Diploma course might take more than nine months to complete, and it is costly than the beginners.

Where to take Hijama Cupping Course in London?

There are hundreds of organizations that teach Hijama online and on campus. However, all of them are not trustworthy. After research, we have found out D2D Therapies Ltd. is one of the trusted organization to take training on Hijama. While other organizations take more than £500, D2D Therapies Ltd. takes only £450. They are based on north London college. However, you can take the course from anywhere in the world online.
The course D2D Therapies Ltd. provides is 1-day Hijama Cupping diploma course in London, which is approved by IPTI, Westminster Indemnity and IPHM. After completing the course at D2D Therapies Ltd., anyone can work as a professional practitioner in a clinic as well as start their own business.

Side Effects of Cupping

Research has not found any potential side effects of cupping therapy. However, it frequently makes some marks on the skin. It happens because of bringing blood to the surface of the skin. It is similar to a bruise, which stays for a few days on skins and becomes normal after that.
As long as anyone goes to a trained, certified practitioner, Hijama cupping therapy is safe. But some minor side effect can be seen such as-

> Burns
> Skin infection
> Bruises
> Mild discomfort/soreness

How Long may Cupping Bruises Last?

It depends on the patient’s skin. The bruises may last for a couple of days to a few weeks. Repeated cupping treatments may decrease the bruises early, which indicates a successful Hijama therapy.

Hijama Cupping Therapy Price in London

It starts from £60 per session for 4-12 cups. However, the price depends on the treatment category and required sessions.

Who should not Cupping?

Cupping therapy is not for everyone, and some people should avoid cupping. Following are the list of people who should not take Hijama therapy.

> Pregnant women are forbidden to take cupping treatment.
> People who bleed quickly and easily or even can’t stop bleeding should avoid cupping.
> People who have inflamed skin.
> Underlying health conditions
> Anyone with a high fever.
> Children should avoid cupping as their skin is still developing, and they have thin skin compare to the adults.

Is Hijama Scientifically Proven?

Many athletes and celebrities are taking Hijama cupping therapy, but still, it needs more scientific studies. There are no standardizing training or accreditations, which can be followed all over the worlds. Different counties have different rules and regulations.

What should you not do after cupping?

Some import health measures should be taken care of after cupping.
> Don’t jump in the swimming pool or shower right after cupping.
> Drink enough water to provide extra fluids to your body.
> Keep the treated areas covered and want.
> Avoid alcohol.

Can you lose weight with cupping?

Cupping cannot help you to lose weight directly, but it can help to boost metabolism. As we know, the Hijama can improve the digestion system, which indirectly helps to lose weight. Additionally, some people got benefits on reducing stubborn fats on thighs, waist and upper arms.

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Hijama cupping therapy is widely using all over the worlds, and day by day, it is gaining fame. Though it is practised in the Muslim community, Hijama’s countless health benefits making it acceptable by all. It can be a great experience for a patient as well as for the therapist.
However, the practitioner has to have enough knowledge along with the licenses to provide a successful treatment. And we already know that anyone can take Hijama cupping course in London. 
We hope this guideline will help you to get the training on cupping therapy.

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History, Development And Modern Use Of Fire Cupping Therapy

Introduction Of Hijama – D2D Therapies Ltd. in london

What do you already know about Hijama?

What have you heard about Hijama?

What is Hijama?

The word Hijama is created from the rabic word ‘Hajm’ which translates to ‘sucking’

Now the term ‘Cupping therapy’ could refer to multiple different types of treatment͘ ‘Cupping’ is the process in which some type of cups is applied to numerous points on the body and then the air is removed from inside the cups to form a vacuum.

Where as ‘Hijama’ is the therapy of wet cupping, also known as ‘bleeding

cupping’͘ This is performed by taking a surgical instrument to scrape the skin and then use the vacuum method to collect the blood. This is the most

effective method of cupping and is known as the oldest/ most popular method.

  • History behind Hijama.

Nowadays cupping is associated with Chinese medicine, however once back in history the world knew of this therapeutic treatment and it was used everywhere. Cupping therapy was born in Egypt. The Egyptian medical papyrus of herbal knowledge which was written around 1550 B.C.E , states that the bleeding by wet cupping will remove any foreign matter from the body.

Ancient Egyptians reviewed that cupping could be used as a remedy for almost every disorder.

History behind Hijama
History behind Hijama

In these images you can see cupping was used in Egypt back around 3500 years as it was even represented in hieroglyphic illustrations.

The ancient Egyptians passed the art of cupping to the ancient Greeks. Both Galen and Hippocrates were committed advocates and users of cupping therapy. A physician in Alexandra by the name Erasistratus was sentenced by Galen for not using cupping.

A famous Greek physician and Historian- Herodotus, wrote:

“Scarification with cupping possesses the power of evacuating offending matter from the head; of diminishing pain of the same part; of lessening inflammation; of restoring the appetite; of strengthening a weak stomach; of removing vertigo and tendency to faint; of drawing deep-seated offending matter towards the surface; of drying up fluxions; checking haemorrhages; promoting menstrual evacuations; arresting the tendency to putrefaction in fevers; allaying rigors; accelerating and moderating the crisis of diseases; removing a propensity to somnolence; conciliating natural repose; removing heaviness. These, and many analogues maladies, are relieved by the judicious application of the cucurbits (cups), dry or bloody”͘

Until the early 20th century cupping remained an important part of medicine and therapy in the west, this included conventional, alternative and folk based. In 1826, a surgeon Charles Kennedy wrote: “the art of cupping has been so well-known, and the benefits arising from it so long experienced, that it is quite unnecessary to bring forward testimonials in favor of what has received not only the approbation of modern times, but also the sanction of remotest antiquity”͘

Cupping therapy in the UK also dates back a long time it was referred to in the Lancet- one of the leading medical journals. It was named ‘lancet’ as this refers to the surgical instrument used in cupping.

What happened to Introduction Of Hijama?

Why did Hijama disappear from the mainstream?

•        The change in attitudes

•        Traditional medicine vs pharmaceutical

•        An increase in awareness of disease and cross infection

•        The birth of national health services

     The Types of Hijama

The two categories of cupping are ‘wet’ and ‘Dry’ cupping͘

Wet Cupping: when blood is extracted during cupping (Hijama is a type of wet cupping)

Dry cupping: no blood is extracted.

Sunnah Hijama

Hijama is also known or referred to as sunnah Hijama, this is because it is a practice that is recommended in habits. People may also refer to Hijama as ‘wet cupping or ‘bleeding cupping’ before the vacuum cup is applied a surgical instrument is used to pierce the skin and then the vacuum cup is applied to then withdraw the blood.

The Types of Hijama
The Types of Hijama
  • Historical Methods

Before the invention of the hand pump, back in the days people used different instruments to perform cupping. Two of the popular instruments where bamboo cups and animal horns.

Historical Methods

Fire cupping

Fire cupping is one of the processes of cupping. It is called fire cupping because a flame is used to withdraw oxygen from the cup, this forms the suction. This procedure can be used in Introduction Of Introduction Of Hijama or dry cupping.

Massage cupping

Massage cupping is a popular treatment used in Spas. This is a common type of dry cupping. This process involves herbs and oils being applied to the skin and the cup is used on a weak suction over areas that need to be treated. Massage cups can vary, below are some examples of what they can look like.

Massage cupping

Traditionally viewed cupping (how it works)

Traditionally cupping is seen as removing ‘dirty blood’ or blockages͘ n old Chinese medical maxim states “where there is stagnation, there will be pain, remove the stagnation and you will remove the pain”͘ Introduction Of Hijama

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