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Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK

In the fast-paced world we live in today, maintaining optimal health and wellness is a top priority for many individuals. As more people become aware of the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation, the demand for alternative ways to boost vitamin intake has grown exponentially. One such method gaining popularity is vitamin injection therapy, which delivers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

D2D Therapies UK recognizes the significance of this approach and has designed a comprehensive Vitamin Injection Training Course to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to administer these injections safely and effectively. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of vitamin injections and explore the invaluable training provided by D2D Therapies UK.

The Rise of Vitamin Injection Therapy

Vitamin injection therapy has emerged as an innovative and efficient method to address nutrient deficiencies and enhance overall health. While traditional vitamin supplementation through pills and liquids is still widely used, some individuals may have difficulty absorbing nutrients due to digestive issues or other health conditions. Vitamin injections circumvent the digestive system, directly delivering vitamins and minerals to the bloodstream, bypassing the absorption challenges faced by certain individuals.

The benefits of vitamin injections are numerous, including:

  1. Rapid Nutrient Absorption: As mentioned earlier, vitamin injections offer immediate absorption, ensuring that the body receives the full benefits of the administered nutrients.
  2. Boosted Energy Levels: By providing essential vitamins directly to the cells, vitamin injections can help combat fatigue and boost energy levels, making them popular among athletes and those with busy lifestyles.
  3. Enhanced Immune Function: Certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, are crucial for a robust immune system. Vitamin injections can aid in strengthening immunity, reducing the risk of illness.
  4. Skin Health and Radiance: Vitamin injections containing biotin and collagen are sought after for their ability to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  5. Improved Mood and Mental Clarity: B-complex vitamins and other nutrients in vitamin injections contribute to better cognitive function and mood regulation.

D2D Therapies UK: Leading the Way in Vitamin Injection Training

D2D Therapies UK is a renowned training institute specializing in various healthcare courses, with a particular focus on vitamin injection therapy. Their Vitamin Injection Training Course is designed for licensed healthcare practitioners, including nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, seeking to expand their skill set and provide cutting-edge solutions to their patients.

 Course Overview

The Vitamin Injection Training Course offered by D2D Therapies UK is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of vitamin injection therapy. Some key highlights of the course include:

  1. The Science of Vitamin Injections: Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the different vitamins commonly used in injections, their roles in the body, and the conditions they can address.
  2. Injection Techniques and Safety Protocols: Safety is of utmost importance in administering injections. The course provides hands-on training in various injection techniques and ensures that participants are well-versed in safety protocols to prevent complications.
  3. Indications and Contraindications: Understanding when vitamin injections are appropriate and when they should be avoided is critical. The course educates participants on the indications and contraindications of vitamin injections to make informed decisions for their patients.
  4. Customized Treatment Plans: Each patient’s needs are unique, and the course equips participants with the skills to create personalized treatment plans tailored to individual requirements.
  5. Post-Injection Care and Monitoring: Proper aftercare is essential for optimal results and patient satisfaction. Participants learn about post-injection care and the importance of monitoring patients’ progress.

Benefits of Choosing D2D Therapies UK

  1. Expert Faculty: D2D Therapies UK boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified instructors with extensive expertise in vitamin injection therapy.
  2. Hands-on Training: The institute emphasizes practical learning, allowing participants to gain real-world experience under the guidance of skilled professionals.
  3. Comprehensive Course Material: The course material is up-to-date, evidence-based, and regularly reviewed to ensure the highest educational standards.
  4. Networking Opportunities: D2D Therapies UK provides a supportive learning environment that encourages networking with peers and potential collaborators.
  5. Post-Course Support: Graduates of the training course receive ongoing support from D2D Therapies UK, ensuring they are well-prepared to implement their newfound knowledge in their practice.

Course Structure and Curriculum

The Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of vitamin injections and their practical applications. Let’s take a closer look at the course structure and its curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Vitamin Injection Therapy

  • An overview of vitamin injection therapy, its history, and its relevance in modern healthcare.
  • Understanding the differences between oral supplementation and injection therapy.
  • The science behind the rapid absorption of nutrients through injections.

Module 2: Types of Vitamins Used in Injections

  • In-depth exploration of key vitamins commonly used in injection therapy, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Biotin.
  • The specific roles of each vitamin in the body and their impact on health and well-being.

Module 3: Indications and Benefits of Vitamin Injections

  • Identifying patients who may benefit from vitamin injection therapy, such as those with nutrient deficiencies, chronic fatigue, and immune system weaknesses.
  • The potential benefits of vitamin injections in promoting skin health, improving cognitive function, and supporting metabolic processes.

Module 4: Contraindications and Risks

  • Understanding the situations where vitamin injection therapy should be avoided, such as allergies, certain medical conditions, and drug interactions.
  • Discussing potential risks and complications associated with injection therapy and learning how to minimize them.

Module 5: Injection Techniques and Safety

  • Hands-on training in different injection methods, including intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.
  • Demonstrating proper injection techniques to ensure accurate administration and patient comfort.
  • Maintaining a sterile environment and adhering to safety protocols to prevent infections.

Module 6: Customized Treatment Plans

  • Creating personalized treatment plans based on individual patient needs and health goals.
  • The importance of tailoring vitamin injections to address specific deficiencies and health concerns.

Module 7: Post-Injection Care and Monitoring

  • Guidelines for post-injection care to optimize patient outcomes and recovery.
  • Monitoring patient progress and adjusting treatment plans as necessary.

Module 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Understanding the legal and ethical aspects of vitamin injection therapy within the healthcare profession.
  • Complying with relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure ethical practice.

Module 9: Practical Experience and Case Studies

  • Engaging in practical sessions to gain hands-on experience in administering vitamin injections.
  • Analyzing real-life case studies to reinforce learning and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of Training with D2D Therapies UK

  1. Accreditation and Recognition: D2D Therapies UK is a reputable training institute with accreditation from relevant medical authorities, ensuring that graduates receive recognized certification.
  2. Hands-On Training: Participants have the opportunity to practice injection techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors, helping them build confidence and proficiency.
  3. Small Class Sizes: To optimize learning, D2D Therapies UK maintains small class sizes, allowing for personalized attention and support.
  4. Cutting-Edge Facilities: D2D Therapies UK provides state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest medical equipment, simulating real-world clinical settings.
  5. Career Advancement: Graduates of the Vitamin Injection Training Course gain a competitive edge in their professional careers, expanding their scope of practice and attracting a broader patient base.
  6. Continuing Education: D2D Therapies UK encourages continuous learning and offers opportunities for further professional development in related healthcare fields.

Who is this course for?

The Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK is specifically designed for licensed healthcare professionals who are looking to expand their skill set and offer innovative treatment options to their patients. This course is ideal for:

  1. Nurses: Registered nurses seeking to enhance their capabilities and provide additional services to their patients can benefit greatly from this course. Vitamin injection therapy can complement existing treatments and help address specific health concerns more effectively.
  2. Doctors: Medical doctors, including general practitioners and specialists, can add vitamin injection therapy to their repertoire of treatment options. It can be particularly valuable in cases where patients have difficulty absorbing nutrients orally or require rapid nutrient replenishment.
  3. Pharmacists: Pharmacists are in an excellent position to offer vitamin injections to customers and patients seeking alternative ways to supplement their vitamin intake. Understanding vitamin injection therapy allows pharmacists to provide well-informed guidance to those interested in this approach.
  4. Medical Practitioners: Other healthcare professionals, such as naturopaths, physician assistants, and dietitians, can also benefit from this training course. Integrating vitamin injection therapy into their practice can offer holistic and effective solutions to support their patients’ overall health and well-being.
  5. Healthcare Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to establish wellness clinics or specialized healthcare centers can gain valuable insights from this course. Vitamin injection therapy has gained popularity in wellness centers and aesthetic clinics for its potential skin and hair benefits.
  6. Current Vitamin Injection Practitioners: Those who already offer vitamin injection therapy but wish to deepen their knowledge, improve their techniques, and stay updated on the latest developments in the field can also find value in this course.

Please note that since this course involves administering injections to patients, it is essential for participants to be licensed healthcare professionals with a background in medical practice. The course is tailored to individuals with a solid understanding of medical principles and ethical responsibilities.

Overall, the Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK provides an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to broaden their skill set, expand their scope of practice, and offer patients cutting-edge solutions for better health and well-being.


The Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK is a comprehensive and valuable program that equips healthcare professionals with the expertise to offer advanced treatment options to their patients. The benefits of vitamin injections are diverse, ranging from improved energy levels and immune function to enhanced skin health and mental clarity. By enrolling in the course, healthcare practitioners not only upgrade their skills but also contribute to the advancement of modern healthcare practices.

D2D Therapies UK’s commitment to quality education, expert faculty, practical learning, and ongoing support ensures that graduates are well-prepared to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of their patients. Moreover, the institute’s emphasis on safety, ethical practice, and evidence-based learning sets the standard for excellence in the field of vitamin injection therapy.

If you are a healthcare professional seeking to expand your knowledge and skills or an individual interested in exploring the benefits of vitamin injections, look no further than D2D Therapies UK. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career and contribute to the well-being of your patients with the Vitamin Injection Training Course at D2D Therapies UK. Together, let’s embrace the power of vitamin injections to promote a healthier and more vibrant future for all.

How does leech therapy work?

Leech therapy is a popular primitive process since the very past. Most probably, leech therapy started in ancient period Egypt. Leeches prevent different complications of human health. But how does leech therapy work?

Generally, the leeches secrete proteins and peptides that mostly work for preventing all blood clots. People know the peptides as anticoagulants and these are also used for keeping blood flowing. It will help to recover from these complications quickly. Let’s know the details on leech therapy.

Leech therapy

Leech therapy is considered a treatment that is used to remove multiple complications in past. it is one of the primitive processes that started in the Egyptian time. Leeches generally produce anticoagulants and these also suck blood from the skin. These leeches literally make life the delicate veins. They also play a role to reattach tissue which generally improves normal blood flow.

What diseases are treated with leeches?

Leeches are most effective for blood circulation and preventing tissue death. Leech therapy is basically used for making pharmaceutical drugs that can treat multiple diseases like-

  • Hemorrhoid disease
  • Arthritis problem
  • Varicose vein issue
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple skin disorders

Basically, leech therapy is also used for multiple disease treatments with its secreted chemicals. The leech saliva removes multiple complicated pains from joint issues. Sometimes, it is used to remove tenderness in the human body. The leech therapy is effective for multiple disease treatments-

  1. Cancer disease: leech saliva is used for cancer treatment. It is not being suggested for blood cancer but it is used for lung cancer.
  2. Heart disease: In the past, people used leech therapy for multiple vascular disorders and diseases.
  3. Diabetes disease: Severe diabetes disorders can prevent blood from transferring from one place to another. Experts claim that leeches are most effective in normal this blood circulation process.
  4. Skin disorders: Leech therapy is used for multiple surgeries like breast, forehead, nose, and cheek surgery. This therapy is widely used for removing blood clotting.

How does leech therapy work?

Leech therapy is very useful for treating different complicated disorders. The medicinal leeches have tiny teeth with 3 jaws. Leeches are used for different disease therapy through multiple processes-

  1. There are two types of leeches medicinal and non-medicinal.
  2. Firstly, experts select medicinal leeches for their treatment.
  3. Then, place these leeches on the infected areas of the human body.
  4. The leeches pierce the skin with their sharp teeth and they start to secrete mucous.
  5. After that, the leeches input anticoagulants through their saliva.
  6. Then, they extract human blood for twenty to forty-five minutes long.
  7. Each leech extracts around 15 milliliters at a time.
  8. After a specific time, experts can understand the therapy limit and they stop it as per requirements.

The medicinal leeches are found in Sweden and Hungary. This leech therapy is recommended for some specific diseases but it is also prohibited for some diseases. But, it is highly recommended for varicose veins and blood clotting. Besides all of these, people with blood clotting, arteries, and anemia are not suggested for leech therapy.

After all, this therapy is completely restricted for some critical situations. Especially, pregnant women, lactating women, and children below eighteen years old are not recommended for this leech therapy. So, it is very important to justify all terms and conditions before deciding to apply this leech therapy to any kind of critical situation.

  • Is leech therapy good for the face?

For some critical and specific situations, leech therapy is most beneficial. Yes! Leech therapy is beneficial for face treatment because-

  1. Leech therapy is very popular to preserve soft tissues.
  2. It is very effective for facial reconstructive surgery.
  3. This therapy generally provides a positive effect.
  • Is leech therapy good for skin?

Leeches are beneficial for some specific and chronic skin disorders. This leech therapy is used for some skin diseases like-

  1. Eczema disorder
  2. Psoriasis disease
  3. Pre-eczema disorder
  4. Cutaneous leishmaniasis
  5. Hardly healing wounds

What are the benefits of leech therapy?

Leech therapy started in a very ancient period to cure multiple diseases and for making drugs for a lot of diseases. This leech therapy was a belief of people who actually suffered from different complications. It is beneficial for the diseases like-

  1. Cancer disease
  2. Arthritis disorder
  3. Multiple skin disorders
  4. Heart disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. Hypertension disorder
  7. Varicose veins problem

Is leech therapy painful?

Leech therapy is not as painful as we think. Leeches collect our blood from veins. When they collect blood from our veins, they release a certain amount of active compounds which involve a local anesthetic. This component generally helps to reduce pain when they bite. So, you have no reason to be more worried about pain. Most of the time, this leech therapy is applied at night. And, the leeches will not discomfort you when they suck their dinner from veins. It will feel almost painless.

Side effects of leech therapy

As per the experiment report, there are rare adverse effects of leech therapy. But, in some specific cases, the patients are adversely affected by this therapy. Some most common problems that are created after taking leech therapy are-

  • Acute bleeding
  • Infections of skin
  • Different allergic reactions
  • Anemia problem

Let’s know another most common side effects and rare side effects of leech therapy-

  1. Most common adverse effects:

  • Bleeding for a long time from the biting area
  • Feeling slight pain during applying therapy
  • Appeared reddish color on the applying area
  • Continuous itching problem around the leech biting area
  1. Rare adverse effects:

  • Enlargement of lymph node problem but it is temporary
  • Acute skin infection of the patient
  • Swelling the treated parts of the patient’s biting areas like legs, arms, or any part of the body

Contradictions of leech therapy

Though leech therapy is not harmful and severely painful, there are some contradictions of leech therapy. Let’s know these contradictions that all patients should not be applied this therapy-

  • Patients with acute anemia
  • Affected by different infectious diseases
  • Acute gastritis and bleeding issues
  • Severe allergic problem
  • Pregnant and lactating patients
  • Multiple organic diseases
  • Hemophilia patients
  • Severe wound problem

Leach therapy cost

Leech therapy cost generally depends on the country, value of money, treatment time, and the treatment process. On average, the cost of leech therapy was around 2,951 dollars. But, with hospitalizations, this therapy costs from 12,622 dollars to 123,563 dollars.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How much blood can a leech drink?

Leech has around one hundred teeth and 3 jaws. One leech can consume from 5 to 10 ml of human blood at a time. They can eat ten times their own weight. But, the drinking amount of a leech actually depends on the capability of leeches and the therapy time.

Does leech go inside the body?

