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Things you Need to Know about Hot Stone Massage Therapy

For individuals who are suffering pain or stiffness, massage therapy is considered a working treatment without medicines. And, with the word “massage,” you can easily visualise what exactly it looks like. You may visualise a man or woman’s face down on a padded table with bareback while a massage therapist applies massage on them.

However, it is the common scenario of massage, but there are many more techniques. Hot stone massage therapy is one of the techniques. Whenever you heard about this massage, you may not visualise it as the traditional massage. You may think of massaging with the stone, but it is much different than the regular counterpart.

In this article, we will explain every possible detail you need to know about hot stone massage therapy as well as its training courses in London.

What is hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is a type or branch of massage which has been a regular practice for thousands of years by many cultures all over the world. However, it is considered one of the most relaxing massage practices.

The hot tone massage procedure includes Basalt lava stones that are placed in the high warm water to heat it up. Next, Basalts lava stones are placed in a different part of the body. Some of the body parts where stones can be placed are-

  • 🟠 On the back, sides of your spines.
  • 🟠 Abdomen, legs, or feet.
  • 🟠 Hands’ palm.
  • 🟠 Other places where your body feels safe.

Hot stones are usually used as a heated tool though your therapist will massage the areas of your body parts that contain more tension. The heat passes from the stones can make your muscle relax, which eventually gives soothe feeling in your body. 

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What does a hot stone massage include?

There is a misconception that hot massage is very painful. It is assumed because the stones are hot, and that may burn the skin. However, it is not the case. The stones are heated under a certain temperature, which is controlled properly. Besides, the therapist also makes sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed.

Usually, the temperature remains between 110–130-degree Fahrenheit, which doesn’t cause any harm to the body. However, everyone has a different pain tolerance level, so you should notify your therapist right away if you feel pain at any point in time. In the beginning, you may feel a little bit of pain until the skin gets adjusted.

After the hot stones are placed on your body, it may take few minutes for your body to get adjusted. Within few minutes, your body will feel the heat via a towel or sheet.

Normally, massage oil is applied to the body. The therapist holds the stones with both hands while moving them on our muscles. Besides, the massage therapist applies the Swedish massage strategy on your back, neck, legs, and shoulders before placing the stones or after the stones are removed.

The regular hot stone massage therapy is 60-90 minutes. However, each therapist or massage center may offer its own versions. Conair Hot Stone Massage, Kit Relax Muscles, Improve Circulation, Rejuvenate Your Body: BeautyConair hot stone massage spa kit “Buy Now”

Is hot stone massage good for you?

The hot stone massage has a similarity with traditional massage therapy. However, the only difference is the hot stones.

Now, the question is, are hot stones beneficial for you?

YES. Hot stones are good for your body. It gives the desired relaxation and relief without getting much pressure on the body. However, it also has some other benefits, which are-

  • 🟢 It eliminates muscle pain or reduces extreme pain.
  • 🟢 It helps to improve joint mobility.
  • 🟢 Improves blood circulation.
  • 🟢 Boost up the functionality of the immune system.
  • 🟢 Increases the lymphatic drainage.
  • 🟢 Depression and anxiety get reduced.
  • 🟢 Muscle tension gets relieved.
  • 🟢 It increases body awareness.

Moreover, some patients may get other benefits too, which includes,

  • 🟣 Can sleep properly.
  • 🟣 It can increase your immune system.
  • 🟣 May relieve symptoms of some diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Who should not take the hot stone massage therapy?

Heated stones can get benefits to most people; however, it is not for all. Some people may have some physical issues, which may not suit the hot massage therapy. So, it is better to consult the therapist first to inform you about your health issues. However, if you have the following health issues, taking a heated massage may not be a good idea.

  • 🟠 Skin issues
  • 🟠 High blood pressure
  • 🟠 Pregnant
  • 🟠 Diabetes

So, consulting your doctor as well as the therapist can get you the best advice about taking the stone massage.

These are the stuff you must know about stone massage therapy. But you may get interested in becoming a therapist.

