D2D Faqs

Benefits of training with d2d?

 We always identify effective training practices, utilizing online resources for ongoing research, encourage students to make personal notes for recap ensuring health and safety practise are in place during the training session. our aim is to help students optimize by prioritizing lessons tailored to their requirements so they can acquire life changing skills in their chosen subject with D2D.

 What we accept from our student during training?

 To be active learners minimum will involve basic note-taking skills. We will help if required to summarize, write effective notes, and listing important points/actions, all essential for active learning. Consider key methods such as mind maps, best to bring essentials to give options for organising note takings like file systems or bound journals, plus extras which will help like erasable pens or students may choose to use shorthand symbols for efficiency and clarity, ultimately aiding in effective retention and review of information presented during training.

Other good points of training with D2D?

 We balance time pressures for your organisation via initial assessment of your needs during recruitment and enrolment. Plus ensuring you have the prerequisites or pre-course learning activities which we can provide to ensure the course matches your skill set.

Easy to learn:

We will clarify new terminology related to subject for effective learning including any literacy, numeracy this helps settling students in, guiding them through an activity, encouraging and reviewing their generated content during classroom sessions before moving on, ensuring a positive and engaging start to each session. Additionally, instructor and student reflect on learning goals and prepare action plan for integrating the knowledge gained into professional practices.

Do you provide aftercare? We like to ensure all students are happy confident in the subject they have enrolled in. Additionally, we have a support network to ensure ongoing learning even after course.

What are the ground rules during training?

Attendance at the specified time as mentioned during telephone consultation, mobile phone on silence, respect for peers plus many more which will help create the perfect learning environment.

What makes d2d training unique compared to other training providers?

We set clear learning goals, structured sessions based on learner needs, collaborative learning encouraged alongside 1-2-1 instructor led training-student energy levels and effective management of practical sessions, concluded with comprehensive session summaries and reviews, and blended learning approaches to be explored for enhanced training delivery, particularly in light of COVID-19 disruptions.

Are there any assessments? There are mini assessments throughout the course to help learners digest all information and then there are practical assessments to ensure theory has been successfully executed and meets professional standards. We will also provide feedback to help learners go over areas that needs extra attention.

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