1 Day Intensive Therapy Courses Avaliable

Intensive fast track accredited therapy courses. Gain professional qualification, a small one to one solo training with theory and practical covered which will allow you to have insurance in order to work with the public for professional treatments.

How To Book

Reserve your 1 day chosen training course by enrolling now for 2020.

Early booking Price of £350 Avaliable

Please call or whatsapp: 07455045306


Please also send your full name mobile number email address age gender(male/female) address details via email or feel free to give us a call so you can be allocated, we will send you a confirmation email with all booking details.

How It Works

We will teach you theory and practical by you performing therapy on a fellow student on the course so no models are required,making sure health safety and medical standards are payed attention to in order to qualify,we will insure you are confident to perform your chosen therapy at the end of training with further support so you can practice straight away and build you up to be a therapy practitioner.


1 day intensive courses avaliable. Fully comprehensive including theory and practical delivered by the directors of d2dtherapies . All practitioners both male and female bookings are welcome .

We cover the benefits of your chosen therapy course in our professional 1 day training course.

awareness of health & safety by law when performing therapy.

certificate provided after completion of theory and practical.


Hijama Course Review

As-salamu alaykum

Very good simple to understand 1 day intensive hijama course covering practical and theory.thank you for taking out my concerns of using the surgical blade i feel much more confident after the practical assessment.i am looking forward to my new career as a hijama practitioner.5 stars
09 Jan 2018

Abdul Rahman

Hijama Course Testimonials

“I am pleased to do my 1 day intensive hijama training course. The course tutors made me feel confident after the training session. The theory & practical was easy to understand conducted in a professional teaching environment.i am happy Allhamdullilah that i have attended this course and pleased to know help is at hand even after i have successfully finished my training.Jazak allah i highly recommend this course to others”

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahhi wabarakatuh.
16 Jan 2018

Mohammed Shamsher Khan

Aromatherapy Course Review

“In my aromatherapy course I learned the history of the practice and it also covered the anatomy and physiology and I have learned a lot about using essential oils, now I am confident in treating my clients, thank you D2dtherapies”

3 May 2019

Lisa Pennyworth

Chinese Cupping Course Review

“In this course, I have learned about tight knots, increased blood flow and how to help clients who suffer from joint and back pain I am now confident that I will able to help my clients at my clinical practice thank you d2dtherapy training you guys are awesome”

Richard Macintosh

Crystal Reiki Course Review

“This course was awesome good tuition has attracted me to the course I have learnt a great deal about crystals and reiki universal energy healing and now I am treating animals and humans confidently”

Mellisa Ford

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Course Review

“What really interested me in this course is learning about trigger points, neuromuscular techniques for the full-body, this is a must for helping people who are really active and need to release muscle tension and knots I highly recommend this course by D2dtherapies”

Jason Nkolu

Homeopathy Course Review

“homeopathy is a holistic medicine rooted in the belief of the bodies healing ability it was started by a German doctor Samuel Hahnemall, who looked at ways to reduce the damaging effects of medicines in the 18th century I am very inspired by this method which is why I have done the course with D2dtherapies now I have my own practice thank you very much you guys rock”

Jay Singh

Indian Head Massage Course Review

“During this one day course, I was able to understand and learn about massages which are designed to help and cure problems which occur in upper back, shoulders, neck and face etc, I recommend this course as they were very understanding and friendly and I was able to learn and perfect the Indian head massage”

Janet Ogbona

Reflexology Course Review

” Having studied reflexology with d2dtherapies was indeed great as I was able to learn and understand how to perform the techniques and I know the benefits of reflexology I recommend D2D therapies”

Adewale Boon

Sweedish Full body Massage Course Review

“I really enjoyed the Swedish Body Massage course, it was really useful and practical and I loved that! I learned so much about the history of the sweedish massage I am very pleased with how the course went and hopefully, I am successful in the future, thank you d2dtherapies”

Blaike Adams

Thai Massage Course Review

” I did a one-day Thai massage course the price was very reasonable and the teachers were great, the course was very fun and I was able to learn and understand the science and practice behind thai massage thank you d2dtherapies”

Philip Colas

Waxing Course Review

“It is a brilliant course well worth the money and the tutor was great very friendly, explained everything well and supportive recommend it to anyone”

Jill Untah

Yoga Course Review

“I rediscovered my passion for teaching, whether its teaching yoga or anything else. the course was great and well detailed the tutor was very professional and I was able to learn and refresh myself about yoga I recommend doing this course with d2dtherapies as it was a great experience”

Torey Elise
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