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Palm Press – PP

Palm Presses are used extensively on the feet, legs and arms. It is a movement that prepares the body for deeper and more specific pressure and relaxes the body in between different movements.

  • Palm Press from one foot or leg to the other. Place the palms of the hands appropriately on the feet or legs, one hand on the left and one on the right. Keep your own body in a good working position with shoulders relaxed and elbows straight. Lean with your body weight into one side, and then transfer the weight to the other, back and forth.
  • Occasionally you may use simultaneous Palm Press to open or close a series of alternate PP on the feet. In this case, pressure is applied to both sides together. It is not used on the legs. Both simultaneous and alternate PP is used on the back.
  • When using PP along the sides of the leg or arm, begin with both palms against the limb toward the extremity or distal end. Then move the hand that is closest to the trunk of the body sideways, maintaining pressure with the other hand and reposition the first hand further along the limb. Transfer the pressure and move the hand at the distal end next to the first hand. Continue this “hand closing hand” movement to cover the entire limb, and then return in the same way back to the point of origin.

Thumb Press – TP

Thumb presses are at the heart and soul of working the energy lines (Sen) of the legs and arms. The method of working is the same as with Palm Presses (thumb chases thumb). Pressure is always applied from the ball of the thumb, never with the point or tip. Therefore, the ball of the thumb lies flat against the point being pressed. Initially, this may result in some strain and soreness until the strength of the thumbs is more developed. Be advised not to overdo the pressure and most importantly to use the thumb’s flexor to give strength and support and not simply press with loose thumb joints. It is impossible to predetermine the amount of TP that is best. Each individual is unique in his response to pressure. On the one hand, the depth of touch should be sufficient so that pressure is felt as “real”. On the other hand, it should not produce pain.

Thumb Circles – TC

Thumb pressure is never applied directly to the bone. Whenever such pressure would occur, circular movement of the thumbs is substituted.

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