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Special Treatment Exemption

D2D Therapies-Massage & Special Treatment Licence
Application Processing Fee-Get Licenced

You may not carry out special treatments until your application has been approved. The price of massage and special treatment licence can vary depending on the local authority.
Under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 all premises (commercial or private address) offering special treatments must have a massage and special treatment licence.

Our fees vary throughout the year as we are part of an association depending on when you take out the policy. Therefore its cheaper then the borough you will be working in to get exemption once becoming a member and it has met the authority permission.

Reduced rates per quarter are shown below including our application processing fee:

The Reduced rates applicable are shown below:

Date 2 Million Indemnity
1st March £222.00 (full year)-renewal date

Enhanced cover million indemnity

Date 5 Million Indemnity
1st March £244.00 (full year)-renewal date

D2D Therapies-sort code 23-05-80 Account 32732501

The amount are non refundable we will need a copy of your valid insurance and qualifications emailed to d2dtherapies@gmail.com after being a member you will need to contact your council for exemption from special treatment licence.

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