Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

Hijama is one of the oldest medical treatment, which might be getting trendy now because of its medicinal benefits. It has become a recognized therapy in London. Thousands of people in the UK are taking the cupping therapy from experts to treat a wide range of conditions. To become an expert, you need to get certification from an organization. In this article, you will get to know the best places to take a Hijama cupping course in London.

What is Hijama Cupping Therapy?

Hijama therapy is also known as wet cupping, which is a minor surgical procedure. It is used to remove harmful toxic elements from your body to improve the blood circulation. Muslims widely practise it. However, recent days non-Muslims also taking the cupping therapy.

History of Hijama Treatment

Hijama is an Arabic word. It is an ancient and holistic practice to treat various diseases. However, the exact origin of Hijama therapy is unknown, and it is a matter of controversy. Cupping therapy is documented in Chinese and ancient Egyptian medical practices.
It is assumed that cupping had started over 5000 years ago, which has developed over time. It is believed that animal horns were used to suck out the blood and drain the toxins. Then, over the years the horn was evolved into bamboo cups and eventually replaced by glass.

How does Hijama works?

Hijama follows some process. Firstly, the practitioner places the cup through acupuncture, according to the pain points on the body. Then, cups are applied through the suction of a hose or even glass. However, glass cups are applied in a traditional way, which uses an open flame. The flame heats the inner part of the cup. After that, flames are removed quickly, and glass stuck on the skin. Then, let the cup sit on the skin for the five to ten minutes, sometimes 10-15 minutes.

Cupping Therapy at a Glance

Usually, the cupping treatment involves a negative pressure on warming and suction being applied through a cup. It creates a vacuum to draw up toxins from the surface of the skins, which increases the blood flow. The cups are usually placed on neck, shoulders, back or the body part where pain occurs. There are different types of cupping available with various types of cups.

Types of cupping
2 types of basic cuppings are available Dry cupping and Wet cupping. However, there are some other types too, Moving Cupping and Air Cupping.

Dry cupping 
It doesn’t suck out the blood, while wet one is done with the bloodletting. In dry cupping process, the practitioner soaks a cotton ball in alcohol and lights it up. After that, it is placed inside the cup to remove available oxygen. Next, the cup is applied to the body. Since the oxygen was removed, the cup sits on the skin and attached.

Wet Cupping 
This type of cupping sucks out a small amount of blood through a puncture. The punctured skin let the toxins to leave the body.

Moving Cupping 
Another type of cupping is available, which is named as moving cupping. Unlike the basic cuppings, this one can be moved while placed on the body.

Air Cupping
It is considered as alternatives to fire cupping. In this process, a handheld suction is used to take out all the air from the cups, which creates the vacuum without heating. Air cupping is a new practice. Chinese researchers suggest that this cupping technology is innovative and more comfortable for the patients.

Cup Types
Traditionally animal horns were used as a cup, which has been changed over the years. Some widely used cup types are-

> Metal
> Bamboo
> Silicon
> Earthenware

Benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of cupping therapy do not measure the amount of blood drawn the amount of excreted toxins rather. Following are the top benefits of cupping therapy-

Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We are living in a technology-based fast-paced world where we get a little time for rest or physical exercise. Even in free time, we keep diving mentally on devices such as phones, laptops etc. Use of those devices can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Cupping therapy provides an effective treatment for this kind of situation, and it has proven.

Faster Pain Relief

Hijama can relieve general pains on lower back or arthritis etc. Some other types of pain can be treated too, such as migraine, headache, muscle pain, dental pain etc. To treat arthritis, cups are placed on joints, which ultimately increase the blood circulation, mobility etc.

Healthy Skin

Cupping can improve blood flow in the skin which eventually increases the oxygen supply as well as nutrients required for healthy skin. Additionally, it reduces acne problem and other skin related diseases, for instance, eczema, cellulite etc.
Hijama helps to expand the blood vessels, which circulate the blood flow in the skin. It also removes any presence of toxic substances on the skin.

Relieves Digestive Problems

Usually, the digestive problem occurs due to chronic disease, stress, or immune system response. Cupping can release all of those problems, and it eventually gets you relief from digestive problems.

Urinary Disease Treatment

Urinary disease due to Kidney stones, abscess and urine retention, can be treated through cupping therapy. Applying cups on the lumbar region can treats urine retention.

Treatment of Lung Disease

In some cases, cupping is effective for the treatment of lung diseases such as asthma, pleurisy, chronic cough and bronchial congestion.

Faster Healing

We already know that hijama increases the blood flow to a specific part of the body that needs healing. As a result, blood flow leads to faster healing.

A Way for Relaxation

Cupping is also considered as a type of massage which provides relaxation. The increased blood flow produces more energy in the body, which is a good way of relaxation.


Research has found that, in some specific cases, insomnia can be treated by Hijama. However, further research is still going on about that fact.


Who Can Perform Cupping Therapy?