In the next part, we will provide you the guideline to become a hot stone massage therapist.

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Where to take a hot stone massage therapy course?

You can take the course with an authentic and accredited training center near you. However, you can take the course with D2D Therapies. We provide the 1-day diploma course on hot stone massage therapy, which is well accredited by IPHM and also certified by IPTI.

You can visit our office to register for the course. You may also take the course from your home. In that case, our trainer will visit you at your convenient place and provide the lesson. However, you will have to book your seat or appointment via phone call or email.

You may call or 💬 WhatsApp at 07455045306. Besides, you can also email for the appointment at You may contact us for any queries too.

Whether you want to take the course at the venue or home, you will have to pay £30 as a booking fee, which will be adjusted with your regular course fee.

Final Words

We hope this piece of writing enlightens you about the hot stone massage. If you want to get the message or want to take the massage therapy course, come to our London office or contact us anytime.

We are confident that our experienced therapists and trainers can get you the ultimate solution.  

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Course in London

The properties of volcanic rocks. The hot and cold stone massage therapy is a concept developed in modern times, despite having references from ancient times. The application of Hot Stone Massage Therapy to relieve pain was already used in ancient Egypt. But it was ancient Rome, where this technique was perfected, with it’s very famous hot springs this geothermal therapy combines the best of the traditional technique with

The properties of technical massage the volcanic rocks are those igneous rocks, formed by the cooling of lava at the surface at a shallow depth.

The energy from these stones is applied directly to the skin of the recipient, allowing the cleaning normalisation and energy flow healing. Since the stones are strategically placed at key energy points of the body.

Premium Photo | Man with stones on massage table at spa with body treatment. person lying and relaxing during "hot stone massage".

Recommendations and Precautions

Massage with hot and cold stones is especially suitable for all those who suffer, stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical, and or emotional fatigue. Migraines, chronic stress, constipation, mild menstrual discomfort for circulation due to inactivity, tired legs, mild depression overweight. And in general, it is also indicated for all healthy and happy people who want to enjoy a pleasant and beneficial treatment for their health. With regard to the precautions. Always avoid this treatment if the person has or suspects to have asthma cystitis severe depression. Pregnancy infections of any kind, open wounds or unhealed skin diseases, cancer, osteomyelitis flu, respiratory problems and circulatory problems from mild to severe, such as varicose veins, heart problems especially sensitivity to cold or heat. Conair Hot Stone Massage, Kit Relax Muscles, Improve Circulation, Rejuvenate Your Body: Beauty

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Preliminary Considerations

Some preliminary considerations to keep in mind. Before starting this treatment, it is important to keep in mind some previous considerations to help

We do our job professionally. Never slide stones over the spine or bones. Not only can you harm the person, but it is a very unpleasant sensation that will bring the recipient quickly out of their state of relaxation, and they will not be able to relax again, as they will unconsciously remain alert to avoid another fright.

To perform the massage with stones, we will need oil. We can use as much oil as we want. However, here we are. We strongly advise that it’d be a good quality product. And as hypoallergenic as possible, such as almond oil. However, it is always advisable to ask

The recipient. If they are allergic to any product and or food. And remember, once again, that oils that have a strong aromatic intensity, are the most irritating to sensitive skin, so it’s better to use a soft oil. If we want to give a special flavour to our massage parlour, the best option is to have scented candles, or something cents. If there is good ventilation.

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With respect to the facial massage, which we will do with the stones, we recommend purchasing rosehip oil. If possible in a pharmacy or drugstore and even better if it’s specific for the face. This treatment is very relaxing. So we should strive to keep a calm attitude. It’s therefore important to use a soft, warm light with ambient music. Furthermore, it’s essential to address the client with the best manners. Addressing him in a leisurely and educated manner. By avoiding sudden movements or noises during treatment.

