Thai Massage Course

What is Thai Massage? Thai Massage was founded by Dr Shivago, a Buddhist thought to be the father of medicine’. […]

Indian Head Massage Course

Benefits of delivering D2D Therapies head massage via a low-backed chair and therapy couch in combination The therapist has a […]

Swedish Massage Course

Benefits of Swedish Massage Swedish Massage is beneficial to all; from the athlete to the elderly. Benefits include : > […]

Reflexology Course

What is reflexology? Reflexology (also known as “Zone therapy”) is the massage of the feet and/or hands, manipulating specific pressure […]

Deep Tissue Massage Course

Deep Tissue Massage Course Sports Massage (Deep Tissue)

Hijama Course

Introduction to Hijama What is Hijama? History behind Hijama The Types of Hijama Traditionally viewed cupping (how it works) Sunnah […]

Fire Cupping Course

Fire Cupping massage | D2D therapies London Cupping massage is also called vacuum massage or sliding cups. This technique can […]

Rukyah Course in london college – uk

Rukyah Course in london The following programme must be practised and followed on a daily basis   Put your complete […]

Diet & Nutrition Course

Course accredited by IPHM and insurable by Westminster Indemnity IPTI

Call home tuition, clinic mobile tuition & College booking is £450.00.

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