Leeches can enter into the human body in multiple ways. They can enter your body through very contaminated water. Besides this, if you bathe or swim in severely contaminated water, these leeches can enter your body.

Does leeches drink bad blood?

Actually, people apply leech therapy for the treatment of multiple diseases since the very past. The blood-sucking ability of leeches is treated as a therapy. In this therapy, the leeches suck bad blood from the body through which people with this bad blood will recover from their problems. For this reason, patients apply this leech therapy for 3 to 4 days.

How long does leech therapy last?

Leech therapy is effective enough for enhancing blood circulation and it generally breaks up human body blood clots. This therapy is applied from 2 to 3 times daily and it lasts from 3 to 7 days.

Does leech therapy leave scars?

No, leech therapy does not leave scars. Live leeches generally target the selected areas for sucking the blood of the patient. These leeches release peptides and proteins from their body. With this protein and peptide, you can thin the blood in your body and these remove clotting. They don’t make any scars.

Do leeches numb you?

Generally, the saliva of leeches naturally makes an anesthetic in the biting areas. But, there is no evidence yet that other body parts are anesthetic. Although you will find some substances in these leeches it only affects the biting places.

What happens if you don’t remove a leech properly?

People should remove all leeches from infected areas properly. If you do not remove the leech perfectly, these leeches input some harmful substances into the biting areas which can occur infections. In this way, germs can be entered human body within a short time.

What is the risk of leeches?

Naturally, all type of leeches contains harmful bacteria. There is a risk that the bacteria can enter the human body parts and it can cause serious infections. If anyone decides they leech therapy to the children, obviously all should be alert about providing effective antibiotics. Otherwise, there can be serious adverse effects.

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How does leech therapy work? Most probably, you have got the total working process of leech therapy because we have already discussed this process. This therapy was very popular and effective a lot of years ago. People suffering from different diseases use this leech therapy for preventing complications in the human body and blood.

In this context, we have tried to provide a detailed discussion on leech therapy, its benefits, contradictions, side effects, and other important terms. Hopefully, you have got an overall knowledge of this topic. Just follow it properly and share!

The Many Health Benefits of Vinegar – From head to toe

The Blessings of Vinegar (the Seasoning of Prophets) as well as health and wellness perks

“A home which possesses white vinegar will certainly never struggle with hardship”.

(Narrated through Umm, Tirmidhi, Baihaqi).

“Vinegar is a convenience for a guy”, Narrated through Muslim.

“Allah has placed the good thing in white vinegar, for genuinely it was utilized it due to the Prophets before me.”.

Narrated by Ayesha, Muslim and Ibn Maja.

‘The ideal of dressings or even dressing is white vinegar’. hadith

Spice is any flavourings utilized to improve the flavour of meals, sodium or even pepper flavours.

The moment commentated that white Vinegar was the flavouring of all the astrologers that happened before him, the Prophet turned up the possess.

Prophet Muhammad (saws) liked vinegar.

Jabir reported, “The Messenger of Allah, calmness be actually upon him, took me one time along with him to his property. He stated, ‘Vinegar is a great plunge.’

Jabir utilized to mention, “I have liked white vinegar given that I heard it coming from Allah’s Prophet”.

Nafa said, “I have loved vinegar since I heard it from Jabir.”

[Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i]


Merely just in case your reasoning, Vinegar is a Halal and a liked Sunnah and was made use of through a lot of astrologers just before.

As quickly as you take white Vinegar (or even citric acid as a particle), it begins to do away with exhaustion. You may see this in just 2 hrs.

If you search at your pee pair of hrs after you take white Vinegar, you will certainly discover it to be a lot more crystal clear. Just before you take white Vinegar, the pH exam newspaper will reveal that your pee is acid due to fatigue-creating materials in your body system.

Pair of hrs after you take white Vinegar. The test paper is going to reveal extra alkaline. These results indicate that the previous exhaustion drugs were actually lowered or even cleared away through taking the white Vinegar.

The liver diffuses the deadly concerns created in our physical body, so our company should constantly function correctly. Chicken, fish, eggs, coconut oil, veggies, various other beneficial meals, and white Vinegar imitate medications for the liver.

Some Eastern medications strongly believe that anxiety indicates a “sluggish” or even weary liver. If you count on this approach, at that point, apple cider white vinegar will aid to eliminate anxiety, given that it is an excellent channel to help cleanse the liver and detox.

Over the centuries, oxymel– a combo of apple cider, white Vinegar and natural honey– has been commonly used to liquify very painful calcium mineral down payments in the physical body for arthritis-like discomforts as for various other health conditions like hay fever.

“White vinegar executes the function of anti-fungal for the bowels”.

Listed below is one dish to create a detoxification herbal tea and apple cider white Vinegar incorporates warm water to 2 tbsps of apple cider white vinegar and sugar it along with syrup or even all-natural honey. Creating this essential apple cider white vinegar liver detoxing dish will take just a couple of mins along with outcomes lasting 3 to 7 times.

A variety of the above apple cider white vinegar liver cleansing dish requires a tsp each of apple cider white Vinegar and blackstrap syrups contributed to a glass of water or even lemon water. Consume this combination upon rising in the early morning.

To relieve ache triggered by rheumatoid joint inflammation, use a pad saturated with white vinegar and water to excruciating junctions.

Some individuals encourage it to become utilized for gargle for the oral cavity as well as neck. It decontaminates within the oral cavity coming from bacteria. The typical dose for gargle is actually to combine one to 3 herbal teaspoons of cider white Vinegar in a glass of water, in the early morning as well as in the evening.”

Note: The term ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Arthritis aches: 

A lot of struggle with this ailment in the west, and also, it is actually due to the party of metabolic, toxic waste in the cells. In this circumstance, ACV hastens the rate of metabolism and secretes the poisonous wastes coming from the cells.

High blood pressure:

The blood potassium in ACV and various other drugs creates the bloodstream thinner and is beneficially responsible for high blood pressure.

Cholesterol levels command:

Lots of cardiovascular diseases are actually due to higher excess fats and also cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. The thread in ACV aids to soak up body fats and cholesterol levels by eliminating all of them coming from the physical body as refuse components.

Diabetes mellitus:

The dietary fibre in ACV is additionally valuable responsible for sugar amounts in the bloodstream.

Solid Bones:

Minerals like manganese, calcium mineral, silicon, iron, and magnesium build bone tissue mass and produce all of them more powerful.

Fungus Infections:

ACV is additionally valuable for fungus contaminations like Candida brought on by the unbalance of acid amounts in the body system. Producing an answer of ACV in cosy water and douching can quickly assist with the signs and symptoms.

Breast blockage:

Apple cider white vinegar is additionally valuable in influenza or even breast blockage. Administering ACV along with pepper on the breast can quickly assist alleviate several of the blockages.

Aching Throat:

Rinse along with ACV combined along with water if you possess an aching neck.

Digestive function:

In your gastrointestinal body, hydrochloric acid and pepsin are pairs of necessary elements that break the food items to become absorbed effectively. The absence of these elements can easily result in gastrointestinal disorders. ACV possesses the potential to enrich their performance and also aid protect against gastrointestinal disease.

Nasal Blockages:

Apple cider white Vinegar is, in some cases, beneficial in nasal blockage.

White Vinegar serves in the properly operating rate of metabolism; Reducing cholesterol levels (the unsafe LDL cholesterol levels style); Regulating the water web content in the tissues and the physical body. Reducing water retentiveness in the body system, Reducing excess salt coming from the physical body, Helps along with moderating high blood pressure. Assists protect against blood circulation concerns; Helps and lessens untimely calcification of the veins; Helps boost focus and recollection. Assists in bloodstream flow, physical body temp and also stamina as well as electricity.

White Vinegar is each scorching as well as tremendous, virtually stabilizing in between the pair of. White Vinegar diffuses phlegm.

Our company constantly must bear in mind that white cider vinegar will certainly not have the same impact on everybody. White Vinegar is helpful for the bulk of folks.

As our team arrange with the knowledge of Prophetic health and nutrition in our try to resolve all of them along with present-day “scientific research. ” our team have to constantly remember what the Qur’ mentions, “Eat of the good ideas Our team have attended to your nourishment, yet devote no excess there.” (20:81).

 A few other uses Vinegar

Unclog as well as deodorize empties

The combo of white vinegar and cooking soft drinks is one of the absolute most reliable methods to aerate and unblock drain pipes. It is additionally much gentler on your pipelines (as well as your pocketbook) than business drainpipe cleansers.

To apparent blockages in the sink and bathtub drain pipes, use a channel to put in 1/2 mug cooking soft drink adhered to through 1 mug white vinegar. When the frothing subsides, flush along with warm water faucet water.

To hasten a slow-moving drainpipe, gather 1/2 mug sodium applied through 2 mugs steaming white Vinegar. After that, flush along with excellent as well as boiling faucet water.

Tidy your home window blinds

You may produce the project of cleansing mini-blinds or even Venetians notably much less agonizing through providing “the white-coloured handwear cover therapy.” The only place on a white-coloured cotton handwear cover- the kind cost horticulture is ideal- and dampen the hands in a remedy crafted from unprejudiced components white-coloured Vinegar and boiling faucet water.

Make use of a compartment of clean water to occasionally clean off the handwear cover Polish metal and copper things. Put the glimmer back in your copper, bronze, and also metal things through creating a mix of identical components, white-coloured Vinegar as well as sodium, or even white Vinegar and also cooking soft drink (hold-up for the fizzling to quit before utilizing). Utilize a well-maintained, delicate fabric or even report towel to scrub the insert right into the thing up until the stain is gone.

Get rid of ballpoint-pen signs, deodorize lunchtime containers, footlockers, as well as auto lockers.

Performs your aged footlocker scent like, appropriately, an outdated footlocker? As an alternative, saturate a cut of white-coloured breadstuff in white-coloured Vinegar as well as leave it in the stinking room overnight. Repair your carpets, if your carpetings or even carpets are actually appearing shabby and also put on coming from significantly a lot shoe website traffic or even an extra of little ones’ property blocks, plaything cars, take all of them back to lifestyle through cleaning all of them along with a well-maintained press mop soaked in a remedy of 1 mug white-coloured vinegar in 1 quart (3.7 litres) water.

Clear away carpeting spots

You may raise out several discolourations coming from your carpeting along with white Vinegar:

– Rub mild rug discolourations along with a blend of 2 tbsps sodium diffused in 1/2 mug white-coloured Vinegar. Allow the option completely dry, and afterwards suction.

– For much more significant or even darker spots, include 2 tbsps borax to the blend and usage similarly.

– For challenging, ground-in dust and various other blemishes, create a mix of 1 tbsp white Vinegar along with 1 tbsp corn starch, as well as scrub it into the discolour, making use of a dry out towel. Allow it established two times, at that point, vacuum cleaner.

– To produce spray-on location as well as tarnish cleaner, load a spray container along with 5

Components water as well as 1 component white vinegar. Fill a discolour along with the white vinegar remedy.

Replay till the discolour is gone.

Renew natural leather household furniture

Possesses your leather-made couch or even lounge chair dropped its brilliancy To repair it to its past grandeur, mix identical components white-coloured Vinegar as well as steamed linseed oil in a recycled spray container, tremble it up effectively, as well as spray it on.

Disperse it uniformly over your household furniture, making use of a delicate fabric, offer it some moments to work out in, and after that, massage it off along with a well-maintained material.

Relax cloths, eliminate microorganisms, remove fixed, and also extra.

There are numerous perks to becoming received, including one mug of white-coloured Vinegar to your washing machine’s rinse pattern that, unexpectedly, you do not locate it pointed out inside the proprietor’s handbook of every cleaning equipment market. Listed here are the principal ones:

-A singular mug of white Vinegar will decimate any microorganisms that might exist in your clean bunch, mainly if it consists of towel nappies and so forth.

-A mug of white Vinegar will undoubtedly maintain your garments emerging of the clean smooth as well as stinking clean-thus. You can quickly embrace your fabric-softening fluids and also pieces farewell (unless, indeed, you take place to like your outfits giving off hefty colognes).

-A mug of white Vinegar is going to lighten up tiny bunches of white coloured garments.

-Added to the final rinse, a mug of white Vinegar will undoubtedly maintain your garments dust- and also static-free.

Adding a cup of White Vinegar to the final rinse will establish the colour of your recently coloured textiles.

Tidy your cleaning equipment

An effortless means to regularly clear out cleansing soap residue and decontaminate your clothes washing machine is to gather two mugs of white Vinegar. After that, operate the equipment using a complete pattern with no garments or even a cleaning agent. If your washing machine is incredibly filthy, pack it with relatively warm water and incorporate 2 quarts (7.5.)

White Vinegar, and also permit the agitator to compete 8-10 mins. Shut down the washing machine and also allow the answer to stand up overnight. In the early morning, unfilled the container and also operate your washing machine using a comprehensive pattern.

Relieve an aching neck.

 Below are three manner ins which you can easily create an aching neck experience much better.

– If your neck is left behind biting through poor coughing, or perhaps a talking involvement. You’ll discover quick alleviation through rinsing along with 1 tbsp apple cider white vinegar as well as 1 tsp sodium liquified in a glass of warm and comfortable water; make use of several opportunities at a time if required.

– For aching necks connected with a cool or even influenza, integrate 1/4 mug cider white Vinegar as well as 1/4 mug natural honey and also take 1 tbsp every 4 hrs.

– To relieve both coughings as well as an aching neck, mix 1/2 mug white Vinegar, 1/2 mug water, 4 tsp natural honey, as well as 1 tsp very hot dressing. Ingest 1 tbsp 4 or even five opportunities daily, featuring one just before going to bed.

Create a plaster for calluses and also corns

-Here is an outdated, time-proven strategy to handle calluses and also corns: Saturate an item of stagnant or even white-coloured breadstuff along with 1/4 mug white-coloured vinegar. Allow the breadstuff to saturate in the white Vinegar for 30 moments. After that, crack off a part major sufficient to entirely deal with the corn.

-Get the dive on professional athletes’ feet.

-A negative instance of sportsmen’s feet can easily steer you jumping crazy. You may frequently reduce the disease, as well as promptly reduce the irritation, by washing your feet 3 or even four opportunities a time a couple of time, along with undiluted apple cider white vinegar. As an incorporated safety measure, saturate your belts or even stockings in a blend of 1 component of white Vinegar and four components of water for 30 moments before cleaning all of them.

Call 24/7 Whatsapp +44 7455 045306 for more info

What You Need to Know about Chinese Fire cupping therapy Course

Massage therapy therapists specializing in cupping can bring comfort and also recovery to their clients, making use of an approach that dates back hundreds of years.
Chinese Fire cupping therapy is growing in popularity thanks to celebrities and also sporting activities guys having such therapies for soft tissue disorders or simply for the detoxing and also wellness benefits.

What is Cupping therapy?

Cupping is believed to boost blood circulation, get rid of undesirable toxic substances, decrease swelling, and also produce a sense of health and wellbeing in clients. Eastern medicine experts think that cupping promotes the circulation of qi– or vital force– in the body.

Cupping specialists can use two methodologies: wet cupping and dry cupping.

After the fire goes out, the cups are transformed over and placed on the customer’s skin. Some professionals utilize a rubber pump rather of fire and also cups to produce the suction effect.

