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D2D Therapies is a uk based training provider in hijama cupping and other alternative therapies ranging from leech therapy, Acupuncture,Deep tissue sports massage and other Body massage modalties Plus Multivitamin injection,Phlebotomy,Dry cupping and Fire cupping

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Based in London, we've treated over 5,000 patients and trained 10,000 students globally, showcasing our expertise and commitment to Hijama Cupping and wellness education.
To book Hijama services in London or for Hijama training courses we provide, call for a consultation or message via whatsapp.
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Our courses are easy to understand, leaving you confident and capable of obtaining insurance coverage and accreditation from our accreditors, all at a discounted rate with our unique link Which We Provide Our Sucessfully Trained Students.

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To learn more, please call or message us on WhatsApp regarding our training and mobile service availability throughout London.
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