Usually, traditional Chinese medical practitioners perform Hijama cupping therapy. However, the practitioner must have a license to practice. Health care professionals from any discipline may provide cupping therapy after getting the certification.
So, it is advised to go to a certified Hijama practitioner for safe and effective cupping. It would be great if the practitioner has some extra training on massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture. Those will add value and reliability to the practitioner.

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Why learn Hijama?

There are not many well know Hijama practitioners in London. So, becoming a cupping therapist will give you new career as well as give you the opportunity to help people. Following are some reasons to become a certified Hijama practitioner.

> Hijama can fight against the negative side effects of allopathic treatments.
> Learning cupping will make the treatment available to more people.
> It can treat some untreatable diseases.
> Hijama practitioner can have a spiritually, rewarding career.
> Fulfill the growing demand of cupping treatment.

Who can take the Hijama Cupping Course?

Unlike the USA and Canada, London has no rules and regulations to govern the Hijama practice. Anyone with the certificate can perform cupping. So, anyone can take Hijama cupping course in London and become a practitioner. However, having a healthcare background will give you an extra benefit. For example, people with a healthcare background can be trusted easily.

Prerequisites to learn cupping therapy
Any adult with a high school degree can take the cupping therapy course. However, taking the course will not allow you to practice immediately. Certification is a must to set yourself up as a cupping practitioner.

Types of Hijama Cupping Course in London

There are many types of courses available on cupping in London. Let’s dig those courses one by one.

Online Certification Course
Some licenses training institute provides course online. Online courses provide audio and video lectures. Theoretical sessions are prerecorded while practical lessons are given live on video.
Now the ultimate real question is, how do you get the practical knowledge if you are getting the training online? The learners have to perform Hijama on their body, and they have to record it while performing. Later, the teacher will evaluate it.

Diploma Course
Cupping therapy diploma course will teach you some advance stuff. Some organizations offer beginners level course with a diploma. However, if you already have a beginner’s certification, you can take the diploma course only. Diploma course might take more than nine months to complete, and it is costly than the beginners.

Where to take Hijama Cupping Course in London?

There are hundreds of organizations that teach Hijama online and on campus. However, all of them are not trustworthy. After research, we have found out D2D Therapies Ltd. is one of the trusted organization to take training on Hijama. While other organizations take more than £500, D2D Therapies Ltd. takes only £450. They are based on north London college. However, you can take the course from anywhere in the world online.
The course D2D Therapies Ltd. provides is 1-day Hijama Cupping diploma course in London, which is approved by IPTI, Westminster Indemnity and IPHM. After completing the course at D2D Therapies Ltd., anyone can work as a professional practitioner in a clinic as well as start their own business.

Side Effects of Cupping

Research has not found any potential side effects of cupping therapy. However, it frequently makes some marks on the skin. It happens because of bringing blood to the surface of the skin. It is similar to a bruise, which stays for a few days on skins and becomes normal after that.
As long as anyone goes to a trained, certified practitioner, Hijama cupping therapy is safe. But some minor side effect can be seen such as-

> Burns
> Skin infection
> Bruises
> Mild discomfort/soreness

How Long may Cupping Bruises Last?

It depends on the patient’s skin. The bruises may last for a couple of days to a few weeks. Repeated cupping treatments may decrease the bruises early, which indicates a successful Hijama therapy.

Hijama Cupping Therapy Price in London

It starts from £60 per session for 4-12 cups. However, the price depends on the treatment category and required sessions.

Who should not Cupping?

Cupping therapy is not for everyone, and some people should avoid cupping. Following are the list of people who should not take Hijama therapy.

> Pregnant women are forbidden to take cupping treatment.
> People who bleed quickly and easily or even can’t stop bleeding should avoid cupping.
> People who have inflamed skin.
> Underlying health conditions
> Anyone with a high fever.
> Children should avoid cupping as their skin is still developing, and they have thin skin compare to the adults.

Is Hijama Scientifically Proven?

Many athletes and celebrities are taking Hijama cupping therapy, but still, it needs more scientific studies. There are no standardizing training or accreditations, which can be followed all over the worlds. Different counties have different rules and regulations.

What should you not do after cupping?

Some import health measures should be taken care of after cupping.
> Don’t jump in the swimming pool or shower right after cupping.
> Drink enough water to provide extra fluids to your body.
> Keep the treated areas covered and want.
> Avoid alcohol.

Can you lose weight with cupping?

Cupping cannot help you to lose weight directly, but it can help to boost metabolism. As we know, the Hijama can improve the digestion system, which indirectly helps to lose weight. Additionally, some people got benefits on reducing stubborn fats on thighs, waist and upper arms.


Hijama cupping therapy is widely using all over the worlds, and day by day, it is gaining fame. Though it is practised in the Muslim community, Hijama’s countless health benefits making it acceptable by all. It can be a great experience for a patient as well as for the therapist.
However, the practitioner has to have enough knowledge along with the licenses to provide a successful treatment. And we already know that anyone can take Hijama cupping course in London. 
We hope this guideline will help you to get the training on cupping therapy.

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