Cupping develops adverse pressure to manipulate soft tissue, take care of mark tissue and also adhesions, and also increase blood flow.

This procedure is taken into consideration “dry” cupping. Another approach takes the process a step better. “Wet” cupping includes using a small scalpel to make light, small cuts in the customer’s skin after the cups are removed. A 2nd suction is carried out to extract a small quantity of blood.

History of Chinese Fire cupping therapy:

Chinese Fire cupping therapy mores than 5000 years of ages. It first began in China using cattle horns. Fire was stired up to produce an adverse pressure inside the horn to get rid of pus and blood to treat boils. With the last several thousand years professional experience has actually found cupping to be an effective therapy for a range of conditions consisting of discomfort syndromes, bronchial asthma, common colds, gastrointestinal illness and also skin disease

Cupping is really similar on the muscle mass as a deep cells massage. The drawing pressure of the suction places a stretch on the muscular tissue when massaged with a cup.
Cupping frequently leaves marks on the skin that differ in pattern & shade (from light red to dark purple). It is dead static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogenic variable as well as toxins that are being launched from the much deeper muscle mass tissue layer as well as brought to the surface area of the skin.
Recommendations for therapy: Cupping massage can be made use of 1 – 2 times a week when clients are first introduced to cupping therapies for a specific condition. It is advised ahead for a 30 min session 1 time a week for the very first 4 weeks. Spread out the treatments out to 2 times a week. If the client is reacting well to the therapy. at some point the client will just need 1 treatment a month to feel the benefits.

About of Chinese Fire Cupping Therapy

Chinese Fire cupping therapy is an alternative medicine technique taken on by a trained specialist placing unique cups on the skin to produce a suction impact. The treatment can be considered one kind of deep-tissue massage and also is an old type of medical therapy that came from China. Its use can also be connected to Middle Eastern and Ancient Egyptian societies, however the variation most frequently made use of globally is that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, otherwise called TCM. Cupping has actually been around for hundreds of years, creating gradually from making use of burrowed animal horns made use of to deal with boils and also suck out toxins from attacks as well as lesions. Horns gradually developed into bamboo mugs, which were eventually changed by glass.
Cupping is stated to help in increased blood flow and also cell fixing. There are a number of kinds of conditions cupping therapy is capable of healing.


Cupping is most commonly used on the back due to the fact that this is one of the most common area for pain and tension. However cupping can be done anywhere a suction can be attained. It works well in easing discomfort of the shoulders, neck, hip’s, gluteus, feet as well as legs.


Moving Cupping feels comparable to massage, the pressure varying depending on the quantity of suction and also exactly how the mug is being controlled. Clients usually report that the launch from sliding cupping last longer and also is faster than normal restorative massage therapy.

Cupping Therapy advantages:

  • Blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia
  • Rheumatic diseases such as joint inflammation and fibromyalgia
  • High blood stress.
  • Anxiety and also depression.
  • Loosens muscular tissues.
  • Encourages blood circulation.
  • Relives back as well as neck pain.
  • Reduces and also even reverses cellulite.

Negative effects of cupping:

  • Bruised Skin (the prominent round pattern).
  • Minimal discomfort.

Summary of fire cupping Course

  • > We educate the primary different cupping strengths as well as various techniques you’ll need for effective professional treatments.
  • > We focus on mentor you regular cupping permanently results and discuss the little methods and vital suggestions which modify and also influence your cupping.
  • > Discussion of diagnostics as well as what they mean as well as issues as well as issues that can strike maintain your clients secure.
  • > Unlike lots of UK training courses we reveal genuine strategies used in genuine Chinese facilities.
  • > Our specialist standard systems as well as procedures have actually been developed to provide a wide array of treatment options and our devices set comes with everything you require to be dealing with individuals the really following day after training course completion.

About this Fire Cupping training course:

This expert cupping course teaches you the knowledge and abilities to perform Chinese Fire cupping therapy Course with glass mugs. The training course contains concept and sensible hands on application knowing Standard Chinese Fire Cupping making use of the devices given on the day. You will certainly obtain a full certificate for the program.

What you’ll learn

  • Chinese Fire cupping therapy Course : Introduction
  • How does cupping work?
  • Circulatory & Skin
  • Ethics Consult Contra
  • Prep, Treatment Protocols
  • Fire Inner Thighs Quads
  • Fire Hamstring Calf’s
  • Fire Cup Back
  • Skeletal & Muscular
  • Endocrine & Lymphatic
  • History of Cupping Therapies
  • Fire Cup Set
  • Fire Cup Abdomen Chest
  • Fire Frozen Shoulder
  • Further questions and Q&A


  • Must be understand English well enough to follow the instructions.
  • The Fire Cupping Therapy is accessible to everyone; requiring no previous knowledge.
  • You must consent to giving and receiving fire cupping therapy.


D2D Therapies will certainly conduct assessments in the direction of the end of the program. Students will certainly receive a certification as soon as properly pass all relevant analyses.

Course Duration:

This is a 1 day course running from 9:45 am to 5pm.

Early booking Price of £450 Avaliable


10-29 Caldy Walk, London N1 2FX, UK.

After completion of the program professional will with confidence add your skill of Traditional and Myofascial Cupping on customers including back, neck, breast, hips, lateral leg, hamstrings, ITB, posterior shoulder, calf as well as foot, anterior leg, arms, quads as well as knees in your facility.

Our talented team of practitioners offer:

  • Hijama cupping Course (£450)
  • Swedish Massage Course (£450)
  • Indian Head Massage Course (£450)
  • Thai Massage Course (£450)
  • Reflexology Course (£450)
  • Deep Tissue Massage Course (£450)
  • Chinese Fire cupping therapy Course (£450)
  • Rukyah Course (£450)
  • Diet & Nutrition Course (£450)
  • Aromatherapy Course (£450)
  • Acupuncture Course (£450)
  • Waxing Course (£450)
  • Facial Therapy Course (£450)

Final thought

D2D Therapies supplies a 1-day training course covering all the principles of Cupping Therapy. This course is created to construct a strong structure for using myofascial and conventional mugs, specifically focusing on dealing with bone and joint problems as well as treats specific inner disorders making use of meridian points. These theoretical and also practical sessions will supply assistants with numerous expertise as well as strategies to use in various problematic locations.

Best Acupuncture Course and Service in London

Acupuncture is normally a type of Chinese medicine in which thin needles are pushed on some specific points in the body. It is an age-old traditional practice in China. Acupuncture usually benefits the patients to heal the pain and relieve from other health condition. Placing needles is sensitive; therefore, an expert therapist or acupuncturist must do the job perfectly.

However, anyone can do acupuncture as it does not need any special degree. A proper guideline and course can lead someone to become a specialist. That being said, we will discuss ins and out of acupuncture and course details.

D2D Therapies has been providing acupuncture services for a long time; besides, we also serve the best acupuncture course in London.

What is Acupuncture?

In a word, acupuncture is a treatment process that is mainly used for pain relief. It is a tricky process as you will require to insert very thin needles through the skin at various depths. However, the needles are very thin, solid, and metallic, which are activated via a specific and gentle movement. It can be inserted through the practitioner’s hands or with electrical stimulation.

What is Acupuncture? | Does Acupuncture Work? | Live Science

How Does Acupuncture work?

According to traditional Chinese medicine experts, our body needs a harmonious balance. Therefore, and an imbalance can lead to an illness. Traditionally experts found out 350 acupuncture points in the body. And inserting needles through these points with an appropriate combination brings back the body energy.

Although there is no scientific evidence of existing meridians or acupuncture points, it is also difficult to prove the existence. Numerous studies find out that acupuncture actually works for some reasons.

Some experts took the help of neuroscience to explain acupuncture. Usually, acupuncture points are located where muscles, nerves, or even the connective tissues can be stimulated. The proper stimulation via those points increases the blood flow. Besides, it also triggers the body’s natural painkilling activities. This is how acupuncture works towards reducing body pains.

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Acupuncture Massage Pen 3 in 1 Meridian Electric Meridians Pen Electronic Massage Pen – Electronic Acupuncture Pen – Electronic Meridian Energy Pen for Pain Relief with 3 Massage Heads

What do you Feel When Apply Acupuncture?

As we have mentioned earlier, acupuncture is done through hair-thin needles. And most people feel minimal pain when the needles are inserted. However, needles are inserted to the points where the sensation or pressure is available.

Needles can be cold or heated during the treatment. Therefore, some sensitive skin may feel mild pain while inserting the needles. Sometimes a mild electric current may be applied during the insertion.

Some people reported that they feel energized while others feel relaxed. However, improper placement of the needles can invite some pain during the treatment. Needles need to be sterilized before insertion. Sterilization can prevent infection. And this is why you must consult a therapist who is trained through the best acupuncture course.

How Long does the Acupuncture Session last?

Acupuncture sessions usually depend on the body area you are taking the treatment. Usually, a normal session may last between 30 to 90 minutes. However, the practitioner will take some time to discuss with you any health condition and the reason behind your acupuncture treatment. Therefore, some sessions may last longer than 90 minutes.

On the other hand, the needles will stay in your body for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your required treatment. After inserting the needle, you will lie down and wait until it was taken off from your skin. Some people may feel so relaxed during that time; they may fall asleep.

Acupuncture Process

Usually, acupuncture points are located all over the body. However, sometimes the actual points remain far away from the pain area. And your acupuncturist should brief you on everything before he initiates the process. In case if you need to remove any clothing, you will be given a towel, gown, or sheet. Then you will need to lie on a padded table and have to go through the following process.

  • 🔸 Inserting needles: Needles will be inserted on various strategic points and various depths throughout your treatment area. As we have mentioned earlier, the needles are very thin like hair; you should not feel anything even though five to twenty needles will be inserted. However, you may feel a mild aching sensation whenever the inserted needle gets into the correct depth.
  • 🔸 Manipulation of the needles: The practitioner may move or twirl the needles gently after the placement or even apply a mild electrical pulse through the needles. These are the ways an acupuncturist will penetrate or manipulate the needles.
  • 🔸 Removal of the needles: Usually, the practitioner puts the needles for 10 to 20 minutes while lying on the bed and relaxing. You should not feel the movement of the needles when those are removed.

 After done with Acupuncture

After the acupuncture, you may lie down a few more times until you are ready to get up. Furthermore, some people may feel great, and they don’t need to stay in bed after the completion. Usually, the acupuncture within a few days or weeks and solve your problem. On the other hand, it may not work for all. Therefore, you may need to consult the acupuncturist if you don’t see any improvements in few weeks.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used for many reasons. It can relieve you from a variety of disease, which includes,

  • 🟢 Dental pain
  • 🟢 Chemotherapy
  • 🟢 Headaches which include migraines and tension headaches
  • 🟢 Lower back pain
  • 🟢 Labor pain
  • 🟢 Osteoarthritis
  • 🟢 Neck pain
  • 🟢 Respiratory disorders, such as allergic rhinitis
  • 🟢 Menstrual cramps

21 Acupuncture ideas | acupuncture, accupuncture, acupressure

Risk Associated with Acupuncture

Acupuncture has minimal risk, but it all depends on the acupuncturist. If your practitioner is certified with the best acupuncture course, you should not feel any associated problem. However, sometimes problems may occur if you do it by an inexperienced therapist. That is why it is necessary to check the practitioner before you start your session. But you may also face some common side effects sometimes, which may include minor bleeding and soreness or bruises on the skin when needles were inserted.

Nowadays, the associated risk decreased significantly due to the wide availability of disposal needles. Further, you may have some health condition which may lead to some unwanted complication such as,

  • 🟣 Bleeding disorder: If you have a bleeding disorder, the chances of bleeding from the needles may increase. On the other hand, if you take blood thinners, you may see bleeding too.
  • 🟣 Pacemaker: If your heart has a pacemaker, it may react when the therapist applies the mild electrical pulses through the needles. So, you will need to let it know to your practitioner.
  • 🟣 Pregnancy: Pregnant women should not do acupuncture because some type of acupuncture can stimulate labor. As a result, you may face a premature delivery.

Other than these problems, you should not face any problems. However, it is better if you let your practitioner know about your health history.

How to Choose an Acupuncture Practitioner?

A good practitioner made the acupuncture process effortless for you. So, it is always good to know about the practitioner before you start. You may know details through the following procedure.

  • 🟡 Ask for a recommendation from your friends or someone you know.
  • 🟡 Check the practitioner’s background and credentials. You may check if he or she completes the best acupuncture course. You can search online with the respected acupuncturist’s name.
  • 🟡 Take an interview with the Acupuncturist. Ask the details of the course, and for that, you may attend an acupuncture course before taking the interview. (We have mentioned later in this article on where you can take acupuncture course)
  • 🟡 See if your insurance covers that particular practitioner.

Apart from these, you can, as your personal doctor to recommend an acupuncture practitioner. He or she may be able to guide you through the best acupuncturist in your area.

Best Acupuncture Service in London

D2D therapies have been providing acupuncture services for a long time through the experienced practitioner. However, you can take the service via mobile home, or even you can visit us depending on the Covid-19 situation.

Our practitioners have years of experience, and they are highly professional. You may check out the reviews before deciding to take any service.

Benefits of our Acupuncture Service

You will get the following four benefits from taking acupuncture service from D2D therapies.

  • 🟩 We always sterilize the needles. Besides, we also use one-time needles upon availability.
  • 🟩 We are conscious about hygiene.
  • 🟩 If you need a free consultation, we will be happy to do that. Besides, if you have any queries or questions, you can call us anytime at 07455045306.
  • 🟩 We provide a thorough guide on what to do before and after acupuncture.

How Much is Acupuncture at D2D Therapies?

We have three different types of services for acupuncture. Following are the prices

  • ☑️ 60 minutes for £60
  • ☑️ 90 minutes for £90
  • ☑️ 120 minutes for £120

You may call us at 07455045306 to book your appointment.

If you are convinced about acupuncture, you may find interest in doing the course. That is why we have started teaching acupuncture at D2D therapies. Let’s get into the details on how to take an acupuncture course.

Best Acupuncture Course in London

If you ask who provides the best acupuncture course in London, the answer should be D2D therapies. D2D therapies offer the best acupuncture course in London. Our course is available online, on-campus as well a mobile home service. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile home service is recommended as you will stay safe through that.

Usually on venue courses takes place on the weekends so that everyone can join easily. On the other hand, freelance home courses depend on the student. We schedule the time and place according to the student’s decision. The student will give us the location, and we will reach there as per the schedule.

Who can take the Acupuncture Course?

It does not need any special degree. Therefore, anyone can take the course regardless of their degree and profession. Anyone person above the age of 18 can attend the best acupuncture course in London provided by the D2D Therapies. However, a basic understanding of English is necessary.

How much is the Acupuncture Course in London?

Acupuncture course at D2D therapies will cost you £450, while you get buy 1 get 1 offer too. So, with the price of one, two persons can take the course. Hence, you can bring your friend and or family member and pay just.

You can book the course by calling us at 07455045306. Nevertheless, a booking fee of £30 is applicable. You can pay the rest of the money when you take the course.

How do you book the Acupuncture Course at D2D Therapies?

You can call us at 07455045306 or even email us at d2dtherapies@gmail.com to book your course. Besides, you can use these contact details to know more about the course as well as service.

