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The four ways the body removes waste | removes waste

The four ways the body removes waste

1. Digestive tract

Toxins and waste are eliminated in the stool, thus protecting the body from toxic accumulation. As food is ingested, it is passed through the digestive tract and is continually broken down nutrients are absorbed along the way. What the body cannot utilize is then eliminated in the stool.

Your Digestive System & How it Works | NIDDK

2. Urinary tract

The urinary system s the primary system responsible for elimination of metabolic waste. The complex urinary system filters blood through the kidneys as a means of maintaining homeostasis and physical pH within the body. The main function of the urinary tract is to store and release urine.

Overview of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) - Kidney and Urinary ...

3. Sweating

A way for the body to rid itself of toxins which are stored in fat tissues is through sweat. The sweat can be caused by fever, exercise, summer weather, sauna, steam room etc.

Why Sweating at Work Can Be a Serious Problem | Modern Restaurant ...

4. Breathing

Breathing is how the body maintains homeostasis. The lungs eliminate carbon dioxide with every breath. PH balance in the body is achieved through breathing.

Human respiratory system - The mechanics of breathing | Britannica


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