Thai Massage Course

What is Thai Massage? Thai Massage was founded by Dr Shivago, a Buddhist thought to be the father of medicine’. […]

Indian Head Massage Course

Benefits of delivering D2D Therapies head massage via a low-backed chair and therapy couch in combination The therapist has a […]

Swedish Massage Course

Benefits of Swedish Massage Swedish Massage is beneficial to all; from the athlete to the elderly. Benefits include : > […]

Reflexology Course

What is reflexology? Reflexology (also known as “Zone therapy”) is the massage of the feet and/or hands, manipulating specific pressure […]

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Hijama Course

Introduction to Hijama What is Hijama? History behind Hijama The Types of Hijama Traditionally viewed cupping (how it works) Sunnah […]

Fire Cupping Course

Fire Cupping massage | D2D therapies London Cupping massage is also called vacuum massage or sliding cups. This technique can […]

Rukyah Course in london college – uk

Rukyah Course in london The following programme must be practised and followed on a daily basis   Put your complete […]

Call home tuition and clinic mobile tuition is £400.00 College booking is £450.00.

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