After you are done with the booking, one of our practitioners will call you to know the details and answer any of your questions.

How to make the payment to D2D therapies?

Whether you are taking the acupuncture service or want to book the course, the payment procedure is the same. We offer bank transfer and PayPal options to make payments, and else you can call us to know more about the payments if you don’t have these options.

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Final Words

Acupuncture can be a great alternative to pain killers and related medicines. If you have been feeling pain in your body, you can easily take acupuncture to get relief. However, you should make sure that you don’t have any serious health conditions that can cause an adverse effect on your body.

If you are amazed by the acupuncture benefits, you may learn acupuncture and apply it to your friends and family. Moreover, if you want to pursue your career as an acupuncturist, you can take the best acupuncture course from D2D Therapies and open up the opportunities. You may start your own business, and you can also look for a job. We can help you in both cases.

Things you Need to Know about Hot Stone Massage Therapy

For individuals who are suffering pain or stiffness, massage therapy is considered a working treatment without medicines. And, with the word “massage,” you can easily visualise what exactly it looks like. You may visualise a man or woman’s face down on a padded table with bareback while a massage therapist applies massage on them.

However, it is the common scenario of massage, but there are many more techniques. Hot stone massage therapy is one of the techniques. Whenever you heard about this massage, you may not visualise it as the traditional massage. You may think of massaging with the stone, but it is much different than the regular counterpart.

In this article, we will explain every possible detail you need to know about hot stone massage therapy as well as its training courses in London.

What is hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is a type or branch of massage which has been a regular practice for thousands of years by many cultures all over the world. However, it is considered one of the most relaxing massage practices.

The hot tone massage procedure includes Basalt lava stones that are placed in the high warm water to heat it up. Next, Basalts lava stones are placed in a different part of the body. Some of the body parts where stones can be placed are-

  • 🟠 On the back, sides of your spines.
  • 🟠 Abdomen, legs, or feet.
  • 🟠 Hands’ palm.
  • 🟠 Other places where your body feels safe.

Hot stones are usually used as a heated tool though your therapist will massage the areas of your body parts that contain more tension. The heat passes from the stones can make your muscle relax, which eventually gives soothe feeling in your body. 

Premium Photo | Hands of massage therapist puts stones between the toes of man while stone massage on feet close up.

What does a hot stone massage include?

There is a misconception that hot massage is very painful. It is assumed because the stones are hot, and that may burn the skin. However, it is not the case. The stones are heated under a certain temperature, which is controlled properly. Besides, the therapist also makes sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed.

Usually, the temperature remains between 110–130-degree Fahrenheit, which doesn’t cause any harm to the body. However, everyone has a different pain tolerance level, so you should notify your therapist right away if you feel pain at any point in time. In the beginning, you may feel a little bit of pain until the skin gets adjusted.

After the hot stones are placed on your body, it may take few minutes for your body to get adjusted. Within few minutes, your body will feel the heat via a towel or sheet.

Normally, massage oil is applied to the body. The therapist holds the stones with both hands while moving them on our muscles. Besides, the massage therapist applies the Swedish massage strategy on your back, neck, legs, and shoulders before placing the stones or after the stones are removed.

The regular hot stone massage therapy is 60-90 minutes. However, each therapist or massage center may offer its own versions.


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Is hot stone massage good for you?

The hot stone massage has a similarity with traditional massage therapy. However, the only difference is the hot stones.

Now, the question is, are hot stones beneficial for you?

YES. Hot stones are good for your body. It gives the desired relaxation and relief without getting much pressure on the body. However, it also has some other benefits, which are-

  • 🟢 It eliminates muscle pain or reduces extreme pain.
  • 🟢 It helps to improve joint mobility.
  • 🟢 Improves blood circulation.
  • 🟢 Boost up the functionality of the immune system.
  • 🟢 Increases the lymphatic drainage.
  • 🟢 Depression and anxiety get reduced.
  • 🟢 Muscle tension gets relieved.
  • 🟢 It increases body awareness.

Moreover, some patients may get other benefits too, which includes,

  • 🟣 Can sleep properly.
  • 🟣 It can increase your immune system.
  • 🟣 May relieve symptoms of some diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Who should not take the hot stone massage therapy?

Heated stones can get benefits to most people; however, it is not for all. Some people may have some physical issues, which may not suit the hot massage therapy. So, it is better to consult the therapist first to inform you about your health issues. However, if you have the following health issues, taking a heated massage may not be a good idea.

  • 🟠 Skin issues
  • 🟠 High blood pressure
  • 🟠 Pregnant
  • 🟠 Diabetes

So, consulting your doctor as well as the therapist can get you the best advice about taking the stone massage.

These are the stuff you must know about stone massage therapy. But you may get interested in becoming a therapist.

In the next part, we will provide you the guideline to become a hot stone massage therapist.

Unrecognizable Young Man On A Hot Stone Massage Therapy Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

Where to take a hot stone massage therapy course?

You can take the course with an authentic and accredited training center near you. However, you can take the course with D2D Therapies. We provide the 1-day diploma course on hot stone massage therapy, which is well accredited by IPHM and also certified by IPTI.

You can visit our office to register for the course. You may also take the course from your home. In that case, our trainer will visit you at your convenient place and provide the lesson. However, you will have to book your seat or appointment via phone call or email.

You may call or 💬 WhatsApp at 07455045306. Besides, you can also email for the appointment at d2dtherapies@gmail.com. You may contact us for any queries too.

Whether you want to take the course at the venue or home, you will have to pay £30 as a booking fee, which will be adjusted with your regular course fee.

Final Words

We hope this piece of writing enlightens you about the hot stone massage. If you want to get the message or want to take the massage therapy course, come to our London office or contact us anytime.

We are confident that our experienced therapists and trainers can get you the ultimate solution.  

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Course in London

The properties of volcanic rocks. The hot and cold stone massage therapy is a concept developed in modern times, despite having references from ancient times. The application of Hot Stone Massage Therapy to relieve pain was already used in ancient Egypt. But it was ancient Rome, where this technique was perfected, with it’s very famous hot springs this geothermal therapy combines the best of the traditional technique with

The properties of technical massage the volcanic rocks are those igneous rocks, formed by the cooling of lava at the surface at a shallow depth.

The energy from these stones is applied directly to the skin of the recipient, allowing the cleaning normalisation and energy flow healing. Since the stones are strategically placed at key energy points of the body.

Premium Photo | Man with stones on massage table at spa with body treatment. person lying and relaxing during "hot stone massage".

Recommendations and Precautions

Massage with hot and cold stones is especially suitable for all those who suffer, stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical, and or emotional fatigue. Migraines, chronic stress, constipation, mild menstrual discomfort for circulation due to inactivity, tired legs, mild depression overweight. And in general, it is also indicated for all healthy and happy people who want to enjoy a pleasant and beneficial treatment for their health. With regard to the precautions. Always avoid this treatment if the person has or suspects to have asthma cystitis severe depression. Pregnancy infections of any kind, open wounds or unhealed skin diseases, cancer, osteomyelitis flu, respiratory problems and circulatory problems from mild to severe, such as varicose veins, heart problems especially sensitivity to cold or heat.

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Preliminary Considerations

Some preliminary considerations to keep in mind. Before starting this treatment, it is important to keep in mind some previous considerations to help

We do our job professionally. Never slide stones over the spine or bones. Not only can you harm the person, but it is a very unpleasant sensation that will bring the recipient quickly out of their state of relaxation, and they will not be able to relax again, as they will unconsciously remain alert to avoid another fright.

To perform the massage with stones, we will need oil. We can use as much oil as we want. However, here we are. We strongly advise that it’d be a good quality product. And as hypoallergenic as possible, such as almond oil. However, it is always advisable to ask

The recipient. If they are allergic to any product and or food. And remember, once again, that oils that have a strong aromatic intensity, are the most irritating to sensitive skin, so it’s better to use a soft oil. If we want to give a special flavour to our massage parlour, the best option is to have scented candles, or something cents. If there is good ventilation.

Hot Stone Massage: Benefits and What to Expect - Elements Massage - Bellmore - Merrick

With respect to the facial massage, which we will do with the stones, we recommend purchasing rosehip oil. If possible in a pharmacy or drugstore and even better if it’s specific for the face. This treatment is very relaxing. So we should strive to keep a calm attitude. It’s therefore important to use a soft, warm light with ambient music. Furthermore, it’s essential to address the client with the best manners. Addressing him in a leisurely and educated manner. By avoiding sudden movements or noises during treatment.

And one last thing. Whenever we move on to the next step, or apply a new stone cold or hot, it’s essential to discreetly observe the face of the recipient. In order to understand if they feel any small disturbances, such as too much heat. No need to look for exaggerated expressions with just a slight frown of their eyebrows lips slightly tight and tense eyelids. For a change in breathing indicates that we have startled them for some reason. In these cases, it’s best to check the stone’s temperature yourself. Always on the inside of the wrist. As stated above, because we are in a therapeutic role, it’s mandatory to ensure that the stones don’t burn, or aren’t too cold, by testing them on the back of our wrist before placing the stones on the client.

And one last warning. If the recipient thinks the stones are too cold or too hot, regardless of our opinion, or they develop pimples or redness or for some reason they do not feel right, it’s advisable to stop immediately.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Points

Static stones and their placing points according to traditional Chinese medicine. Before beginning the massage with hot and cold stones, we must apply the static stones. These are the stones that we will first leave on the recipient, and we’ll later remove thus revealing the skin to form the massage. The most important part of this section is to apply the static stones at the right place, the points of traditional Chinese medicine

Placement of static stones in the main points in the prone position (face down) as follows:

2 stones on the soles of the feet in the kidneys-yongquan points2 stones on the external tibial-yanglingquan points

2 stones on the central part of the calf muscles-feiyang points. 2 stones on the hamstrings-Yinmen points.

2 stones on the lumbar-Senshu points.

2 stones on the dorsal muscles, corresponding to the Geshu & Dashu points.

Placement of static stones in the main spots in the supine position (face up). First, we will place the static stones according to Chinese medicine points.

Put them on the table, and then help the client to rest slowly over the stones to the quadriceps muscles corresponding to the stomach meridian Futu point.

on the torso, we will place 4 stones-2 at the zhangmen points.

 1 at the zhongwan point-diaphragm -1 at the shanzong point.-chest To finish 2 stones at the-Taiyuan points on the wrists

One on the brow & two small ones on the eyes. For the facial area, we will use three small cold stones for their decongestant properties.

Massaging in Prone-Position Step by Step

The first thing to do is heat the stones, and after that let them rest for approximately 45 minutes. With respect to the cold stones. They can be stored in the refrigerator and withdrawn when it is time to perform the massage. Once the recipient is lying on the table. The hot stones are removed from the heater, and they are placed on him or her.hot stone massage in prone position face down, we will place two stones on the soles at the kidneys yongquan points.

2 stones on the external tibial yanglingquan points, two stones in the central part of the calf muscles, Feiyang points, 2 on the hamstrings,Yinmen points

2 on the lumbar Senshu points.2 stones on the dorsal muscles corresponding to Geshu & Dasha points. After placing the stones and let them rest for about five minutes.

5 a. Stones Placing in Prone Position-The Back

 The first thing we will do is uncover the area and put the stones back on the sacrum. All static and dynamic stones, we will use to work the back area will be warm. Approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

we apply the oil with our palms, making broad circular movements, so that the product is fully spread. The purpose is to spread the oil and to acquire the optimum temperature for the job using stones to perform the massage with dynamic hot stones, we will use 4 medium sized stones. We will use 2 every two steps, while the other set is put again in the pot with the heater off, absorbing waste heat

Techniques : 1

Palma digital kneading with stones, is a technique we perform with our palms and fingers, Consists of alternating circular movements, concentrating pressure on the palm and digits with hot stones in the palm

Technique : 2

Ripples draining with stones. We stand at the head of the therapy table. This stage consists of four parts.

Part-1 : we drain the cervical area with our palms in unison movement

Part-2 : we drain the dorso.

Part-3 : The lumbar back.

Part-4 : we finally return from the lower back, making a wave like movement around the lateral muscles up to the cervical area-the starting point.

The above techniques must be performed at least three times.

This type of movement benefits and oxygenates the back’s circulatory system.

Technique 3 : Circular friction with vibration.

With the stones on our palms, we make a circular friction, going from cervical to lumbar along the paraspinal muscles. This step must be done very carefully to avoid any interference between the stones protuberances and bones. This is a very effective movement for its relaxing and de-contacting properties.

Technique 4 : Alternate frictions.

This time, we exercise in alternating unidirectional friction on the paravertebral muscles, which we worked previously, and muscles on the iliac area. This type of movement is particularly suitable for lower back pain. We repeat this step, at least three times. paravertebral friction. From the cervical slide both hands in unison, along the paravertebral muscles to the lower back with moderate pressure. After that, return along the lateral back muscles with gentle pressure. Complete alternating frictions on the back.

Massage Therapy|Harwood Chiropractic

Technique 4 : wide alternating circular motions

 Now we stand on the side of the couch and make a wide alternating circular motion from the lumbar area, continuing towards the upper extremity and ending at the palm of the recipient. This type of move

Requires a lot of coordination, because when a hand begins his journey at the lower back. The other should be finishing at the previous area. It is a very beneficial step, due to its relaxing effect.

The Legs in Prone Position

Technique 1 : Frictions along calves and hamstrings

 Legs in the prone position, face down. This is a one way, circular friction that works the calf muscles and hamstring-

 Technique 2 : Zigzag massage with hot and cold stones

The stone on the right hand will be hot. And the one on the left hand will be cold. With the stones in the palms, we will perform a zigzag motion along the leg from the calves to the buttocks and back to the starting point. This step provides amazing sensations, because it combines the properties of cryotherapy and thermotherapy. The skin receives an overstimulation, leading to a state of relaxation from the saturation of information in the nervous system of the dermis.

Technique 3 : Circular friction

 We finished the leg massage with a circular friction from the foot to the buttock. This movement is broad and deep to finish relaxing the muscles after the exercise is performed. Once the right lower extremity has been worked, cover it with a towel, especially the feet area and proceed to do the same job on the left leg. Being very attempting to perform the same movements length and intensity.

While legs in prone position facedown-We will now carefully remove the stones from the leg that we will work with. After removing them. We will start with the massage. All stones, both static and dynamic will be hot, except the stones used in the zigzag steps. Applying the oil by massaging the limb. Try the oil with the palms, making large and circular movements. We continue to make draining movements, so that the product is fully spread and aims to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones- first movement on the leg massage should always be toward the feet.

Technique 1 : Palmo Digital kneading with stones-.

Steps consists of performing a Palmodigital kneading with facing palms and fingers-starting at the calf muscles and continues at the hamstrings ends back at calfs

Today Integrative Health + Wellness | Licensed Massage Therapist

Tecnique 2 : Reboot draining with vibration.

 A hand starts from the soul of the foot, and the other is placed on the Achilles tendon, and they make a movement in unison, that is paired up at the calves at the insertion of the hamstring return through the external side of the limb, with a wave and vibration movement at the same time.

 Technique 3 : Circular friction with vibration.

This step begins with small circles on the feet and goes up along the muscles of the leg, then returns to the starting point with pleasant vibrations along the entire limb.

