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How does leech therapy work?

Leech therapy is a popular primitive process since the very past. Most probably, leech therapy started in ancient period Egypt. Leeches prevent different complications of human health. But how does leech therapy work?

Generally, the leeches secrete proteins and peptides that mostly work for preventing all blood clots. People know the peptides as anticoagulants and these are also used for keeping blood flowing. It will help to recover from these complications quickly. Let’s know the details on leech therapy.

Leech therapy

Leech therapy is considered a treatment that is used to remove multiple complications in past. it is one of the primitive processes that started in the Egyptian time. Leeches generally produce anticoagulants and these also suck blood from the skin. These leeches literally make life the delicate veins. They also play a role to reattach tissue which generally improves normal blood flow.

What diseases are treated with leeches?

Leeches are most effective for blood circulation and preventing tissue death. Leech therapy is basically used for making pharmaceutical drugs that can treat multiple diseases like-

  • Hemorrhoid disease
  • Arthritis problem
  • Varicose vein issue
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple skin disorders

Basically, leech therapy is also used for multiple disease treatments with its secreted chemicals. The leech saliva removes multiple complicated pains from joint issues. Sometimes, it is used to remove tenderness in the human body. The leech therapy is effective for multiple disease treatments-

  1. Cancer disease: leech saliva is used for cancer treatment. It is not being suggested for blood cancer but it is used for lung cancer.
  2. Heart disease: In the past, people used leech therapy for multiple vascular disorders and diseases.
  3. Diabetes disease: Severe diabetes disorders can prevent blood from transferring from one place to another. Experts claim that leeches are most effective in normal this blood circulation process.
  4. Skin disorders: Leech therapy is used for multiple surgeries like breast, forehead, nose, and cheek surgery. This therapy is widely used for removing blood clotting.

How does leech therapy work?

Leech therapy is very useful for treating different complicated disorders. The medicinal leeches have tiny teeth with 3 jaws. Leeches are used for different disease therapy through multiple processes-

  1. There are two types of leeches medicinal and non-medicinal.
  2. Firstly, experts select medicinal leeches for their treatment.
  3. Then, place these leeches on the infected areas of the human body.
  4. The leeches pierce the skin with their sharp teeth and they start to secrete mucous.
  5. After that, the leeches input anticoagulants through their saliva.
  6. Then, they extract human blood for twenty to forty-five minutes long.
  7. Each leech extracts around 15 milliliters at a time.
  8. After a specific time, experts can understand the therapy limit and they stop it as per requirements.

The medicinal leeches are found in Sweden and Hungary. This leech therapy is recommended for some specific diseases but it is also prohibited for some diseases. But, it is highly recommended for varicose veins and blood clotting. Besides all of these, people with blood clotting, arteries, and anemia are not suggested for leech therapy.

After all, this therapy is completely restricted for some critical situations. Especially, pregnant women, lactating women, and children below eighteen years old are not recommended for this leech therapy. So, it is very important to justify all terms and conditions before deciding to apply this leech therapy to any kind of critical situation.

  • Is leech therapy good for the face?

For some critical and specific situations, leech therapy is most beneficial. Yes! Leech therapy is beneficial for face treatment because-

  1. Leech therapy is very popular to preserve soft tissues.
  2. It is very effective for facial reconstructive surgery.
  3. This therapy generally provides a positive effect.
  • Is leech therapy good for skin?

Leeches are beneficial for some specific and chronic skin disorders. This leech therapy is used for some skin diseases like-

  1. Eczema disorder
  2. Psoriasis disease
  3. Pre-eczema disorder
  4. Cutaneous leishmaniasis
  5. Hardly healing wounds

What are the benefits of leech therapy?

Leech therapy started in a very ancient period to cure multiple diseases and for making drugs for a lot of diseases. This leech therapy was a belief of people who actually suffered from different complications. It is beneficial for the diseases like-

  1. Cancer disease
  2. Arthritis disorder
  3. Multiple skin disorders
  4. Heart disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. Hypertension disorder
  7. Varicose veins problem

Is leech therapy painful?

