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Preparing oil and cream blends for therapy – Full Body Massage Diploma

Preparing oil and cream blends for therapy – Full Body Massage Diploma

Ideally, full body massage is delivered using a blend of grape seed oil and a plain unscented massage cream (both can be purchased online cheaply from a supplier of massage products). Oil on its own can make the skin too slippery and the skin can absorb cream easily and quickly.

The ratio is between 3 pieces of cream and 2 pieces of oil. This can be prepared in advance and will hold for up to one month in a sealed container. If you use a spoon instead of dipping your hand into the medium, then at the end of each massage you do not need to dispose of your massage medium blend. Using an unscented oil and cream blend to minimize the potential for a sensitivity reaction is safest. Only if you have training and an aromatherapy qualification can you use a mixture of aromatherapy oils that will benefit the customer. Full Body Massage Diploma

Use a small amount of lubricant to start with (one rounded teaspoonful) and re-apply as needed to prevent excessive skin friction. If you apply too much massage medium and you are unable to get good contact, just blot the skin of the client with a tissue or cloth to remove excess.

Client preparation

  1. Do a thorough consultation, checking for any therapy contraindications.
  2. Formulate the client’s individual treatment plan, based on the consultation.
  3. Consider the client’s safety and comfort for all parts of the massage treatment.
  4. Client should remove all jewellery (necklaces, toe/belly button rings, bracelets, watch etc).

Therapist preparation

  1. Present a smart, professional look.
  2. Therapists with long hair must Tie long hair back.
  3. Ensure your nails are short. 2mm of growth is the absolute maximum (1mm is better). Any longer and you are likely to perform techniques incorrectly or scratch the client.
  1. Remove all obtrusive jewellery (rings, inc. wedding rings, wrist watch, bracelets etc).
  2. Make sure your oil / cream massage blend and wipes for foot cleaning are close to hand.

Basics hygiene (therapist)

  1. Clean hands before and after treatment under running water (or with anti-bacterial wipes).
  2. Cover any open cuts or abrasions with a waterproof plaster and/or wear a light latex glove.
  3. If the client or therapist prefers this over direct contact with the skin, lightweight therapist gloves may be worn. In this situation, less oil / cream blend can be used.
  4. Any oil/cream blends which are mixed for a client should be discarded after use.


Full Body Massage Diploma

The pressures used in full body massage in Sweden should always be adapted to suit the customer’s preferences. Except by asking them, there is no sure way to tell how comfortable a client is with the pressure used in a massage. Before you start, ask the customer if they want a light, medium or firm massage. Check that the pressure for each new technique is appropriate and ask your customer to inform you if they feel discomfort or pain at any point. There is no point in using more pressure than a customer finds comfortable though the customer may not benefit from releasing muscle tension if you are too light. Due to physiological or psychological sensitivities and/or preferences, likes and dislikes, the customer may also require specific modifications to individual techniques.

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What is a Swedish massage therapy : Massage therapy

What is a Swedish massage therapy : FAQs

The students most frequently ask the following questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the D2D Therapies Ltd. if you have any other questions as you begin to practice the therapy. What is a Swedish massage therapy

Q: How long should a Swedish full-body massage therapy last?

A: A Swedish full body massage (front and back body) can be delivered easily in 50 minutes using all the techniques described in the manual. For the first visit of a client, you should add 15-20 minutes to the consultation process. Consultation for subsequent visits should simply be a record of any changes since the last treatment and the appointment time could therefore span only one hour. However: once you are confident of all the techniques, you may also want to offer customers shorter treatment options. For example, you could offer a massage of the back or a massage of the back, shoulder and neck. These are two popular (and cheaper) variations on a full-body massage.

Q: How much should I charge for the therapy for my clients?

A: Researching the cost of similar therapy in your local area is a guide to how much to charge the best idea. (Remember to compare “like-for-like” ie: do not expect the therapy offered by a single therapist with a small rural practice to be the same as the therapy offered by a large, opulent spa). If you don’t charge more than your competitors, you will find it easier to attract customers. However, you may want to consider limited special offers to attract business or offer regular customers loyalty bonuses. An exception to this rule would be that if no one in your area offers the therapy or therapies you are doing, you can charge a higher fee.

Q: My client talks a lot during therapy What approach do i take?

A: A good approach to this situation is to instruct the client, before the therapy begins, with something like: “sorry sir/madam i would like not to start any unnecessary conversations during therapy as i would like you to focus on relaxing and trust in the health benefits of therapy please feel free to ask any questions you have which are related to this subject”

Q: I was recently asked to deliver Swedish massage after a car accident to a client who was on painkillers. I did not decide to do the therapy on the patient. Was I mistaken?

A: No, withholding treatment is never wrong if you think it will do more harm than good. Before asking for therapy, anyone who experiences pain due to a recent injury must receive permission from their medical professional. This permission is unlikely to be granted while the person is still being treated with medication in the process of recovery from an accident.

Q: What if my client hasn’t been washing and has a strong body odor recently?

A: If you don’t have a customer shower at your premises, then you may choose to ask the customer to come back on another occasion when they’ve had the opportunity to bathe in advance. If you want to go ahead, you can ask the customer if they want to freshen up with a body wipe (make sure they have some to hand). This means that they can get fresh and hygienic to massage quickly.

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Q: What do I do if my customer is particularly thin or overweight?

A: If your customer is very slim then start the massage with a light pressure and ask the customer to let you know if with each new technique they want more or less pressure. There are additional considerations if your client is very overweight. You must first check to ensure that there are no excess weight-related medical conditions (i.e., high blood pressure or diabetes). It is also important to have a wide and sturdy couch of good quality.

You should know the maximum weight within this limit that your couch will support and work well. The couch should be adjustable to a lower height than you would normally use because even a few inches higher than normal above the customer will allow you to apply more pressure. It will normally require additional pressure because the client will have
more body tissue and often have larger muscles that are likely to be tense due to prolonged inactivity. The practitioner should also bear in mind that they will be more tiring to massage a very large or very muscular client.

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