4a: Massaging in Supine-Step by Step Stones Placing in Supine Position

Futu points : Place 2 stones at the quadriceps muscle, corresponding to the stomach meridian

on the trunk we will place 4 stones:

2 at the zhangman points.

1 at zhonquan point.

1 at the Shanzhong point.

To finish, 2 under wrists. At the Taiyuan points.

For the facial area, we will use 3 small and cold stones for their decongestant properties. 1 on the brow, and 2 small stones on the eyes.

We can then start with the massage from the lower body-left leg then the right leg.

We will remove the towel and begin the massage oil application, we apply the oil with the palms of our hands, making big circular movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Palmodigital kneading:

Now we take the stones on the palms of our hands and rub them from the tibia, to the quadriceps, bypassing the patella. When we reach the thigh area, we will perform a palmo digital kneading movement, due to the higher muscle mass.

Rippled draining with vibration:

We continue with training movements, starting with the feet, and ending with the quadriceps, bypassing the patella. Once you reach the upper back, we will return with a wave like vibrating movement along the sides of the limb. This will be repeated at least three times.

Circular friction with vibration:

Now we will begin a circular friction, from the soles of the feet to the top of the thigh, passing the malleolus. The calves cruciate ligaments in the knee and quadriceps. We then return to the initial point with vibrations. This will be repeated at least three times.

Alternating frictions:

We perform alternating friction in two steps in the first step, friction will alternate on the tibia area, avoiding bones in flow direction towards the feet.

second step frictions will alternate on the quadriceps and cranial direction towards the head.

Zigzag massage with hot and cold stones:

We will take a cold stone in one hand and a hot one in the other. And we will stand on the side of the table. This stage works in two steps. First, we will perform a zigzag massage along a tibial muscle, avoiding bony areas. Secondly, the same exercise on the quadriceps. For this step, we will once again use the technique of thermotherapy and cryotherapy. This will be repeated at least three times.

Circular friction:

We finish leg massage with a circular friction from the foot to the buttock. This movement is broad and deep to finish relaxing the muscles after the exercise is performed. We will cover it with a towel, especially the feet area and start to do the same job on the right leg being very attentive to perform the same movements,

C . The Abdomen

All static and dynamic stones, which we will use to work the back area will be warm. Approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

Apply the oil-We spread the oil with our palms making broad circular movements and continue to make draining movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Technique 1- large circular alternating clockwise movement

Be very careful not to hit the rib area, with the stone. This type of movement is highly beneficial for intestinal transit and for the formation of red blood cells.

Technique 2-abdominal draining with the stones.

With this step, we will mimic the shape of a diamond from the stomach to the pubis along the sides of the stomach. This movement must be performed at least five times.

Technique 3-palmodigital kneading.

We will perform a palmodigital movement along the abdominal muscles. Avoid applying too much pressure manik :

Technique 4-Cross friction.

Work the abdominal with a sliding crossing friction.

Technique 5 – Circular friction along lateral musculature. We take the stones and perform spacious circular friction in unison throughout the area of the lateral abdominal muscles.

Technique 6 – Circular friction with vibration.

This is a combination of circular friction with vibration performed clockwise, that will be smooth and continuous

Tecnique 7- Abdominal draining

This movements will be repeated again around this zone, at least five times.

  1. D. The arms.

Apply Oil application by spreading the oil with our palms, making broad circular and draining movements, so that the product is fully spread. The aim is to spread the oil and acquire the optimum temperature to work with the stones.

Technique 1-Draining

We hold the recipient’s hand with our hand and perform a draining movement from the back of the hand to the shoulder. Then we switch to the other hand, and make the draining from the palm of the hand to the axillary area. This step is performed at least three times.

Technique 2-Palmodigital kneading with stones.

We conduct this movement along the flexed arm. One hand provides support for the arm, while the other offers grip, while working.

Technique 3-Alternate frictions.

We will end the massage on the arms with alternating friction and draining movements, avoiding bony areas to end the hand massage.

  1. E. The Face

All the stones we will use will be small and cold, approximately eight degrees Celsius.

Product application-Distribute the serum, with gentle tabs on the skin on the forehead, cheeks and chin, avoiding lips nostrils, eyes, eyelids and eye contours.

Technique 1-draining

 From the head of the table, we will split this manoeuvre into 5 sections which will consist of:




Cheekbones collarbone

( must be careful with the nostrils lips eyes and eye contours)

T he pressure will be light. Before applying the stones, make sure t hat they remain flat and smooth.

We will interlace our fingers and perform a draining movement outwards, with light pressure

Hot Stone Massage Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Technique 2 : Alternate frictions

We will draw three alternating lines on the forehead, an alternating line above the eyebrow. On the cheeks and chin. This will be done at least three times.

Technique 3 : Circular friction on the temple will perform soft

Circular frictions on the temples. This step is particularly suitable f or people who suffer from migraines. Circular friction on

cheekbones. Circular friction on the loads. alternating friction on the cervical area. This step is performed without stones, we will apply alternating frictional movements from the trapezium area to the occipital area. This step relaxes the cervical area, while doing a little stretch grading.

We will again apply some draining movements to the collarbone at least three times. frictions on the sternum. These frictions are performed with just a stone along the sternal manoeuvring. This step is very beneficial for anxiety states and mild respiratory problems.

Technique 3-Silence phase, we end this treatment by shutting the ear canals.

After the facial massage. let the recipient live for about five minutes We will gently help them to sit up in the stretcher. After that we will leave them alone for another five minutes, so they can dress in privacy.

What will you Learn from Aromatherapy Course in london

Whether you want to learn aromatherapy for professional purpose or explore as a hobby, you have to take the Aromatherapy course in london. The course will help you to establish your career as a professional aromatherapist as well as you can take it as a hobby to apply to friends and family.

It is done for the therapeutic benefits through essential oils, which has been used by many therapists for centuries. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are medicinally beneficial that helps to improve the mind, body and spirit.

We will discuss the overview of aromatherapy course in london and what will you get out of it.

How does Aromatherapy Works?

Usual aroma therapy works in three steps. First, you will inhale the sense of smell, and it does the absorption, and finally, it absorbs through the skin. However, for traditional aromatherapy, you must need essential oils. Besides, some therapist may also use inhalers, diffusers, facial steamers, aromatic spritzers, creams, lotions etc. These stuff can be used alone or in any combination. However, there are hundreds of essential oils, but most of the therapist uses the popular ones.

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So, how do these oils can heal you?

The answer is simple, the aromatherapy activates the smell receptor in your nose, and that sends a message to your brain via the nervous system. As a result, the oil works on some areas of your brain, and that can activate your emotions. Eventually, it can put an impact on your hypothalamus by creating brain chemicals to feel good.

Aromatherapy for mind, body & soul - Times of India

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The benefit of Aroma Therapy

The essential oil used for aroma therapy is extracted from plants have limited benefits. However, it has some significant benefits too. Few studies have found that aromatherapy can play an important role in relieving depression and anxiety. Studies also found that aromatherapy can improve life’s quality, such as improved sleep and beneficial for chronic health conditions.

Another study found that aromatherapy with lavender oil may reduce osteoarthritis pain on the knee and also may reduce the pain connected to kidney stones.

Aromatherapy Market Global Share to hit USD 4.3 Bn and Reflecting Industry Size Expansion at 6.18% CAGR by Top Players as Nu Skin, Air Aroma, Muji, Tree of Life till 2023 | Medgadget

Why Learn Aromatherapy Course?

Anyone can learn aromatherapy, and it can provide some substantial benefits to benefits in personal and professional life regardless of your profession.

Learning aromatherapy will boost you with confidence to heal yourself and anyone with the essential oils. Besides, you will learn the process to apply aroma therapy and its working methods.

Why should you do aromatherapy training with us?

Well, from our aromatherapy classes you will be able to learn the following things.

🟣 The theoretical idea with proper hand notes.

🟣 Which essential oils to use on different conditions.

🟣 With our practical aromatherapy classes, you will learn the therapy practically. So that will not face any confusion when you work professionally.

Furthermore, aromatherapy certification will be a great opportunity for you to start your own business and work with an established spa centre.

Online Master of Science in Aromatherapy | achs.edu

How to take Aromatherapy Course at D2D Therapies?

D2D Therapies is located in London, so if you are in London, you can take the course easily. However, we will start online aromatherapy training soon.

To attend the aroma therapy course with us, you can do it in two ways. You can take the course at the venue, and you can also take it through freelance home tuition.

On campus, courses are scheduled for weekends only. So, anyone can take the course. 

On the other hand, freelance home tuition can be taken anytime from home or your chosen place. Our expert will come to your place at your convenient time and tech you everything like the on-venue course.

Now, the question is, how do you book your aromatherapy massage course? 

To book the course, you can call us at 07455045306 or email us at d2dtherapies@gmail.com and secure your seat. However, to reserve the seat, you have to pay £30 and pay the rest while take to attend the course.

aromatherapy course in london

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Who can Attend Aromatherapy Certification Course?

Aromatherapy course is open for all, and no prerequisite is needed. However, if you have prior experience, it will definitely help you. The day-long course will teach you everything you need to become an aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy - What it is and how it can help you | Good Spa Guide

What is Aromatherapy Essential Oils?

Usually, essential oils are extracted from the plats, that contains the scent and flavour. However, each plat can get you a different fragrance. Some distillation methods or mechanical methods are used for oil extraction. After the extraction, it is combined with the carrier oil and make it ready for the use.

aromatherapy course in london

Is there any Side Effects of Aroma Therapy?

Aromatherapy is not a medical healing technique; rather, it is an alternative technique, which has been practising for years. However, it is a natural healing process for some usual health conditions. Although oils come from natural ways, it has some common side effects.

☘️ Skin irritation is one of the most common side effects of aromatherapy. However, very few people can face this problem who are allergic to some oils. It may happen due to some reasons such as from inhaling the fragrance or from massage, and eventually, it may cause itching or rashes.

☘️ Some may feel some hormonal issues too, such as these oils can act like estrogen. Sometimes oils can also reduce the effect of the androgens. So, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before taking aromatherapy with essential oil.

☘️ Nasal irritation can be occurred due to inhaling the oil. It may result in runny nose, sneezing and congestion. These three are the most common symptoms to allergic people.

☘️ Headache and light headache are other issues that may happen due to the essential oils. However, these are not as serious as migraine pains.


To become a spa therapist, aromatherapy course is one of the first courses you have to do. However, you can search for the course near you. But, if you want to do the aromatherapy course in London, D2D therapies is the name you can trust.

After doing the course with us, you will get all the necessary certificates and insurance as it is accredited by IPHM and also certified by IPTI.

We also offer other course too. Get our course list here.


One Day Waxing Course at D2D Therapies

D2D therapies offer one day waxing course at London, which is totally accredited by IPHM and also certified by IPTI. Our waxing classes are best for individuals who are looking to educate themselves on various waxing treatments. Moreover, after completing the course, one can offer waxing services to the clients from home or mobile.

Besides, we will provide a certificate, which will allow opening a new business or starting a job with an established business. Throughout this article, we will discuss the details of our 1day waxing course.

What do we cover in One Day Waxing Course?

We cover both theoretical and practical training sessions. Following is the list of the items you will get to know in our waxing classes.

Health, safety & hygiene

Both the client and esthetician need to maintain hygiene during the waxing process. However, we will give you all the details to comply with the relevant safety and hygiene means such as

  • The type of towel you should use.
  • What to do before and after attending a client.
  • What should the client do before and after waxing?
  • Single-use items

Consultation techniques

From our experience, we can tell you that all the clients are not the same. You will get different types of clients. So, our 1 day waxing course will educate you about the client handling process. Besides you have client some question to know their body conditions.

1 day waxing course


Since you will do the waxing on body skin, you will have to know any related contradictions client may have due to the waxing. However, to know all the conditions you may have to ask clients some question to get clear. The questions may include but not limited to about any ongoing medication, skin infections and other health-related issues which should be confidential, which should be between you and the client.

Moreover, we will provide you with a list of 20+ questions so that you can know the client’s skin and body conditions before waxing.

Use of hot and warm wax

Usually, the waxing process is done by hot and warm wax. But, which one is better? When should you use the hot or warm wax? You will learn everything about warm and hot wax training in our waxing short course.

Techniques for waxing in different body parts

All of our body parts are not same. The different part needs a different type of care while waxing. So, waxing on the upper lip, legs, chin, underarm and bikini areas don’t follow the same procedure. However, the basic procedure will be almost the same, but slightly different according to the specific body parts.

So, we will teach you all the applicable techniques for different body parts. However, it is the most important part of the course, as you have to be careful while waxing. Any wrong techniques can harm the client’s skin.

Step by Step Guide for Waxing

Step by Step Guide for Waxing

Typically cartridge strip wax is popular and most widely used. Furthermore, these are ready to use process, so it is widely used at home by many DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiasts. Although, you may find many tutorials in YouTube for strip wax, practical step by step guide will make you expert without causing any problem on the skin.

Besides, another type of method is used too, which is non-strip wax. It is usually used in salon/parlours by the experts. It is easy but a bit tricky. Our step by step speed waxing training for non-strip wax will make you an expert.

D2D therapies will also educate you about the depilatory waxing, which is a special method to press warm or hot wax on a hairy part of the skin and pull out quickly. Depilatory waxing is one of the most worked methods, but a little bit tricky. However, it comes in many forms, and you will learn through our intimate waxing course. 

Waxing products for different waxing types

When you do the waxing, the skin needs some extra care, and it is more import if it is sensitive. However, the various waxing products are needed to keep the skin safe regardless of the skin types. We will introduce you to all the waxing products types and their uses.

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Aftercare advice

The client will have to follow some measures after the wax to avoid rashes or itches or even other skin related issues. And, you have to tell them all the aftercare advice for healthy skin.

Important legislation, laws and acts

To provide waxing service, you have to know the relevant laws and acts, which we will explain to you on our waxing course. After the course, you will know the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Data Protection Act, and Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969. These laws will be essential for your waxing service or if you won’t open up your own business.

One Day Waxing Course Structure

One Day Waxing Course Structure

The main feature of our course is you can complete it in one day and get the certificate on the same day or within a week mailed to your home. Furthermore, we offer on venue course and door to door freelance home tuition. Whether you take the course at venue or home, the waxing course material will be same.

The course is offered on the weekend.

Who can take our Waxing Course?

Since there are no perquisites, anyone can take the course regardless of the profession. Besides, it is our waxing courses for beginners, so you even don’t need to have any kind of experience.

How to Book your 1 Day Waxing Course

How to Book your 1 Day Waxing Course?

Booking our one day waxing course is easy! You need to call us at 07455045306 or email at d2dtherapies@gmail.com to make your booking. However, you have to pay £30 (which you can pay on our bank account) to book the seat early and pay the rest on the course day.

After the course, you will get your certificate to start work or provide waxing service immediately. You may also consider our other courses to build your full business in this industry.

Swedish Body Massage Course in London

Swedish body massage is also known as classic massage in different parts of the world. However, it is recognized as the best and effective massage therapy. The therapist must have to know different types of techniques to perform a Swedish massage. Only expert persons should apply the massage, though anyone can start providing the therapy after taking Swedish body massage course.
Let’s find out every detail of Swedish body massage and where to take courses on that.