Leech therapy is not as painful as we think. Leeches collect our blood from veins. When they collect blood from our veins, they release a certain amount of active compounds which involve a local anesthetic. This component generally helps to reduce pain when they bite. So, you have no reason to be more worried about pain. Most of the time, this leech therapy is applied at night. And, the leeches will not discomfort you when they suck their dinner from veins. It will feel almost painless.

Side effects of leech therapy

As per the experiment report, there are rare adverse effects of leech therapy. But, in some specific cases, the patients are adversely affected by this therapy. Some most common problems that are created after taking leech therapy are-

  • Acute bleeding
  • Infections of skin
  • Different allergic reactions
  • Anemia problem

Let’s know another most common side effects and rare side effects of leech therapy-

  1. Most common adverse effects:

  • Bleeding for a long time from the biting area
  • Feeling slight pain during applying therapy
  • Appeared reddish color on the applying area
  • Continuous itching problem around the leech biting area
  1. Rare adverse effects:

  • Enlargement of lymph node problem but it is temporary
  • Acute skin infection of the patient
  • Swelling the treated parts of the patient’s biting areas like legs, arms, or any part of the body

Contradictions of leech therapy

Though leech therapy is not harmful and severely painful, there are some contradictions of leech therapy. Let’s know these contradictions that all patients should not be applied this therapy-

  • Patients with acute anemia
  • Affected by different infectious diseases
  • Acute gastritis and bleeding issues
  • Severe allergic problem
  • Pregnant and lactating patients
  • Multiple organic diseases
  • Hemophilia patients
  • Severe wound problem

Leach therapy cost

Leech therapy cost generally depends on the country, value of money, treatment time, and the treatment process. On average, the cost of leech therapy was around 2,951 dollars. But, with hospitalizations, this therapy costs from 12,622 dollars to 123,563 dollars.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How much blood can a leech drink?

Leech has around one hundred teeth and 3 jaws. One leech can consume from 5 to 10 ml of human blood at a time. They can eat ten times their own weight. But, the drinking amount of a leech actually depends on the capability of leeches and the therapy time.

Does leech go inside the body?

Leeches can enter into the human body in multiple ways. They can enter your body through very contaminated water. Besides this, if you bathe or swim in severely contaminated water, these leeches can enter your body.

Does leeches drink bad blood?

Actually, people apply leech therapy for the treatment of multiple diseases since the very past. The blood-sucking ability of leeches is treated as a therapy. In this therapy, the leeches suck bad blood from the body through which people with this bad blood will recover from their problems. For this reason, patients apply this leech therapy for 3 to 4 days.

How long does leech therapy last?

Leech therapy is effective enough for enhancing blood circulation and it generally breaks up human body blood clots. This therapy is applied from 2 to 3 times daily and it lasts from 3 to 7 days.

Does leech therapy leave scars?

No, leech therapy does not leave scars. Live leeches generally target the selected areas for sucking the blood of the patient. These leeches release peptides and proteins from their body. With this protein and peptide, you can thin the blood in your body and these remove clotting. They don’t make any scars.

Do leeches numb you?

Generally, the saliva of leeches naturally makes an anesthetic in the biting areas. But, there is no evidence yet that other body parts are anesthetic. Although you will find some substances in these leeches it only affects the biting places.

What happens if you don’t remove a leech properly?

People should remove all leeches from infected areas properly. If you do not remove the leech perfectly, these leeches input some harmful substances into the biting areas which can occur infections. In this way, germs can be entered human body within a short time.

What is the risk of leeches?

Naturally, all type of leeches contains harmful bacteria. There is a risk that the bacteria can enter the human body parts and it can cause serious infections. If anyone decides they leech therapy to the children, obviously all should be alert about providing effective antibiotics. Otherwise, there can be serious adverse effects.

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How does leech therapy work? Most probably, you have got the total working process of leech therapy because we have already discussed this process. This therapy was very popular and effective a lot of years ago. People suffering from different diseases use this leech therapy for preventing complications in the human body and blood.

In this context, we have tried to provide a detailed discussion on leech therapy, its benefits, contradictions, side effects, and other important terms. Hopefully, you have got an overall knowledge of this topic. Just follow it properly and share!

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