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Welcome to our training website booking Page , We look forward to instruct and conduct your chosen One day intensive training course.

Most popular courses are massage and hijama wet cupping diploma

The course will provide you with a thorough explanation to your chosen therapy, a therapeutic treatment which has been practiced throughout many centuries. Holistic therapy is a preventative and curative therapy which relaxes your body and reduces pain as well as boosting the circulatory and immune system it is also known to treat illness.

the course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning and becoming an alternative medical practitioner. Look forward to meeting you on the course

We also provide outcall holisitc therapies

Business overview

We provide a professional Deep Tissue massage service combined with Indian Head Thai, Swedish Massage and Reflexology in the comfort of your own home.

My outcall rates are:

60 minutes £60.00

90 minutes £90.00

120 minutes £120.00

In order to receive full benefits of your treatment, it is highly recommended you have a shower before the start of your treatment for hygiene purposes.


Parking congestion travel cost included with the above price.

Indian head

Deep tissue


Wet/Dry cupping

hi, I am your freelance holistic therapist.

I provide separate or a combination of all treatments listed above so you get a complete head to toe experience and not pay the extra cost of having individual treatments by its self.

massage is done using oil or lotion for Swedish relaxing and deep tissue massage with long strokes and reflexology techniques for your feet, working on your muscles using fingers thumb forearm and elbow.

extra soft and light-medium or firm pressure are applied depending on your tolerance level.

massage done on hands, arms & shoulders with circling motion of my thumbs

I then work on your chest and neck relaxing those muscles.

Finally, finish your head with an Indian head massage. I repeat the same for the other side of your body.

I use massage techniques such as effleurage petrissage and tapotement to energise large muscles like glutes quads thighs and back with pounding hacking cupping and plucking techniques.

This helps to awaken your body and gets the blood circulating to every section getting rid of toxins so you feel relieved and a sense of inner peace tranquillity from a busy or stressful life.

with lots of different combined techniques developed over years of experience to make you feel your best at the end of your therapy session.

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