What is Swedish Body Massage?

It is widely known in the West. However, now a day, it is available almost everywhere in the world. Usually, the Swedish body massage is the combination of various types of techniques applied in one massage session. The ultimate goal of Swedish massage is to relax the muscles and soft tissues in the body, which eventually helps restore physical health.
Now the question is who can take the Swedish massage? The answer is very simple. Anyone with is stressed or overly worked, can take the massage. But, it doesn’t mean that the fit person cannot take the massage. Anyone without any chronic physical conditions can take the Swedish massage.

History of Swedish Body Massage

Peter Henrik Ling, a Swedish athlete and physician, developed the Swedish massage. He combined sports medicine with Chinese medical massage techniques to reduce muscle soreness and increase body flexibility. He used oil and cream as lubricant. Ling’s therapeutic process included tapping, kneading, vibration and friction. He also experimented on joint mobilization, stretching and to elongate the musculature.

How is a Swedish Massage Performed?

In a Swedish body massage, the specialist applies the massage oil or lotion on the skin to lubricate. After that, the therapist performs different massage strokes to warm up the muscle tissues. That warm-up session releases the tension from the body and slowly breaks up the muscle knots. The strokes also do the adhesions, which is simply adhering the tissues.
The therapist should ask about the physical condition of the patient before starting the massage. Information may include any injuries or physical conditions, pains, allergies etc. The pregnant patient should also inform the therapist about the pregnancy. The patient also let the masseuse know about the preference for the firm or light pressure.

Swedish Body Massage Benefits

Research shows that Swedish massage has both physical and mental benefits. Let’s dig the health and personal benefits of Swedish body massage.

Health Benefits

  • Stress reduction 
    Anyone gets stressed for different reasons such as over-worked, family problem, work schedule etc. Stress can affect body muscle and mind. Swedish massage can help to clear the unwanted stress and make the body relax.
  • Increase the Flexibility
    The massage usually elongates the muscles as well as opens the joints and reduces the swelling. All of those things eventually increase flexibility.
  • Improve the Blood Circulation
    Body massage expands the blood vessels and dilates the membrane pores in the body, which improves the body’s ability to circulate fresh blood to the organs and muscles.
  • Improve the Range of Motion
    With the stretching and range of motion technique, it increases the fluid motion all over the body.
  • Increase the Energy
    Massaging ensures delivering more oxygen throughout the body, which at the end, boost energy in the body.
  • Nutrient Supply to the Muscle
    Massage circulation increases blood flow. As a result, provide the proper supply of nutrients to the muscles.
  • Flush out Excess Metabolic Byproducts
    Massaging stimulates the body circulation, which helps to flash out the unnecessary uric acid and lactic acid that stored in the muscle due to overuse.
  • Improvement of the Mood
    According to research, the release of endorphin increases the serotonin and dopamine that improves the mood and emotional well-being.
  • Improve Posture 
    Posture imbalance may occur due to many reasons such as overcompensating muscles, prolonged sitting, repetitive strain or injury. Swedish body massage helps to reduce the pains because of posture.
  • Healthy Immunity
    Swedish massage also increases the lymphatic fluid, which improves the lymphocytes and immune cells. As a result, it boosts ups the healthy immunity.
  • Relieve Headaches
    It has been seen that stress causes headaches and migraines. We already know that Swedish massage relieves the stress level. On the other hand, it also removes the headaches associated with concurring stress.
  • Improve Sleep
    Research has found that massage increases the serotonin levels in the body, which help you to fall in sleep faster and have a sound sleep.
  • Relaxation
    Last but not the lease, the ultimate benefit of Swedish massage is to provide the proper relaxation.

Personal Benefits

Traditionally Swedish massage is used for the treatment of various health conditions. However, it also helps people who are suffering from everyday troubles in their personal life. Many personal issues can cause us to be worried and stressed constantly. The more we get stressed, the more of our muscles became tense, which are very hard to relax them.
The hard pressure during the Swedish massage helps to keep away the personal issues for the time being and give relaxation to the brain and body. Even, it can help to fight depression.

Types of Swedish Massage

From the origin, Swedish massage is one of a kind. Though, over the years, many researchers offered a different kind of Swedish massages, which are successfully performing as subcategories of a Swedish massage. Following are the 4 types of Swedish body massage.

  • Aromatherapy massage | Lagunamoon Premium Essential Oils Set – Buy Now
    It is one kind of Swedish massage therapy. It uses special types of oil or lotions that contain highly concentrated plant oils.
    During the Aromatherapy massage, the patient inhales that essential plant oils or absorb through skins while massaging. It promotes beneficial changes in the body and mind, which affect the limbic system.
  • Hot stone therapy | Hot stone therapy set : Buy Now
    It is a deep massage therapy that uses warm basalt, soothing oils and sometimes marble stone to relax the muscles.
    It is best to heal the aching body. It uses the techniques of leaping from a toasty sauna into an icy pool.
    Hot stone massage improves the body to detox and heals, which emphasize on flashing out the waste from the body.
  • Seated chair massage
    If you go to a shopping mall, you see some masseuses are massaging with their hand and elbow while patient sitting on a chain on their chest. In this therapy, the client or the patient don’t need to take off their clothes. The benefits of seated massage are almost the same as the table massage.
  • Dual massage for couples
    It just like any other Swedish massage. While other therapies were given individually in a separate room, dual massage is given to two people in the same room. It is best for the couple who wants to talk to each other while taking the massage.

Swedish Body Massage Techniques

One needs to get certified to apply the body massage. Certification will get to know them all the body massage techniques. Usually, the Swedish body massage steps include five techniques. They are-

  • Effleurage
    The basic of this step is to gentle stroking with the thumbs, fingertips and palms. It helps to make the client’s body ready for the next steps to get relax. It also helps to apply the massage oil or lotion evenly to the part of the body being worked on.
  • Petrissage
    After Effleurage, this part includes the kneading movements using the hand or thumbs. It works on the deeper part of the skin tissue as well as to the underlying muscles. Then the masseuse works rhythmically on the affected area and released through various techniques.
    While moving through petrissage, clients pressure should be checked, which helps to know the client’s comfort level.
  • Friction
    It warms the muscle to allow the therapist to massage deeper to breaks down the nodules and knots. Usually circulated frictions are done by thumbs or fingertips while pressing firmly to the tissue underneath.
  • Vibration
    It is a gentle shaking using the finders, palms or thumbs. It helps to stimulate the nerve associated with the affected body part and keep them relax. Vibration can be done in one specific spot or the whole part while moving across.
  • Hacking
    Hacking consists of karate-style small chops or light slaps. It is also known as percussion which is also performed by cupped hand, tapping. Percussion leads the muscle to help rejuvenate and boost circulation.
    While taking the massage, the client should try to keep the body relaxes from the beginning. A professional therapist should apply all the techniques. Now, let’s see the ways to become a professional.

Swedish Body Massage Course

Swedish massage course can be done online or on-campus in different organizations. Online courses are open for anyone from anywhere in the world. Besides, freelance home tuition also available in some places. Following are the processes to take Swedish body massage course at D2D Therapies Limited. All the courses offered at D2D is IPHM accredited, and the certificate is IPTI approved, which ensures business to business insurance and Westminster indemnity for mobile massage therapists.

Option 1: Course Venue

1-day practical training in Swedish massage at D2D Therapies is IPHM accredited. After successfully doing the one-day practical training, once you are evaluated, you can work in a salon, spa or massage centre. You can also open your massage parlour or spa centre. However, if you failed to complete the course, you will not get the certificate.
The course curriculum covers-

  • Techniques for the consultation
  • Safety and Hygiene technique
  • Learn about physiology and anatomy
  • Understanding the Swedish Massage
  • Contraindications
  • Massage movement process and modifications
  • Full body massage
  • Body massage routine
  • Use of different massage mediums
  • After massage advice
  • Practical Training

Option 2: Freelance Home Tuition

If you are not available to join the venue, you can choose your place to get practical training. You will choose the place, and a trainer from D2D will come to your chosen place. Then, the trainer will give you the training. You will get to learn everything offered at the venue.

Option 3: Online

We also have a distance-learning option. After you enrolled in online classes, we will send all the class materials, and you will complete at home. After that, you can submit your works through email or post. However, you may have to attend the venue for the practical exam. After enrolment, you will get one year to complete. Though if you are serious, you can do it in a day.
All the courses are marked as completed when you pass the series of written assessment.

Insurance for Online Course

It is highly recommended to purchase student insurance for studying online, which covers while practising the massage on family or friends.

Course Entry Requirement

There is no prerequisite to admit to a Swedish body massage course. The course is beginners friendly, and any adult person can do the course. This course is also suitable for amateurs, who have no plan to become a professional massage therapist.

How to start the course?

You ate one click away from starting the course at D2D Therapies limited. To book your seat, you can pay a nonrefundable £30 online and pay the rest of the fee while starting the class. For online course, you can pay the full amount at a time to get access to the materials.

Benefits of Body Massage Course at D2D Therapies

After attending body massage course at D2D, you will learn both basic and advance massaging methods. Those methods will teach you to perform a professional Swedish body massage. Besides, the student will learn important health and safety issues so that they can provide industry-standard massage like a pro.

Diploma In Full Body Massage “Kindle Edition”


As you already know that Swedish body massage is one of the traditional and common effective massage therapy for anyone. To get most from a Swedish massage, the patient/ client can spend 20 minutes in a sauna. It helps to relax the body muscles quickly.
To become a massage professional or specialist, there are no other alternatives to doing a Swedish body massage course. The guideline provided above will motivate to take the training at your convenient way.

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Benefits of Hijama and Where to Take Cupping Course in London

The four ways the body removes waste | removes waste

The four ways the body removes waste

1. Digestive tract

Toxins and waste are eliminated in the stool, thus protecting the body from toxic accumulation. As food is ingested, it is passed through the digestive tract and is continually broken down nutrients are absorbed along the way. What the body cannot utilize is then eliminated in the stool.

Your Digestive System & How it Works | NIDDK

2. Urinary tract

The urinary system s the primary system responsible for elimination of metabolic waste. The complex urinary system filters blood through the kidneys as a means of maintaining homeostasis and physical pH within the body. The main function of the urinary tract is to store and release urine.

Overview of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) - Kidney and Urinary ...

3. Sweating

A way for the body to rid itself of toxins which are stored in fat tissues is through sweat. The sweat can be caused by fever, exercise, summer weather, sauna, steam room etc.

Why Sweating at Work Can Be a Serious Problem | Modern Restaurant ...

4. Breathing

Breathing is how the body maintains homeostasis. The lungs eliminate carbon dioxide with every breath. PH balance in the body is achieved through breathing.

Human respiratory system - The mechanics of breathing | Britannica


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Body Massage Course

Indian Head Massage Course


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London School of Full Body Massage Course | Body Massage Course

The history of massage

Ancient China is believed to be the first known civilization to use 3000BC therapeutic massage techniques. Healers then used pressure we now see in modern therapies like Shiatsu and Acupressure. The classic Chinese medical text Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen(‘ The Classic of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor’) in c.2600 B.C makes the following recommendations:

“When the body is frequently shocked and frightened, the circulation in the veins and arteries ceases and disease is caused by numbness and lack of sensation. Massage and medicines prepared from the lees * of wine are used to cure this.”

The art of massage developed further in Japan in the 6th century AD to include energy manipulation within the body (using energetic pathways or meridians). As its popularity grew, massage practice became more widespread and Greece can be traced back nearly 2,500 years to the first mention of it in Europe. There are also records attributed to the Greek physicist Hippocrates in Greece from the 5th century, who called massage ‘ Anatripsis ‘ (to massage upwards) and wrote:

“The physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with anatripsis, for things whichhave the same name have not always the same effects, for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose,or loosen a joint that is too hard.” .”

While massage techniques have differed widely around the world as its popularity has increased, the emergence of Swedish full body massage is commonly attributed to a Swedish fencing master called Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) Ling traveled extensively to China and read Chinese medical writings translations. He developed a massage and medical gymnastics system that he called the Ling System, also known as the Treatment of the Swedish Movement.

Early massage methods that followed the Ling system guidelines were much stronger than modern massage In order to trace the development of modern massage methods, we need to look at the contributions of three individuals who were instrumental in developing gentler and less painful massage movements. These people are Professor Albert J. Hoffa (1859-1907) wrote ‘ Technik der Massage, ‘ which remains one of the clearest descriptions of body massage techniques. In modern massage, many of these techniques are found.

Charcot (1825–1893) is known as the “founder of modern neurology.” He named multiple sclerosis and was the first person to describe it. Sigmund Freud was one of his many well-known students.

James B. Mennell (1880-1957) wrote’ Movement, Manipulation and Massage Physical Treatment.’ He was a medical officer and lectured at the St. Thomas’s Hospital Training School in London in massage. Mennell worked constantly to raise awareness of the importance and usefulness of massage in the medial setting of time

Effects and benefits

Overview, It is important to look at how the client responds physiologically and psychologically to understand the effects and benefits of the full body massage. Ie: body as well as mind. Through the skeletal system, muscle system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, and nervous system, the physical body benefits from massage. It will also benefit through improvements to the skin, respiratory system, digestive system, and urinary tract functions. The effects are no less dramatic in psychological terms. the full-body massage has remarkably relaxing effects on the state of mind of a client. It can create a sense of well-being, improve the image of the body, promote positive awareness of the body and enable deep levels of relaxation. Therefore, the full body massage is an ideal choice of complementary therapy for both clients with physical aches and pains as well as clients with stress or unhappiness. In both body and mind, it makes you feel good.

Effects and benefits in detail
Physiological effects & benefits:

• Can release common restrictions and enhance joint mobility.
• Soothes tight muscles, rigidity, and spasms.
• Increases muscle flexibility and range of motion.
• Improves circulation delivering more nutrients to the muscles.
• Improves circulation releasing toxins and waste from the muscles.
• Reduces muscular fatigue and soreness in the muscles.
• Reduces ischaemia (poor blood-flow) easing localised pain and tissue dysfunction.
• Reduces oedema (excess fluid in the tissue) by increasing lymphatic drainage.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Combination of techniques used can stimulate and soothe the nervous system.
• Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that reduces stress.
• Releases endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers).
• Improved circulation resulting in quicker regeneration and healthier skin.
• Increased sweat production leading to better toxin removal through the skin.
• Improved skin colour and elasticity leading to younger-looking skin.
• Increased sebum production improves skin’s suppleness and resistance to infection.
• Deepens breathing and enhances lung capacity through relaxing breathing muscles.
• Improves digestion and supports constipation, IBS, colic, and wind relief.

Psychological effects & benefits:

Reduces levels of stress and anxiety.
Promotes deep levels of relaxation.
Improves feelings of vigour and energy.
Stimulates physical activity.
Increases posture awareness.
Helps to alleviate depression.
Rejuvenates the body and mind.
Can increase self-esteem feelings.
Eases emotional trauma.
Promotes feelings of happiness.

Additional information


The students most frequently ask the following questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the D2D Therapies if you have any other questions as you begin to practice the therapy.

Q: How long should a Swedish full-body massage therapy last?

A: A Swedish full body massage (front and back body) can be delivered easily in 50 minutes using all the techniques described in the manual. For the first visit of a client, you should add 15-20 minutes to the consultation process. Consultation for subsequent visits should simply be a record of any changes since the last treatment and the appointment time could therefore span only one hour.