And one last thing. Whenever we move on to the next step, or apply a new stone cold or hot, it’s essential to discreetly observe the face of the recipient. In order to understand if they feel any small disturbances, such as too much heat. No need to look for exaggerated expressions with just a slight frown of their eyebrows lips slightly tight and tense eyelids. For a change in breathing indicates that we have startled them for some reason. In these cases, it’s best to check the stone’s temperature yourself. Always on the inside of the wrist. As stated above, because we are in a therapeutic role, it’s mandatory to ensure that the stones don’t burn, or aren’t too cold, by testing them on the back of our wrist before placing the stones on the client.

And one last warning. If the recipient thinks the stones are too cold or too hot, regardless of our opinion, or they develop pimples or redness or for some reason they do not feel right, it’s advisable to stop immediately.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Points

Static stones and their placing points according to traditional Chinese medicine. Before beginning the massage with hot and cold stones, we must apply the static stones. These are the stones that we will first leave on the recipient, and we’ll later remove thus revealing the skin to form the massage. The most important part of this section is to apply the static stones at the right place, the points of traditional Chinese medicine

Placement of static stones in the main points in the prone position (face down) as follows:

2 stones on the soles of the feet in the kidneys-yongquan points2 stones on the external tibial-yanglingquan points

2 stones on the central part of the calf muscles-feiyang points. 2 stones on the hamstrings-Yinmen points.

2 stones on the lumbar-Senshu points.

2 stones on the dorsal muscles, corresponding to the Geshu & Dashu points.

Placement of static stones in the main spots in the supine position (face up). First, we will place the static stones according to Chinese medicine points.

Put them on the table, and then help the client to rest slowly over the stones to the quadriceps muscles corresponding to the stomach meridian Futu point.

on the torso, we will place 4 stones-2 at the zhangmen points.

 1 at the zhongwan point-diaphragm -1 at the shanzong point.-chest To finish 2 stones at the-Taiyuan points on the wrists

One on the brow & two small ones on the eyes. For the facial area, we will use three small cold stones for their decongestant properties.

Massaging in Prone-Position Step by Step

The first thing to do is heat the stones, and after that let them rest for approximately 45 minutes. With respect to the cold stones. They can be stored in the refrigerator and withdrawn when it is time to perform the massage. Once the recipient is lying on the table. The hot stones are removed from the heater, and they are placed on him or stone massage in prone position face down, we will place two stones on the soles at the kidneys yongquan points.

2 stones on the external tibial yanglingquan points, two stones in the central part of the calf muscles, Feiyang points, 2 on the hamstrings,Yinmen points

2 on the lumbar Senshu points.2 stones on the dorsal muscles corresponding to Geshu & Dasha points. After placing the stones and let them rest for about five minutes.

5 a. Stones Placing in Prone Position-The Back

 The first thing we will do is uncover the area and put the stones back on the sacrum. All static and dynamic stones, we will use to work the back area will be warm. Approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

we apply the oil with our palms, making broad circular movements, so that the product is fully spread. The purpose is to spread the oil and to acquire the optimum temperature for the job using stones to perform the massage with dynamic hot stones, we will use 4 medium sized stones. We will use 2 every two steps, while the other set is put again in the pot with the heater off, absorbing waste heat

Techniques : 1

Palma digital kneading with stones, is a technique we perform with our palms and fingers, Consists of alternating circular movements, concentrating pressure on the palm and digits with hot stones in the palm

Technique : 2

Ripples draining with stones. We stand at the head of the therapy table. This stage consists of four parts.

Part-1 : we drain the cervical area with our palms in unison movement

Part-2 : we drain the dorso.

Part-3 : The lumbar back.

Part-4 : we finally return from the lower back, making a wave like movement around the lateral muscles up to the cervical area-the starting point.

The above techniques must be performed at least three times.

This type of movement benefits and oxygenates the back’s circulatory system.

Technique 3 : Circular friction with vibration.

With the stones on our palms, we make a circular friction, going from cervical to lumbar along the paraspinal muscles. This step must be done very carefully to avoid any interference between the stones protuberances and bones. This is a very effective movement for its relaxing and de-contacting properties.

Technique 4 : Alternate frictions.

