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Things You Should Know About Hijama Cupping Therapy

Interest in Hijama cupping therapy has spiked recently among the people worldwide.
Why should not? As celebrities and athletes are going for it! However, it was started 5000 years ago. And it is believed that Muslims were the pioneer of it. On the other hand, it is disappearing from Muslim medicinal practice.
Anyway, let’s get back to the present situation. Cupping got the world’s view when Michael Phelps took the therapy in summer Olympics 2016. After that, it has become the talk of the town, and many celebrities and athletes tried afterwards.
So, whether you are a first-timer or taken the therapy many times, you should know some facts/ things about Hijama. We have listed below.

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a Sunnah

It is sunnah in the Muslim religion. Sunnah is something that was practised by Prophet Muhammad. Cupping therapy was recommended by the Prophet himself. There is an ancient history about cupping in Muslims that took place during the time of Prophet Muhammad. And, it supports the fact of sunnah.

Hijama is the best of Medicines

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) declared Hijama cupping therapy as a best of all medicines. However, there is no proven scientific paper on that. But, people are getting benefit from it. Some benefits you will get from hijama are, it relieves from chronic fatigue syndrome, faster pain relief, gives healthy skin, faster healing, relief from insomnia etc.

Practising by other Cultures too

As we have mentioned earlier, Hijama had introduced 5000 years ago. However, the first documentation on the medical text was found in Egypt in 1550 BC. Furthermore, cupping therapy was discovered later in China too.
Hijama therapy is practised in Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Roman Empire, South Asia, the Islamic Empire, and the USA. It gained attention in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. Currently, it is very popular in Russia, China and Finland. However, it is also getting popularity in the UK too.

Hijama vs Cupping

The procedure is actually called cupping therapy. A vacuumed cup is placed on the body, which creates a negative pressure and pulls the muscle of that place and draws blood on that cupped area. This process is known as dry cupping.
After that therapist remove the cup and make small shallow incisions in that area before placed the cup again. Through this way, toxic blood, access fluids and acids are extracted. It is known as wet cupping or blood cupping.
Basically, there is no significant difference between Cupping and Hijama. Hijama also works the same way; just it is the name in Muslim communities. Hijama is an Arabic word which means “to suck”. So the name justifies the procedure.

Bring the Body in a Normal State

In Arabic explanation of Hijama word, it also means to return the body in a normal state. The goal of cupping is to create balance in the body by removing acidity and toxic elements from the body. Besides, it also fixes if there is any issue in the body and brings the normal state. However, some deadly diseases like cancer cannot be cured by Hijama cupping therapy.
Cupping therapy is a holistic method that removes stagnant and toxic blood from the body. It ultimately replenishes the body itself.

Well Documented Medical Benefits

Hijama Cupping is a type of preventative and curative therapy. It has some medical benefits too. These are-
>> Relief the pain
>> Detoxifies the body
>> Boost the immune system
>> Fertility
>> Digestive issues
>> Solve urinary problems
>> Respiratory problems
According to the Prophet Muhammad, Hijama in empty stomach is best. It improves memory and increases the intellect.

Boost Emotional Stability

Cupping therapy is holistic and works on body, mind and soul. Though it sucks the blood, and some may refer to it as a small surgical procedure. However, it has instant physical benefits. Besides, it works on restoring emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
Additionally, cupping therapy also works for depression and dispels anxiety. According to ibn Al Qaiyum, Prophet Muhammad had taken Hijama therapy on his head to remove the black magic that had cast upon him.

Ideal Time to Do Hijama Cupping Therapy

According to the therapist, It is better to perform the cupping therapy 2-4 times a year as it is the preventative and curative remedy. So, when your body produces some toxic elements, it should be get sucked. And usually, the body takes several months to produce toxins after the therapy. Which makes 2-4 times an ideal number of therapy.

Cupping Therapy is Safe

Besides the professional certified Hijama therapist acupuncturists also perform Hijama on the patients. It may come to your mind that, is it safe as they are using the same cup to all! Although the therapist might use the same cup, they sanitize it with alcohol swabs or swipes a burning piece of cotton before placing on the patient’s body.
However, it is not safe to take the therapy from a person who does not have the certifications. It is always safe to the cupping therapy from an acupuncturist or a certified therapist.

Marks are not Permanent

Usually, marks are left on the body after a cupping therapy session, and those will not stay forever. However, those should be gone in a few days or even within a week.


Methods of Hijama Cupping

Usually, people tend to refer just one cupping method, which is fire cupping. But the truth is, there are some other methods to such dry cupping, wet cupping, air cupping and moving cupping. Various types of cups are used to perform cupping therapy, for example, glass, metal, bamboo, silicon.