However: once you are confident of all the techniques, you may also want to offer customers shorter treatment options. For example, you could offer a massage of the back or a massage of the back, shoulder and neck. These are two popular (and cheaper) variations on a full-body massage.

Q: How much should I charge for the therapy for my clients?

A: Researching the cost of similar therapy in your local area is a guide to how much to charge the best idea. (Remember to compare “like-for-like” ie: do not expect the therapy offered by a single therapist with a small rural practice to be the same as the therapy offered by a large, opulent spa). If you don’t charge more than your competitors, you will find it easier to attract customers. However, you may want to consider limited special offers to attract business or offer regular customers loyalty bonuses. An exception to this rule would be that if no one in your area offers the therapy or therapies you are doing, you can charge a higher fee.

Q: My client talks a lot during therapy What approach do i take?

A: A good approach to this situation is to instruct the client, before the therapy begins, with something like: “sorry sir/madam i would like not to start any unneccesary conversatiobs during therapy as i would like you to focus on relaxing and trust in the health benefits of therapy please feel free to ask any questinos you have which are related to this subject”

Q: I was recently asked to deliver Swedish massage after a car accident to a client who was on painkillers. I did not decide to do the therapy on the patient. Was I mistaken?

A: No, withholding treatment is never wrong if you think it will do more harm than good. Before asking for therapy, anyone who experiences pain due to a recent injury must receive permission from their medical professional. This permission is unlikely to be granted while the person is still being treated with medication in the process of recovery from an accident.

Q: What if my client hasn’t been washing and has a strong body odor recently?

A: If you don’t have a customer shower at your premises, then you may choose to ask the customer to come back on another occasion when they’ve had the opportunity to bathe in advance. If you want to go ahead, you can ask the customer if they want to freshen up with a body wipe (make sure they have some to hand). This means that they can get fresh and hygienic to massage quickly.

Q: What do I do if my customer is particularly thin or overweight?

A: If your customer is very slim then start the massage with a light pressure and ask the customer to let you know if with each new technique they want more or less pressure. There are additional considerations if your client is very overweight. You must first check to ensure that there are no excess weight-related medical conditions (i.e., high blood pressure or diabetes). It is also important to have a wide and sturdy couch of good quality. You should know the maximum weight within this limit that your couch will support and work well. The couch should be adjustable to a lower height than you would normally use because even a few inches higher than normal above the customer will allow you to apply more pressure. It will normally require additional pressure because the client will have more body tissue and often have larger muscles that are likely to be tense due to prolonged inactivity. The practitioner should also bear in mind that they will be more tiring to massage a very large or very muscular client.

Our Professional Course

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History, Development And Modern Use Of Fire Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one of the most ancient therapies that managed to survive until present day. It was developed more than 3000 years ago in different parts of the globe, starting in Egypt and China, two very powerful cultures of that time.

Fire Cupping
Fire Cupping

Later in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates also described the use of cupping in his practice.

After that cupping therapy spread through the European and Asian continents.

It was adopted by many civilizations as one of the main medical tools, along with bleeding techniques in Arabian cultures (nowadays called Hijama or wet cupping), with acupuncture and manual techniques in China and its Asian neighbors, and later also along with western medicine in The Soviet Union and its surrounding East European countries.

In the past, cupping was used to cure all kinds of diseases, including fever, digestive conditions, gynecological issues and skin problems (such as acne, boils and toxic lesions).

Nowadays, cupping therapy is mostly useful with musculoskeletal diseases, especially those of the trunk and its proximity – namely back, hips, shoulders and neck.

Recently it became very popular treatment in sports medicine, due to its high efficiency in muscle recovery.

We all saw the American swimmers and athletes covered with these very special bluish circles on their shoulders and back during the last Olympic Games in Brazil.

Additionally, it effectively treats headaches & stress due to the deep muscle relaxation effect that it provides.

And eventually, cupping is still popular and effective with treatment of Flu & respiratory diseases.

How does it work?

Now let’s take a look into the mechanism behind cupping therapy. Let’s try to understand how cups actually influence the body. And what does it do to our tissues to get the healing effect?

Well, to understand that, let’s first of all talk about the ancient traditional Chinese medical understanding of the cupping mechanism.

According to Chinese medical theory, human body is a network of channels, called meridians. In these meridians flow qi and blood, that supply energy and nourishment to every tiny part of the body. Once the meridian is blocked or stagnated (for any reason), pain appears in there. And toxins start to accumulate in the blocked area.

Cupping forcefully removes this blockage, reestablishes the good flow of energy and nourishment and allows it to reach its destination. In addition, it helps to clear the already accumulated toxins in the treated area.

Now let’s talk about the western interpretation of it. Oxygen and nutrients reach all body cells with the blood flow. On the other hand, lactic acid and carbon dioxide produced by our cells (the so called cell waste), are cleared also by a good and healthy blood flow.

When tissue is overloaded or injured – adhesions occur there. This leads to limited motion, pain and reduction of blood flow. Limited blood flow causes insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients and cells waist accumulation.

Cupping stretches out the fascia, removes adhesions and relieves motion of the tissues. Likewise, it helps to pull out the accumulated cells waist from the deeper layers.

At that time, cupping also significantly improves circulation and increases fresh blood flow to the treated area, where the cells start to get a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients. Then cell metabolism is reestablished, pain is reduced and the tissue gradually heals.

In addition, bruises, caused by cupping, trigger certain immune response that helps to deal with flu and respiratory diseases.

Types of cups

 In ancient times cups were made of animal horns, pottery, bronze and bamboo. Nowadays glass cups, plastic suction or even silicone cups are mostly in use. You can still find bamboo cups on the market, but they are much less in use.

Glass cups were mostly in use during the 19th and 20th centuries and are still relevant. They are usually made of thick glass with round shaped lips, but technically you can even use your home coffee or tea cups. To apply glass cups you need forceps, cotton balls, 99% alcohol and lighter. The application is easy, but still requires some practice to do it effectively and caution to avoid burns.

Plastic vacuum cups came later and are much easier to use. Their main advantages are safety (there is no danger of burning the patient) and the option to control the vacuum level. In addition they are less fragile than glass cups. There are mainly 2 kinds of plastic vacuum cups – Korean type and Chinese type. Korean cups are usually made of harder polycarbonate and more convenient to use, but they are also more expensive than Chinese cupping sets.

Silicon cups are the latest material for cupping and very safe. This kind of cup also doesn’t require any accessories for application (no fire, no vacuum gun, nothing). And they are not fragile at all (plastic cups are better than glass, but still can crack if they fall). However, , they are not my favorite for 2 reasons:

1)Many of silicone cups on the market are not transparent

(later I’ll show you why it’s so important)

2)The vacuum control is more difficult and limited (you cannot apply it really strongly).

During the course I’ll show and explain more in detail the use of glass, plastic and silicon cups. But later in the protocols’ chapter, I will demonstrate mostly with Korean plastic suction cups and partly with silicone transparent cups, since they are best to use and easiest to apply. Even though some therapists believe there is an advantage to glass cups applied with fire, I didn’t find any clinical evidence for that.


Make sure that your patient’s blood sugar level isn’t too low. It means that, like in any other massage or acupuncture therapy, the patient should not come for treatment on an empty stomach.

  • Cupping is prohibited for patients who take strong anti- thrombotic agents, since it can cause bleeding.
  • Be careful not to cup scars, blisters, beauty spots, lesions, irritated skin and so on. As a general rule, anything suspicious on the skin – better avoid cupping it.
  • Of course, do not use cups on any known cancerous area.
  • With pregnant women, avoid cupping the lower back, abdomen and upper trapezius area (because in Chinese medicine, stimulating this area can induce the birth process).
  • Avoid cupping acutely inflamed areas – as this can aggravate the inflammation
  • Cupping frontal and lateral neck (namely SCM and scalene muscles) is also prohibited because of large blood vessels proximity. Cupping massage can be used instead.
  • Inform the patient about the temporary discoloration of the cupped area. It is especially important in exposed areas, such as the neck and shoulders.
  • The procedure can be painful for the first minute, but then the patient should “get used to the feeling” and feel more comfortable. If the patient still complains that the pain from the cup is too intense, you should remove the cup and reapply it with less suction. That is actually one of the big advantages of plastic cups with suction gun over regular glass cups – you can actually control the level of suction.
  • The patients should be aware of possible aggravation during the first 2 days after the procedure. However, in most cases they feel immediate relief.
  • Make sure not to leave the cups on for too long, as this can cause unwanted blisters. They aren’t dangerous, but bothersome and usually can last for several weeks to months. However, if you are a trained acupuncturist you can prick the blister with a syringe needle and so hasten the healing process (I’ll show this technique later, in the last chapter).

Cupping Applications

Body preparation

 First of all, the patient should be aware of the procedure he is about to undergo. This is especially important because of the esthetic issues. You must explain to the patient that the dark circles created due to the cupping can remain visible for 5 to 15 days after the treatment. Don’t get me wrong – it is totally worth it, but the patient should understand this. Some patient’s ask me to avoid cupping on certain days, because they have a special event during the same week and they don’t want others to see

the cupping signs, and that is a reasonable request. In this case I usually reschedule cupping for the next session.

After you agree to it, make sure the patient is in a comfortable position for the treatment. The position depends on the treated area. For example, for bi-lateral lower back pain, a prone position is optimal. For shoulder pain, a sitting position or lateral recumbent position is better, because you can then cover the entire shoulder area.

Before you cup, it is recommended to lubricate the skin with a soothing cream, especially if the patient is hairy, as the cream will allow you to create better suction. I prefer aloe cream, because it helps to prevent skin itching (which can happen after cupping). You can also use massage oil or balm instead of cream, but then the cleaning of the cups after treatment will be more difficult. Likewise, it is more difficult to hold the cup firmly with oily hands.

Glass cups

Glass cups were the most widely used cups in the last 2 centuries.

For some people it looks very tricky and difficult to apply with all these “special fire effects”, but actually it’s quite simple.

Glass cups
Glass cups

Prepare a cotton ball, forceps, alcohol and lighter. Take the cotton ball with the forceps and soak it in alcohol. Make sure to squeeze it a bit, to avoid burning alcohol drops from harming you or your patient.

The idea of this application is to burn the oxygen from inside the cup – thereby creating a vacuum – and to stick the cup quickly onto the body, before fresh oxygen infiltrates the cup.

So it is very important to be close to the patient and hold the cup close to the area you want to apply it on.

Light the cotton ball; put the forceps with the lighted cotton ball inside the cup for few seconds, take it out and quickly place the cup on the patient’s body.

Make sure you don’t hold the lighted forceps outside the cup or close to its base, causing the cup’s rim to heat and eventually burn the patient.

Be careful with large size cups, as they are usually heavy and can fall during the treatment, especially if you treat your patient in sitting position.

Leave the cups on for 5-15 minutes. During this time, keep your eyes on the cups to avoid blisters appear.

When finished, press the skin near the cup to let air come inside the cup and it will be released. After the treatment, clean the cups with flannel soaked in alcohol.

You can buy glass cups on

E-bay                     https://tinyurl.com/y74zsj4n

Amazon                https://tinyurl.com/yasgepxa

Aliexpress              https://tinyurl.com/y8gdp3x6

Or on any other shop you prefer.

Chinese plastic cups

This is the first serious cupping upgrade that came into being several decades ago. These Chinese plastic vacuum cups make your work much easier and safer than with glass cups.

They come with a special plastic suction gun that sucks the air from inside the cup and allows the cup to attach to the skin easily. In addition, a tube is usually provided in the set, allowing you work more conveniently or to cup yourself if needed.

Chinese cupping set
Chinese cupping set

Another advantage of plastic vacuum cups is that you can actually control the vacuum level. It is especially important for sensitive or delicate patients, because you can apply the suction gradually.

Take the cup from the box with 2 fingers, attach it to the tip of the cable or the pistol. Then place the cup on the area to be treated, apply 1-2 suctions and leave it. Then take another one, and one more. Cover all the treated area with cups and wait. Let the patient get used to the feeling for few seconds. Afterwards, you can add more suctions, in order to obtain the necessary pulling level.

Sometimes 1-2 suctions will be enough, but usually you need more in order achieve the desired effect. Some patients will even ask you pull it to the maximum level (which can be 6-7 suctions), but on average 4 suctions are enough.

As for time management, it is the same as with glass cups. Leave them on the patient’s body for 5-15 minutes and monitor the cups to avoid blisters.

Releasing the cups is also very easy. Just pull on the little nipple on top of the cup and it will be released.

Don’t forget to clean the cups after the treatment with soaked in alcohol flannel.

Chinese plastic cups are very cheap, so it can be a good start for you. There are mainly sets 6, 12 or 24 cups on the market. For professional use, I recommend buying the set of 24 cups, as the price difference is insignificant and working with large set is much more convenient.

You can easily find them on

Ebay                      https://tinyurl.com/ydyg6mjq

Amazon                https://tinyurl.com/y85by8t9

Aliexpress              https://tinyurl.com/ya3ycpxk

Korean plastic cups

These are my favorite cups! And I have my reasons for that:

First – Korean plastic vacuum cups have all the advantages of the Chinese cups.

Korean plastic cups
Korean plastic cups

Second – they are made of a very good quality and solid material, so even if they fall on a ceramic floor – it is hard to crack them.

Third reason is that they have a more convenient suction gun with a better tube, which makes your work easier.

And finally – they are usually packed with rims down and nipple up. That can increase your work speed. Watch this: (example of fast cupping of the back in lateral).

Now I’ll demonstrate it in detail: first of all, attach the cable to the pistol (I recommend securing the attachment with adhesive tape). Then, hold the suction gun with one hand and attach the tip of the tube to the cup with your second hand. Hold the cup with the same hand, put it wherever needed and apply suction immediately with the gun. Then, leave the cup and repeat, and again. and again… and so on! After that you increase the pulling level if needed.

The rest of the procedure is pretty much the same as with the Chinese cups.

Also here I recommend buying large set with many cups for your convenience. Personally I prefer the 30 cups set of Hansol Medical brand.

You can easily find them on

E-bay                     https://tinyurl.com/ya6pde3w

or Amazon            https://tinyurl.com/y97kmwol

Silicon cups

This is one of the most recent cupping therapy developments.

Silicon cups are not fragile at all! You can throw them, smash them and… nothing will happen.

Silicon cups
Silicon cups

You can easily apply them without any additional device, just squeeze the cup and put it on the area to be treated. Leave them on for 5-15 minutes as usual.

Silicon small cups are used widely in Chinese medicine for cosmetic facial treatments because its material is softer and more suitable for facial skin. For this reason, I like to use silicone cups for sensitive areas, such as upper trapezius, base of the scull and neck. In addition, they are my favorite choice for cupping massage.

There are 2 main disadvantages to silicon cups:

First, many silicone cupping sets on the market are not transparent and you cannot clearly see what is going on under them, which means you can miss the appearance of blisters.

Secondly, the suction level is limited and for many patients it is simply not enough vacuum pressure for effective application. They are more suitable for gentle and sensitive patients.

And finally, they are not cheap at all. But, as I said before, they are very safe and easy to use.