This time, we exercise in alternating unidirectional friction on the paravertebral muscles, which we worked previously, and muscles on the iliac area. This type of movement is particularly suitable for lower back pain. We repeat this step, at least three times. paravertebral friction. From the cervical slide both hands in unison, along the paravertebral muscles to the lower back with moderate pressure. After that, return along the lateral back muscles with gentle pressure. Complete alternating frictions on the back.

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Technique 4 : wide alternating circular motions

 Now we stand on the side of the couch and make a wide alternating circular motion from the lumbar area, continuing towards the upper extremity and ending at the palm of the recipient. This type of move

Requires a lot of coordination, because when a hand begins his journey at the lower back. The other should be finishing at the previous area. It is a very beneficial step, due to its relaxing effect.

The Legs in Prone Position

Technique 1 : Frictions along calves and hamstrings

 Legs in the prone position, face down. This is a one way, circular friction that works the calf muscles and hamstring-

 Technique 2 : Zigzag massage with hot and cold stones

The stone on the right hand will be hot. And the one on the left hand will be cold. With the stones in the palms, we will perform a zigzag motion along the leg from the calves to the buttocks and back to the starting point. This step provides amazing sensations, because it combines the properties of cryotherapy and thermotherapy. The skin receives an overstimulation, leading to a state of relaxation from the saturation of information in the nervous system of the dermis.

Technique 3 : Circular friction

 We finished the leg massage with a circular friction from the foot to the buttock. This movement is broad and deep to finish relaxing the muscles after the exercise is performed. Once the right lower extremity has been worked, cover it with a towel, especially the feet area and proceed to do the same job on the left leg. Being very attempting to perform the same movements length and intensity.

While legs in prone position facedown-We will now carefully remove the stones from the leg that we will work with. After removing them. We will start with the massage. All stones, both static and dynamic will be hot, except the stones used in the zigzag steps. Applying the oil by massaging the limb. Try the oil with the palms, making large and circular movements. We continue to make draining movements, so that the product is fully spread and aims to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones- first movement on the leg massage should always be toward the feet.

Technique 1 : Palmo Digital kneading with stones-.

Steps consists of performing a Palmodigital kneading with facing palms and fingers-starting at the calf muscles and continues at the hamstrings ends back at calfs

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Tecnique 2 : Reboot draining with vibration.

 A hand starts from the soul of the foot, and the other is placed on the Achilles tendon, and they make a movement in unison, that is paired up at the calves at the insertion of the hamstring return through the external side of the limb, with a wave and vibration movement at the same time.

 Technique 3 : Circular friction with vibration.

This step begins with small circles on the feet and goes up along the muscles of the leg, then returns to the starting point with pleasant vibrations along the entire limb.

4a: Massaging in Supine-Step by Step Stones Placing in Supine Position

Futu points : Place 2 stones at the quadriceps muscle, corresponding to the stomach meridian

on the trunk we will place 4 stones:

2 at the zhangman points.

1 at zhonquan point.

1 at the Shanzhong point.

To finish, 2 under wrists. At the Taiyuan points.

For the facial area, we will use 3 small and cold stones for their decongestant properties. 1 on the brow, and 2 small stones on the eyes.

We can then start with the massage from the lower body-left leg then the right leg.

We will remove the towel and begin the massage oil application, we apply the oil with the palms of our hands, making big circular movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Palmodigital kneading:

Now we take the stones on the palms of our hands and rub them from the tibia, to the quadriceps, bypassing the patella. When we reach the thigh area, we will perform a palmo digital kneading movement, due to the higher muscle mass.

Rippled draining with vibration:

We continue with training movements, starting with the feet, and ending with the quadriceps, bypassing the patella. Once you reach the upper back, we will return with a wave like vibrating movement along the sides of the limb. This will be repeated at least three times.

Circular friction with vibration:

Now we will begin a circular friction, from the soles of the feet to the top of the thigh, passing the malleolus. The calves cruciate ligaments in the knee and quadriceps. We then return to the initial point with vibrations. This will be repeated at least three times.