Action Items

Now you know almost everything Hijama. So, what to do next? You can take a Hijama cupping session or does the certification course for yourself. You can do the cupping course at D2D Therapies and become a professional to build your career. You can also do the course for learning purpose. We offer-

>> 1 Day Hijama Cupping Course
>> The course is available for on-campus or freelance home tuition.
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Frequently Asked Question on Hijama Cupping

Hijama is an easy therapy, but a lot of people have a misconception about it. That is why we have researched and listed some common question everyone always asks. Let’s have a look.

Does Cupping Hurt?

As your skin will get pinched, you can assume it will hurt. However, the level of pain tolerance varies from person to person. From our experience, we can say that the pain during cupping is tolerable, and it barely hurts. We always ask our patients if it hurts them. All the time we get a reasonable answer. Some patients say it just a tickle while others may compare to the flick occurred by an elastic rubber band.

Is there any side effect of Hijama Cupping therapy?

If you want to ask about internal side effects, the answer is NO. But if you ask for any visible side effects, the answer is yes, but slightly. Let me explain. After a Hijama session, you will see visible circular bruises on your skin when the cups we place. You may even see discolourations. But it won’t last long. The bruises usually stay for 4-5 days and in some cases, more than a week rarely.
Although, there can be some minor post-therapy side effects such as light headache. Other than that, there are no significant issues. However, it advised that some people should avoid cupping such as pregnant women, people with inflamed skin, someone with a high fever and children.

How Many Sessions are needed?

There is no fixed answer for this if you have some conditions that can be cured by Hijama. However, most of the people repeat the session in every 3-4 months. A physically fit person also should take cupping session to get rid of from the toxins from the body.
What should you do before Hijama?
To get the best result from cupping, you should take it in empty stomach. At least fast 2-3 hours before cupping. Taking a shower is important before the therapy. Besides, you will have to drink plenty of water, so that, your blood circulates easily. When you go to the therapist, always wear loose and comfortable fitting clothes as you will have to take it off. Make the list of medications you are taking and let the therapist know about them.

What should you do after Cupping Session?

To bring your energy level back, it is always suggested to eat some dates or honey and water after your Hijama cupping therapy session. Avoid any strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours. Hijama therapy usually makes people relax, and you may fall asleep. However, you have to stay alert during the cupping and at least 3-4 hours following the treatment. Besides, you have to avoid any kind of sexual activity for 24 hours. Drink a lot of water after the session. It will help to detox your body quickly.
Additionally, you should also avoid meat afterword for the next 24 hours. Oiling around the cupping place will give you relief. Finally, take a warm shower and avoid soaps or shower gel on the cupping area for 24 hours. It will avoid any concurring irritations.

How long is a Hijama Cupping Session?

A cupping session does not take a long time. It may take only 10-15 minutes. However, if you want to add acupuncture with cupping, the session might get longer.
We hope these questions might get you all the answers. Now you are ready to take your e hijama therapy without any confusion.

A Right Practitioner can make the Difference

Getting the right practitioner is the main part of the cupping therapy. You can look for the local guide to find the best one. Furthermore, we are living in the internet era. Search Google for the cupping centre near you and read their reviews and select a few of the top ones. Try one first, and if you find it satisfactory stick to the centre. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with your therapist to try another centre next time.

Does Cupping Work?

It is a commonly asked question by the people who are getting an interest in it. Though it is not scientifically proven yet, the user says it works. We always take the feedback from our patients after a week or two. We ask them how they feel if there were any issues afterword. Almost all patients give a positive answer. They feel relax and relieved from their issues. However, some patient felt dull because of their health conditions.
So, we can say that cupping works. You can have a great result too.


Are there any Scientific Explanations?

Some scientific research is still going on, and some has given their findings. So far, there has been some research that has some positive findings of Hijama. Those findings support pain relief and some skin issues. However, you should also keep in mind that those researches are not a high quality either.
Furthermore, it doesn’t have any proven major side effects either. So, as long as you are getting benefits, why not use it? But, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before taking the session.


After reading this piece of article, you should not have any confusion about Hijama cupping therapy. As you know that high-profile athletes and celebrities are taking the cupping therapy, which is already on the news. This builds trust about the cupping therapy, and you should not be worried about the side effects as there are none.
So, if you make you mind after reading this article, just follow all the stuff we have talked about. Still, if you are confused and if you want to know the benefits in details with the process, we have another article for you. Where, we have discussed the potential benefits and cupping types.

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