There are two mainly recommended kinds of silicone cups on the market – glass cup shaped and plastic cup shaped. The first one is more convenient and effective to use, but you can try them both. I recommend the Green Island brand silicone cups (or something similar to it), since they are also transparent. You can easily find them on

Aliexpress              https://tinyurl.com/ybgwugn7

Ebay                      https://tinyurl.com/y7gf39ky

or Amazon            https://tinyurl.com/y8vovjly

Cupping massage

Cupping massage is also called vacuum massage or sliding cups. This technique can be applied with all the discussed types of cups –glass, plastic or Silicone. Silicone cups are definitely the best choice for this procedure, because they have softer rims, thus causing less harm to patient’s skin. Likewise, as I mentioned before, they are the easiest to use for therapist.

Cupping massage
Cupping massage

The technique emphasizes the moving of stagnated blood and energy, and can be used instead of cupping, for patients who don’t like cups, or cupping marks on the body. It can still leave some marks, but they disappear faster than regular cupping circles. However, static cups application is more effective, especially for deeper tissues. That’s why I prefer to use cupping

massage only in addition to standard cupping procedure and not instead of it. Then the therapeutic effect is much better.

In case of cupping massage, it is especially important to lubricate the patient’s skin with rich layer of the cream, because you need to make the cup slide smoothly.

Cupping massage is usually applied with large cups on back muscles, and with smaller cups on the neck and shoulder muscles.

Silicone cup sliding feels very comfortable for the patient because it has a softer surface. The suction level is a bit more limited than with plastic vacuum cups, but usually it enough for this application.

In case of silicone cups you can easily work with both of your hands simultaneously. This will significantly shorten your worktime.

Treatment Protocols

Lower back

Lower back pain is the most commonly seen complaint in clinical practice. I see patients with lumbago almost every day. It can be acute and sharp pain, or chronic and bothersome lower back stiffness.

Lower back
Lower back

The good news is that most of these patients can feel a great relief with cupping.

Cupping the lower back is mostly convenient to apply in a prone position. However, if the patient cannot lie with face down, you can also do it in a lateral recumbent. But you will have to do the job twice, unless the pain is unilateral.

Now let’s have a look on the area we want to cup. Our goal is to cover all the reachable lower back pain related muscles – which are quadratus lumbarum, lumbar multifidus, longissimus, Iliocostalis and upper portion of gluteus medius.

Before cupping, lubricate the patient’s skin with cream and wipe your hands.

Then start sliding the silicone cup along the mentioned muscles – first vertically (you can also apply it directly on the spine), then also horizontally. After patient’s skin changes color to red, proceed to static cups application

Locate the first cup on the area just above the sacrum close to the spine, and apply the suction. Then proceed with the next cup in the same line just above the first one. Leave a tiny gap between them, so that when the cup is pulled out, this gap disappears. Then continue in the same way for the 3rd and 4th cups.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Then start cupping the outer lines, just between the previous cups, in the same manner.

As you see, the cups cover a pretty large area. I advise cupping with many cups because then you have less chance of missing the source of the pain. So do not economize on cups.

After you finish positioning all the cups, you can increase the suction to the necessary pulling level. Then wait for 5-15 minutes. Monitor the cups to avoid blisters appearance, especially if you treat an elderly patient.

Then remove the cups and have a look at the cupped area. The picture you see after cupping is actually very important. It serves you as a diagnostic tool. Look, some of the circles are darker than others. The dark circles mean that the area is more stagnated and has more toxins accumulation in it.

So in the next session, I will cover (with cups) the untreated areas in between, and emphasize more around the dark circles.

With acute conditions it usually takes 3-5 sessions to resolve the pain, for chronic back pain at least 10 treatments are necessary. Treating twice a week with 3-4 days interval is optimal.

Hip and sciatica

Hip pain and sciatica is also a common pathology in the population. It can be a result of the lower back spinal compression or gluteal muscles spasm. In case of spinal nerves damage, cupping may provide only transient relief. But if the sciatic pain radiates from the gluteal muscles, cupping will easily heal the pain completely.

Hip and sciatica
Hip and sciatica

The most effective position for this protocol is a lateral recumbent with the patient’s upper leg folded over the lower stretched leg. In this position the gluteal muscles are more exposed and are closer to the surface.

Gluteus minimus and piriformis are overlying the sciatic nerve, therefore, stiffness and trigger points formation in these muscles

can easily induce sciatica. Other muscles spasm in this region mostly causes local pain.

Cupping massage on the gluteal area is inconvenient and according to my experience is less effective.

For the upper part of the hip I usually start cupping just below SIJ. Then I continue laterally – cup by cup, until I cover completely the area under the PSIS arc. After that I cup one more line below, in between the previous cups. Here I stop and wait for 5-15 minutes.

Treating the hip can be problematic because the patient must expose his (or her) buttock (which can be uncomfortable, especially if you treat the opposite gender). Therefore I ask the patient in advance to come with short pants for the treatment. Then I first cup the upper part, exposing only the upper gluteal area. And after I finish this part, I remove the cups, cover the upper gluteus back, and fold the shorts up from the bottom, until I see the bruises of the area I have just cupped.

From here I continue the procedure on the lower part of the gluteus in the same manner. The last cups will be placed at the gluteal fold line.

In the next session, I’d like to address more specifically the darker areas and the untreated spots.

Usually in acute cases 2-4 treatments are enough. In chronic conditions at least 8-10 treatments may be needed. Treating twice a week is optimal.

Lateral back

In most cases lateral thoracic pain occurs due to muscle spasm. That’s why cupping is so effective for it.

Thoracic pain is usually triggered by serratus, iliocostalis and latissimus dorsi muscles.

In this protocol I start with cupping massage in prone position. And after I finish, I turn the patient to lateral recumbent for static cups application.

Lateral back
Lateral back

Place the first cup on the most painful spot beside the spine. Then spread the cups up and down the back, 2-3 cups to each direction. The proceed cupping the outer lines. The amount of cups depends on patient’s body size and pain radius.

After the time is up, remove the cups and lubricate the skin again if necessary.

In the next session I will emphasize cupping around the dark bruises and uncovered spots.

Acute cases can be resolved even after one treatment, while in chronic conditions it may take 6 treatments to heal the back. Treatment given twice a week is most effective.

Upper back

The trigger to upper back pain is usually based on daily activity – like housework, caring the child, prolong driving and so on. Many professional sportsmen have increased overload of the upper back muscles because of their bodywork.

Upper back
Upper back

Treating upper back pain has probably the highest success with cupping.

Here we can let the patient be in either – a sitting position or lying in a prone position, depends on his or your preference.

Upper back pain mostly involves the trapezius muscle, rhomboids, levator scapula, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, latissimus dorsi and thoracic multifidus. Many of them are overlying each other.

Lubricate the skin, and start sliding the cup along the mentioned muscles in a vertical motion. Go down till the lower part of the scapula. Then go laterally to cover the scapula itself. After that, slide horizontally, until you see the skin color slightly changes to red. Then proceed to static cups application.

Start with the first cup on the intersection point between the shoulder, spine, neck and upper back, and place 4 cups in a row, till the lower part of the scapula.

Then place a parallel line on the other side.

Thereafter proceed with the outer lines on both sides.

Finish with a silicone cup above the upper trapezius. Upper trapezius is a very sensitive area, so I recommend applying here silicone cup.

After finished placing the cups, increase the suction gradually to the necessary pulling level and wait for 5-15 minutes.

Then remove the cups and apply additional soothing cream by the end of the session.

In the next treatment cover the untreated gaps between the cups and emphasize cupping the more colored areas.

If the pain is on one side only, no need to cup the other side. Just focus on the painful side.

In acute cases 2-4 treatments can be enough. For chronic conditions at least 6 treatments are needed, with 3-4 days intervals between them.

Neck pain

Cupping the neck is a bit problematic because the area is exposed and the patient will be bruised for a while, so make sure your patient is aware of this and gives you his permission for cupping.

Neck pain
Neck pain

Another problem with neck cupping is the proximity of the jugular veins and carotid arteries. For this reason it is not advised to cup the frontal and lateral neck muscles, which means that we are limited to work only on posterior and posterolateral neck area.

For neck cupping place the patient in a sitting position.

Neck pain usually involves the lavetor scapula, splenius cervicis, multifidus and trapezius muscles.

Here I usually put on more soothing cream, especially on the occiput, because of the hair, otherwise the cups won’t hold. Smear the cream in an upward motion, so the hair will be more organized and less troublesome.

For neck cupping massage I usually take small or medium size silicone cup, and slide it from the base of the scull down till the spine of scapula level. Do it on both sides. Then continue sliding laterally on the trapezius muscle (do it on both sides too, if the pain is bi-lateral). And finally slide above the cervical spine. When the skin becomes slightly red, continue working with static cups.

For the neck area we need smaller cups. Locate the first cup just below the occiput, next to the spine on both sides. Then apply 2 small cups below them. Then proceed down with larger cups.

Continue cupping until you reach the medial upper part of the scapula. Then add few cups laterally and finish with silicone cup on the upper trapezius.

Leave them on as usual for 5-15 min. After time is up, release the cups, and reapply them on posterolateral line of the neck in the same manner.

In the next treatment cover the untreated spots between the cups and emphasize more around the dark bruises.

2-4 treatments in acute stage are usually enough. For chronic conditions it most likely will take at least 8 sessions. 5-6 days interval between treatments will provide the best healing.

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder reacts very fast and well to cupping. However, tissues of this joint are usually more sensitive than those of the back, especially if the patient has frozen shoulder, so be more careful with it.

Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder

Sitting or lateral recumbent – both positions are good for this protocol, as it is important for you to be able to access both the anterior and the posterior shoulder muscles.

Shoulder is a complex joint and there are many muscles supporting it. Deltoid is the central and the most important one to cover. Then I need to address the biceps tendon and the pectoral muscles on the front; infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres muscles on the back, and finally the trapezius and the supraspinatus on top of the shoulder.

Lubricate the skin, and start sliding on all the mentioned muscles. Slide gently here, without much vacuum pressure.

Then place the first cup on the most painful area on the deltoid and slightly apply suction. Then continue spreading cups in all directions one by one.

The shoulder is a round shaped joint, so you need to be more flexible with cups size in certain areas.

After all cups placed, increase suction according to patient’s tolerance. If you overdo the suction and the patient feels it too strongly, release the cup and reapply it gradually, otherwise you can cause pain aggravation.

After the time is up, remove the cups and do your evaluation for the next treatment according to cupping bruises.

The earlier you start the treatments – the better and faster outcome you can expect. In the beginning of the freezing stage, 2- 4 sessions can be enough. For chronic frozen stage 10-15 sessions can be required.

Usually 4-5 days interval time between treatments is optimal.

Now frozen shoulder protocol is completed. See you at the next video.

Respiory disorders

Cupping therapy can be useful for speeding up healing time from respiratory illnesses, such as flu accompanied by cough, shortness of breath and asthma.

Treating lung diseases is actually the most famous ancient use of cupping. Before the advent of antibiotics, it was one of the most effective and popular ways to treat tuberculosis.

In this treatment I cup both – the upper back and the chest simultaneously, that’s why I ask the patient to stay in a sitting position.

Here I recommend lubricating patient’s skin with tiger balm, as it provides additional therapeutic effect on respiratory tract.

Instead of cupping massage I use here flash cupping. Using this technique I place the silicone cup and pluck it immediately. Do it until the skin becomes slightly red. Flash cupping helps to remove stacked phlegm from lungs and trachea.

Then cup the upper back, starting beside the last cervical vertebra. Place 3-4 cups in a row – depends on patient’s body size. Apply it on both sides of the back. Then proceed to the second line lateral to it, again on both sides. After that, cup the lateral border of the scapula.

Then continue cupping the frontal area, on patient’s chest. Put 2 cups on each side, between the shoulder and the sternum on upper portion of the pectoral muscle. Sometimes men have very hairy chest, so a lot lubricating cream is necessary to suck the cup efficiently.

Leave them on for 5-15 minutes as usual.

Usually the patient feels immediate relief after the session. For chronic conditions repeat the procedure every 3-4 days for at least 10-15 treatments. Acute cases can even be resolved even after one treatment.

Final Results

Generally speaking, cupping is a safe therapy, but still certain side effects are possible.

First of all, pain aggravation can happen. This will mostly happen due to over stimulation, which means that you probably applied to much suction on the cups. So be especially careful on your first session with a new patient, because he can be more sensitive than you assessed. Likewise, be more careful with more sensitive areas, like neck, upper trapezius, sides of the trunk or near inflamed joints. In all these cases work slowly, gradually and gently, or consider applying silicone cups.

The second common side effect is itching. It can appear during the procedure, immediately after, or a few hours later. To avoid this, I usually start the treatment by lubricating patient’s skin with good quality aloe cream, and finish by smearing another later of it by the end of the session.

The last unpleasant reaction is blisters. They appear when you leave the cups on patient’s body for too long time. How long is too long? It depends on your patient’s skin condition. In most cases younger patients have better skin elasticity and can endure cupping for a longer time (12-15 minutes approximately), while the skin condition of older patients is usually less elastic and accordingly can have blisters appear already after 5-7 minutes. So be more careful with elders and keep your eyes on the cups (that’s why it’s important to work with transparent cups). If it did happen, and blisters appeared – you can leave it and let them heal by themselves, but then the healing process can take long time (at least several weeks). However if you are a trained and licensed acupuncturist, you can speed up the healing process by pricking the blisters with a syringe needle and drain the fluid out. Then it will then take only a few days.

Curative effect and expectations

In most cases cupping provides patients immediate relief. It is so good that in acute cases even one treatment can enough.

However, with chronic conditions the effect is slower and sometimes more than 10 sessions are needed. Some patients you will not be able to cure with cupping, but still can significantly improve their condition with constant maintaining.

Treatment intervals were discussed in the protocols chapter, each protocol in detail, but as a general rule, 4-5 days rest between sessions is optimal.

Remember, cupping treatment is mostly effective for muscle tissue. For nerve damage, inflammations due to rheumatic issues, or joint degeneration – cupping therapy is less effective. However, it can still provide some degree of relief in these cases too. Some patients have nerve pain or joint diseases provoked by previous chronic muscle spasm, so in these cases cups will treat the origin of the problem, which is great!

You must take in account, that the cupped area will probably feel more sensitive for the first 2 days after the treatment, but this is ok – it’s a normal and good reaction, just explain this to your patients and you will avoid unpleasant calls from them.

The darker the bruises after treatment – the better results you can expect. On the other hand, if no color appears after cupping, there is a lower chance of patient’s improving and another sort of treatment may be needed.


Thank you for taking my course on professional cupping therapy. I believe that good clinical results are achieved by intensive learning and by gaining experience with practice. So please go over this course again whenever you have time, and practice cupping in your clinic! The more you cup – the more confident you will be. The higher your confidence – the better results you will have. Believe me – it’s that simple!

I assure you, after a while you will fall in love with cupping! Your patients will fall in love with it and they will request cupping!

I assume that even after going over this course several times, you may still have questions. I encourage you to contact me by email with any question you have. This is my email address: d2dtherapies@gmail.com and please feel free to use it.

I hope you enjoyed the course as much as I. Good luck and have a great success in you clinic!



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