Alternating frictions:

We perform alternating friction in two steps in the first step, friction will alternate on the tibia area, avoiding bones in flow direction towards the feet.

second step frictions will alternate on the quadriceps and cranial direction towards the head.

Zigzag massage with hot and cold stones:

We will take a cold stone in one hand and a hot one in the other. And we will stand on the side of the table. This stage works in two steps. First, we will perform a zigzag massage along a tibial muscle, avoiding bony areas. Secondly, the same exercise on the quadriceps. For this step, we will once again use the technique of thermotherapy and cryotherapy. This will be repeated at least three times.

Circular friction:

We finish leg massage with a circular friction from the foot to the buttock. This movement is broad and deep to finish relaxing the muscles after the exercise is performed. We will cover it with a towel, especially the feet area and start to do the same job on the right leg being very attentive to perform the same movements,

C . The Abdomen

All static and dynamic stones, which we will use to work the back area will be warm. Approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

Apply the oil-We spread the oil with our palms making broad circular movements and continue to make draining movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Technique 1- large circular alternating clockwise movement

Be very careful not to hit the rib area, with the stone. This type of movement is highly beneficial for intestinal transit and for the formation of red blood cells.

Technique 2-abdominal draining with the stones.

With this step, we will mimic the shape of a diamond from the stomach to the pubis along the sides of the stomach. This movement must be performed at least five times.

Technique 3-palmodigital kneading.

We will perform a palmodigital movement along the abdominal muscles. Avoid applying too much pressure manik :

Technique 4-Cross friction.

Work the abdominal with a sliding crossing friction.

Technique 5 – Circular friction along lateral musculature. We take the stones and perform spacious circular friction in unison throughout the area of the lateral abdominal muscles.

Technique 6 – Circular friction with vibration.

This is a combination of circular friction with vibration performed clockwise, that will be smooth and continuous

Tecnique 7- Abdominal draining

This movements will be repeated again around this zone, at least five times.

  1. D. The arms.

Apply Oil application by spreading the oil with our palms, making broad circular and draining movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Technique 1-Draining

We hold the recipient’s hand with our hand and perform a draining movement from the back of the hand to the shoulder. Then we switch to the other hand, and make the draining from the palm of the hand to the axillary area. This step is performed at least three times.

Technique 2-Palmodigital kneading with stones.

We conduct this movement along the flexed arm. One hand provides support for the arm, while the other offers grip, while working.

Technique 3-Alternate frictions.

We will end the massage on the arms with alternating friction and draining movements, avoiding bony areas to end the hand massage.

  1. E. The Face

All the stones we will use will be small and cold, approximately eight degrees Celsius.

Product application-Distribute the serum, with gentle tabs on the skin on the forehead, cheeks and chin, avoiding lips nostrils, eyes, eyelids and eye contours.

Technique 1-draining

 From the head of the table, we will split this manoeuvre into 5 sections which will consist of:




Cheekbones collarbone

( must be careful with the nostrils lips eyes and eye contours)

T he pressure will be light. Before applying the stones, make sure t hat they remain flat and smooth.

We will interlace our fingers and perform a draining movement outwards, with light pressure

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Technique 2 : Alternate frictions

We will draw three alternating lines on the forehead, an alternating line above the eyebrow. On the cheeks and chin. This will be done at least three times.

Technique 3 : Circular friction on the temple will perform soft

Circular frictions on the temples. This step is particularly suitable f or people who suffer from migraines. Circular friction on

cheekbones. Circular friction on the loads. alternating friction on the cervical area. This step is performed without stones, we will apply alternating frictional movements from the trapezium area to the occipital area. This step relaxes the cervical area, while doing a little stretch grading.

We will again apply some draining movements to the collarbone at least three times. frictions on the sternum. These frictions are performed with just a stone along the sternal manoeuvring. This step is very beneficial for anxiety states and mild respiratory problems.

Technique 3-Silence phase, we end this treatment by shutting the ear canals.

After the facial massage. let the recipient live for about five minutes We will gently help them to sit up in the stretcher. After that we will leave them alone for another five minutes, so they can dress in privacy.

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